Imagine that one night feliciano went to a bar with ludwig, gil, and his brother he ended up being hit on by some guy. The guy buys him a drink. Feli takes one look at it and immediately dumps the entire thing on the dude’s head and, serene as you please, goes “I spent a chunk of my childhood surviving the medici, you think I don’t know when my drink’s being drugged?” Lud and gil are basically frozen in shock while lovi is like yeee get em

veneziano according to some fans: ve i don’t care about my brother at all I’m the better one anyways I’m so spoiled and my life is so easy my brother can do all the work

canon veneziano: a bit awkward around his brother and doesn’t always know how to react to him or what to say since they haven’t actually had much time together but loves romano all the same, shown to be kind of unsure of what romano thinks of him tbh, is honestly very patient with his brother’s moods, tries to comfort romano, thinks romano hates work so he offers to take over for it, praises romano, patches up romano when he’s hurt, stands up to england for romano, crawls into bed with romano, helps clean romano’s room, introduces him as ‘cool’, is generally always happy to see his brother and loves him lots

me: romano stands strong enough as a character in his own right that I don’t need to unfairly undermine one of his closest familial relationships to somehow try and make him seem more appealing like. These two both need more positivity, not less. Also romano is a whirlwind of insecurity, misplaced pride, and jealousy so I know that he’s sometimes an unreliable narrator who doesn’t even mean a lot of what he says. Deep down he knows feli loves him and he loves him back

Look n. italy is an overly excitable dork who loves art and hates keeping a schedule. Unless he has super arting powers that 100% means he will forget to eat, sleep, and drink sometimes while arting. Imagine him showing up to a meeting looking like he crawled his ass out of a dumpster and someone (probably germany) goes up to him like hey… you ok? And italy just smiles his dopey smile and goes “I’ve slept a grand total of 30 minutes max these past 5 days and I’m pretty sure I drank my paint water instead of coffee this morning but I couldn’t really tell because everything smells and tastes like paint to me at this point. Inspiration is the spawn of the devil. But otherwise I’m fine how are you germany?” And everyone is. So worried.