Diamanda Galás - Vena Cava [1993, Mute]

A live performance recorded in New York City, 1992, Vena Cava captures Diamanda Galás putting her stunning vocal range to effect alongside supplemental tape recordings, without any other accompaniment.  Unnerving and intermittently nightmarish, her shrieks and stabs of harmony, along with rapid shifts in volume, make for a Hellish soundscape at times, with the lulls of traditional operatic delivery serving as effective misdirection to lower the listener’s defenses before a sharp note at high volume carves back into them.

The album has a strong personality animating it, and while it is significantly disjointed, that roughness is made an essential part of the performance, wrapped into the very process of wild leaps in tone and timbre.  An impressive live album, and one with a surprising amount of humor worked into it.

This months playlist is Party Songs. This is Amanda’s list of songs to play at a party. What songs are your go to Party Songs?

Listen to it here

Lost In Space Ft. Trent VanWinkle - Vena Cava

Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey Vs. Cedric Gervais - Lana Del Rey

Problem - Set It Off

Handsonic Ft. Jordan Virelli - Vena Cava

Haven’t Had Enough (Prance-a-tron Remix) - Marianas Trench

Uptown Funk Ft. Set It Off - Against The Current

Somebody Ft. Jeremih - Natalie La Rose

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (Mira Remix) - Set It Off

The Hardest Mistakes (Popkong Mix) - I See Stars

Papaoutai - Pentatonix

Stay The Night Ft. Hayley Williams - Zedd

The Weekend - Eden xo

Hey Mama Ft. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack - David Guetta

Daft Punk - Pentatonix

GDFR Ft. Sage The Gemini & Lookas - Flo Rida

Bad Ft. Vassy - David Guetta

Heroes - Alesso

Centuries (Gazzo Remix) - Fall Out Boy

Joan Didion’s packing list is a classic.  We can’t compete… but made our own just for fun.  It’s a good game.  Here are our personal lists. 


As for packing, I generally wear the same thing every day, and change my jewelry. Packing jewelry in my checked bag freaks me out (even though it’s basically worthless to anyone else) so I like to wear it all at once to the airport and annoy all my fellow passengers during the ten minute removal process at security. 

Here’s my list:

Black trapeze dress
Socks for the plane
Giant VC cape/coat/blanket/hoodie
Big headphones and my iPod
Ceramic Marion Vidal ball necklaces
Metal and ribbon Marion Vidal plate necklace
3-4 belts
A tote bag that can get wet/dirty
some kind of “date” shoes 
2 scarves
3-4 silver bracelets
2 silver rings
Misc 2-3 necklaces- usually whatever weird object I’m liking, with a black string tied around it. Right now it’s a perfume bottle
Paperback books
Bathing suit and coverup (also to be worn as sexy going out top in a pinch)


To Pack and Wear:

Black ballet leotard
Acne high wasted jeans
Embroidered kimono bathrobe
2 white tshirts
Army Jumpsuit
Grateful Dead tshirt to sleep in
Ferragamo oxford flats
Grandmas silver gucci bracelets
Tap pants
15 year old Forest green Leather jacket
Cashmere turtleneck
Tobacco to roll cigarettes
Dr Alkaitis face oil
Straw Basket for carry on

To Carry:

New Yorker
Black sharpie to doodle
Mac book Air

With New York Fashion Week beginning tomorrow, we thought you’d enjoy this hilarious fashion film by clothing label Vena Cava to launch their lower priced line, Viva Vena. 

The lovely Lizzy Kaplan stars in this funny spoof of fashion films by clothing labels that some of you – and all of you fashionistas (myself included) – have come to know. 

Warning: This video contains some cursing and adult content. 

- Heidi