“Of Beren and Lúthien”

Today is Tolkien Reading Day, so it can’t have been coincidence that on this very day I came across the beautiful fanfic Vena Cava by SilentAuror which inspired the drawing above: John reading the Silmarillion to Sherlock as he’s recovering from his gunshot wound. I look forward to reading more from this author :).


One of my biggest YouTube inspirations Freddie Wong, and his brother, Jimmy Wong recently put up the music video for my new remix of “Don’t let Go” by Swiss American Federation. Check it out and Reblog!!!

With New York Fashion Week beginning tomorrow, we thought you’d enjoy this hilarious fashion film by clothing label Vena Cava to launch their lower priced line, Viva Vena. 

The lovely Lizzy Kaplan stars in this funny spoof of fashion films by clothing labels that some of you – and all of you fashionistas (myself included) – have come to know. 

Warning: This video contains some cursing and adult content. 

- Heidi