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Ann and Velvet Room


This is a hard one because as a whole I actually really liked all the girls in Persona 5??? Atlus has this contagious ability to make even the most deplorable character into a lovable mess. But okay, that doesn’t answer the question. For me its a draw between Makoto and Futaba, and I guess ultimately its probably Makoto who is my best girl. I mean I would absolutely and entirely date this biker chick. Just say it with me, folks: nuclear powered motorcycle persona. She won me over REALLY easily, especially with how much she put me off initially. 

/church of best waifu


I…don’t think the Aeon Arcana is a good fit for Goro Akechi. I’ve seen this around a lot that people would like to see Akechi as the Aeon Arcana for a rerelease, but it doesn’t seem fitting to him. The other Aeon Arcanas are Aigis and Marie with a running theme of A, being decidedly non-human and B, struggling with their status as such and lack of understanding about the real world. Akechi is not non-human. There’s no arguing this. He’s not a robot like Aigis, or a goddess like Marie. 

I also don’t feel that he actually struggles with understanding the real world due to his status. He sees the world in a very twisted way but he doesn’t lack understanding of it. It’s just a very twisted perspective of that understanding. He knows how to behave to placate the public and fit in with society. If anything, he’s the antithesis of the Aeon Arcana, since he has a functional understanding of how to act and all of his twisted perspective is buried and unleashed outside of society’s view. The Aeon Arcana often represents a person who is a nonhuman being introduced to the concepts of being human, and Akechi really doesn’t represent either of those. I get that we all want Akechi to have a more involved Social Link that we can actually interact with but the Aeon feels like a poor choice. 

That’s just my take on it, though. It may well be that he’s the Aeon Arcana in the rerelease. I do understand that Persona 5 has done things a bit differently than P3 and P4, so its always possible that they’ll shake it up a bit.

I hope the velvet room in the next persona game is just an empty room. Make whatever psychological interpretation from that that you will. No fancy “welcome to the velvet room.” I just want it to be a big ass warehouse or something, blue tinted, completely empty with Igor sitting on an upside-down​ bucket and when you walk in he just says “hey, man”

The reason Igor’s voice got so deep in Persona 5 has nothing to do with his Japanese VA passing away, it’s because of all the frustrated yelling he did over Elizabeth and Margaret falling in love with the wildcard and eventually running away.

This is also why Caroline and Justine are a pair of very mean/disinterested children.