Sparkly Black Gravel Nails: Simple Emboss Powder Nail Look!

There isn’t any magic or intricacy to this nail look. In fact it’s so simple I can’t even call it a tutorial. It’s just an idea. 

Gravel nails are similar to caviar nails and velvet nails, it’s really just coating your nails with a nail varnish, and then dipping it (while wet) into a fine-grained embossing medium of choice, much like coating your nails with glitter. 

The bad news is things like emboss powder, velvet flocking and tiny “caviar” beads do not nice and flat like glitter, so they tend to fall off easier. Thes nails will usually stay nice-looking for about a couple of days and after awhile enough of the textured particles will wear or drop off that it might start to look a little odd.

Note on Removal: Like glitter, embossed powder nails are harder to remove than regular polish, although I do find it slightly easier to remove than giltter. I usually wrap remover-soaked cotton pads around each nail and leave them for about 20-30 seconds. This softens everything and makes removal easier.

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Make-up Academy’s BRAND NEW Fur-Effect Nails Tutorial!

Here I show you an how-to video to get these amazing fur-effect nails at a bargain price of £3 each! This is a very easy fluffy nail art effect done and is the latest and very fast developing trend in nail art of late! Ans as you can see in the tutorial MUA Fur-Effect nails have made it much easier than it looks and sounds and with just a pot of basic fluffy nail art powder, you can do this design in minutes!


Now available to buy online now!



Fun Flocking Powder Manicure Nail Art Review from the Born Pretty Store w/ Cookie Monster Nail Art

I got the lovely opportunity to try the velvet nail art kit from the Born Pretty Store and I was even more excited because a follower requested it.

The Kit includes:

  • Flat Head Tweezers
  • Short Flat Brush
  • Plastic Jar with Flocking Powder

The website includes instructions on how to apply the product. 


  • The package arrived safely and within two weeks, so not too long of a wait time. 
  • The tweezers I received arrived bent. This did not affect the item itself, but just something I noticed.
  • The plastic jar in which the flocking powder is held had a crack running down the side. This and the bent tweezer were probable caused during shipping. 

I followed instructions given on the website.  I used China Glaze Splish Splash as my base color because it best match the color of the powder. when I applied the product and some interesting things happened during application.

  • bald patches 
  • heavy patches due to attempt to repair bald patches
  • uneven

Although most of the unevenness was not noticeable from normal viewing distance.

Once everything was dry, I brush the excess off and when about my business.

No worries about washing your hand or taking a shower because the fuzz dries very quickly with no ill affects. It wears about 3 days with only tip wear from the polish showing. 

Although I doubt most anyone would wear this for more than a day or two due to just the novelty of the product. 

I would rate this product 7.5/10 due difficulties in getting an even application of the product across all nails. 

You can buy the flocking velvet powder nail kit at the BornPrettyStore with my 10% coupon code GTBK31. You can get to the BornPrettyStore by just clicking the image. 

On a side note, my friends (including the guy friends) were mesmerized by my velvet nails and kept wanting to touch them. Hahaha



Rue21 - Fuzzy Velvet Nails $1 SALE

Pros: I love these nails! They have a fuzzy texture like velvet so they are very interesting. They are extremely easy to apply the glue is already pre-applied to the nails and you just press them on and then file. I have been wearing them all day and they haven’t fallen off yet. 

Cons: Since they are fuzzy, anything and everything will stick to these nails, so I do not recommend eating with them on or doing anything too messy.

Hysteric Kingdom - Glittery Bow Ring $2.50

Pros: This ring is so cute! It is handmade but, you can’t even tell! It is adjustable so it will fit any finger size, (mine are a little chubby). There aren’t any messy parts (such as excess glue, stray glitter, paint). The metal on the band is also good quality I wore it all day and it didn’t turn my finger green.

Use Promo Code “immaanimalhoarder”To Recieve 20% Off Your Order At Hysteric Kingdom!