Under Construction: FKAA’s Otherwordly Velodrome in Medellin, Colombia

Design office Fake Industries Architectural Agonism (FKAA) self-describes as “an entity of variable boundaries and questionable taste that provides architectural tools to mediate between citizens and institutions, the public sphere and disciplinary knowledge.” Created by Cristina Goberna  and Urtzi Grau, FKAA bridges the professional world and the environments of academia “to reclaim the architect’s role as a public intellectual—that is, someone who earnestly risks his or her credibility to question hegemonic beliefs.” FKAA’s winning entry in the Velodromo De Medellin International Competition, currently under construction, houses both a racing area and an adjacent public plaza under an innovative roof structure. A foldable façade wraps the entire arena and can be fully opened during non-competition periods. In this way, the architects sought to synthesize two seemingly incompatible spatial conditions: the insularity of the sport infrastructure and the permeability of the public space. FKAA join over 100 architecture, artists, and designers from around the world for the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial this October. 

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