Cómo quitar un velcro para que nadie lo oiga

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Velcro Makeup Frame
Make this yourself by getting a cute frame (try Michaels or the Dollar Tree), Velcro sheets, jar clamps, and a few small mason jars (most grocery or craft stores. 
Measure and cut your Velcro sheets to fit the frame. Super glue the Velcro to the center of the frame. Get whatever you want to put on the frame (makeup in this picture) and measure out Velcro to fit the back of these items. I would experiment organizing them on the frame to see how they would fit best. Cut and glue the Velcro to the items. 
Tighten your jar clamps around the top of the mason jars and nail the clamp to the frame. 
Alternatively, attach hooks instead to hang items versus jars.
Tried this DIY? Send me pictures!