Vegeta is also like this

“Look! I caught us some dinner!”
“Not bad.”

Goku on Vegeta go camping on todays @kakavegeweek :D Me and @puppyvegeta are weak for these two out adventuring together! Maybe they’re looking for the dragon balls to make a wish - or maybe that’s just an excuse to hunt and hang out and be in nature together. 

And please note the huge bag of marshmallows because it’s not camping without some sweet treats!

one thing i like about dragon ball is how it shows that people have the capacity to undergo drastic changes in personality and overall character, for better or for worse. it acknowledges the fuck ups but said screw ups don’t define the characters in the present. yeah, the show is filled with badass fighting scenes but it’s also about personal growth

“As soon as your hand is un-frozen we can get things going again!”
“Or I could use it as a weapon on those guys over there.”
“Oh yeah, that’s hot. Do that!”

If you guys know me then you’ll know as soon as I saw Vegetas hand get frozen I wanted someone to hold it and warm it up again :D 

(the someone was Goku)



no seriously guys, who is the hottest for ya?

Sorry again. In the middle of a sorta complicated move. Please except this drawing of Vegeta that your mod did as a child as an apology. I’ll be back once the dust settles from the move, sometime mid to late next month.
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How could you see vegeta as Batman and bulma as catwoman? Why ?

Well, I could actually see that…

Batman (Bruce) has suffered loss, just like Vegeta did, and I’m sure he’s also haunted by thoughts about the past, his family, revenge, etc., so I can definitely see the similarities.

And Bulma is one smart cookie, and so is Catwoman, right? She looks like a clever girl that does whatever she has to do to survive, and I could picture Bulma doing the same thing under similar circumstances.

Also, those two are some pretty sexy characters, and so are Vegeta and Bulma, so…


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some compelling arguments for trans vegeta (i could just say vegeta is trans and be done with it but i find this fun)

okay so we all know that vegeta is tiny (5'3") and sure he could just be a small guy but compared to literally all of the other saiyan men we’ve seen he’s half their size, saiyan women however are quite a bit smaller.

on top of that we hardly see vegeta shirtless in battle, unlike goku, tien, and all the other guys. he’s only ever shirtless when he’s alone training in the gravity room (with bandages covering his chest mind you), when he’s in the shower at bulma’s place (and even then we only get a back view) he’s also shirtless in the regeneration tank but hey.. he could just be super flat chested like me (i can get away with not wearing a bra and looking like i don’t even have boobs.. tragic? yes.. but relevant.)

on top of his small stature he hates standing close to people and being touched. one scene that really comes to mind is in the buu saga when he and goku fight side by side when they’re in evil buu.. and at every opportunity he steps away from goku and keeps telling him to stay away.

to me anyways part of vegeta’s pride and drive to get even with goku could be the fact that he’s not “like” goku and he sometimes feels like less of a man around him (u kno how the dysphoria be sometimes :/ ) it would make sense.. it adds an interesting new dimension to his character too.. a different layer to the prince of all saiyan i guess

Letting Go - 4 Striptease

for @tpthvegebulsmutfest

He stood in her lab, eyeing the equipment and half-put together machinery. He had seen similar rooms before on Frieza’s outer stations. He did not much care for them. The room smelt unpleasant, of strange chemicals, motor oil, and burnt wires among other things. Bulma had asked him to take a seat but Vegeta remained standing, waiting for her to return from wherever it was she had ducked off to. He didn’t know why he was humoring her.

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The reversal AU is still eating half of my brain. The idea is by @saiyanb and currently @bitchii-usa is writing about it :)
But I couldn’t help to continue drawing some of the ideas that @springandbysummer-fall wrote for this AU. One of them was Vegeta worried about Bulma when the gravity chamber explodes. That’s a great scene! Of course, Vegeta would have a girlfriend at that moment, like Yamcha. And also like him, she would be the only witness of the new feelings flourishing in the air.
Again, the drawings are just fast copic sketches :)

I’m only posting the tags and not the user as I don’t really want to do a callout post, but I do want to address this claim.

Vegeta did not suffer PTSD while serving under Freeza. He wasn’t somehow shocked at Freeza’s cruelty. Vegeta was, in fact, just as hard and cruel, and he was never the brunt of it from Freeza. Nor did he overtly fear him. He knew Freeza’s capabilities and wasn’t a fool who thought he could challenge them but… he also wasn’t treated like garbage by him. Vegeta was actually promoted to be one of the top officers in Freeza’s regular army, under only Dodoria and Zarbon. He was looked upon quite favorably by Freeza himself, only really suffering disrespect by other members of said army and the Ginyu Force unit. And the entire time he served Freeza, he was planning to betray him. Not for “revenge for his people”, not to escape some sort of cruelty, but because he saw himself as Freeza’s superior and refused to be someone’s underling; he was a Prince, ergo HE should be above ALL others.

It’s why he planned to use the Dragon Balls to wish for his immortality. Not to depose Freeza, but to replace him.

Vegeta’s reaction here wasn’t fear, really. It was anger. It was frustration. He froze in fear, as he had earlier when Gohan needed rescuing, or when Krillin had blinded Freeza, leaving his back wide open for Vegeta’s attack… but the tears were him realizing that he wasn’t the Super Saiyan he’d insisted he’d become, and all his boasts rang hollow. It was because he was facing defeat and humiliation.

Vegeta’s an interesting character on his own. he doesn’t need sob stories assigned to him. It has no basis in what actually happened. It also downplays characters who really did suffer from PTSD. Vegeta was a dealer of it, not a victim, he and Bulma didn’t bond over his traumas while she snuggled him at night, or any of the other romanticized concepts that try to use this as a basis.  The concept of Victim Vegeta™ really needs to stop.


Sometimes, I think about Raditz coming back and more or less living with his brother and his family and even though Gohan isn’t one to hold grudges, he wouldn’t be too happy about it.

“You’re not really good at this game…wanna try again?”
“Shut up Kakarot. My controller’s broken.”

Totally canon domestic moment - playing video games together :D IN THEIR CUTE MATCHING PAJAMAS ♡ Goku is happily learning to play and winning while Vegeta is seconds away from smacking his controller on the ground and flying off in a huff.