Fruit and Vegetable Associations In Witchcraft


Associations: Samhain, the deceased, immortality, love

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Uses: Heals love-related matters and brings prosperity.


Associations: Love, relaxation

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Uses: Love rituals, soothing anxiety and tension


Associations: Beauty, love, lust

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Uses: Beauty glamours and spells, increases lustful feelings


Associations: Fertility, potency, prosperity

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Uses: Fertility spells, spells relating to marriage, money spells, employment spells.


Associations: Protection, reconciliations, and potency

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Uses: Charms/spells to banish negativity and unwanted spirits, natural wort cure


Associations: Love

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Uses: Spells pertaining to love, beet juice can be used as a substitute for blood.


Associations: Healing, love, protection, death, prosperity

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Uses: Offerings to certain Gods and Goddesses, protection of the home, wealth spells, healing burns


Associations: Protection, psychic strength

Uses: Ward against psychic attacks, protection of the home

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Apple- 1 fruit- 65 cals
Apricot- 3 medium- 50 cals
Blackberries- 1 cup- 75 cals
Blueberries- 1 cup- 80 cals
Cherries- 10 cherries- 50 cals
Grapes- 10 grapes- 40 cals
Grapefruit- ½ fruit- 45 cals
Kiwi- 1 fruit- 45 cals
Peach- 1 fruit- 35 cals
Pinapple- 1 cup- 75 cals
Plum- 1 medium- 35 cals
Raspberries- 1 cup- 60 cals
Strawberries- 1 cup- 45 cals

Broccoli- 1 cup- 45 cals
Cabbage- 1 cup- 15 cals
Cauliflower- 1 cup- 30 cals
Celery- 1 cup- 20 cals
Cumcumber- 1 cup- 16 cals
Lettuce- 1 cup- 5 cals
Muchrooms- 1 cup- 20 cals
Onion- 1 cup- 40 cals
Radishes- 4 radishes- 5 cals
Spinach- 1 cup- 10 cals


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