Fruit and Vegetable Associations In Witchcraft


Associations: Samhain, the deceased, immortality, love

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Uses: Heals love-related matters and brings prosperity.


Associations: Love, relaxation

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Uses: Love rituals, soothing anxiety and tension


Associations: Beauty, love, lust

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Uses: Beauty glamours and spells, increases lustful feelings


Associations: Fertility, potency, prosperity

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Uses: Fertility spells, spells relating to marriage, money spells, employment spells.


Associations: Protection, reconciliations, and potency

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Uses: Charms/spells to banish negativity and unwanted spirits, natural wort cure


Associations: Love

Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Uses: Spells pertaining to love, beet juice can be used as a substitute for blood.


Associations: Healing, love, protection, death, prosperity

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Uses: Offerings to certain Gods and Goddesses, protection of the home, wealth spells, healing burns


Associations: Protection, psychic strength

Uses: Ward against psychic attacks, protection of the home

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40 ideas for connecting with faeries

Originally posted by disneyasastrology

From researching many different sources!

  1. Dried thyme sprinkled on doorsteps and windowsills will invite in faeries
  2. Wearing thyme may enable you to see faeries
  3. Seven grains of wheat laid on a four leaf clover may enable you to see faeries
  4. Where oak, ash and thorn grow, faeries can be easily seen
  5. Lilac flowers will draw sprites, and repel those that are ill-willed
  6. Eating a primrose flower is said to give you faerie sight
  7. Collecting 5 primroses and tapping them on a faerie rock may open a portal to fairyland
  8. Place primroses on your door to receive a faerie blessing
  9. Carrying a sprig of lavender may help you see faeries
  10. Fresh flowers bring faeries. Keep house plants in your living space to invite in the faeries of those flowers.
  11. Faeries are attracted to those with childlike hearts and minds
  12. Carry with you a sprig of any flower or herb who’s faerie you wish to be close to
  13. Place the sprig under your pillow to receive a dream from that faery
  14. Bringing an acorn into your house will strengthen your connection to the faerie realm
  15. Meditating on the appearance of the marigold flower may enhance your faerie sight
  16. Grow a garden with flowers associated with the fae
  17. Add faerie or gnome statutes to your garden; they find this amusing
  18. Have a specific space in your home (a shelf, windowsill, table, etc) for the faeries to “live in”, and a spot to leave gifts for them (mine is in the garden)
  19. Let a portion of your garden grow wild
  20. Wind chimes hung in a window attract sprites
  21. Faeries love music and dancing. Dance in nature with them, or sing / play a song for them
  22. Create art for them, and draw the faeries you meet.
  23. An often used method of seeing faeries is letting your eyes go out of focus and pay attention to the corners of your vision.
  24. Crushed clover rubbed on eyelids may give one faerie sight
  25. Give back to the earth, for what you take. Pick up trash you find in nature, try to use less plastics, don’t waste food, compost your fruits/vegatables/herbs for rich soil.
  26. The best times to see faeries are dawn, dusk and midnight (the in-between times)
  27. Hang glass, crystals, and beads in your window for the sun to shine through; faeries like glittery & sparkly things.
  28. Wearing a crown of elder twigs on may eve will enable you to see faeries
  29. Go out and just sit in nature, simply enjoying it. You can also practice sensing sprites
  30. While it is dangerous to enter a faerie ring, running around it exactly nine times clockwise under a full moon will allow you to see and hear the faeries dancing inside it (note though, the faeries may take offense if this done on Beltane or Samhain)
  31. Heather is said to open portals to fairyland
  32. Looking through a stone with a natural hole, a hagstone, is said to allow one faerie sight
  33. Add a sigil on your door or window meaning “good faeries welcome”
  34. Leave out a small saucer of milk for any household faeries
  35. Try sitting in your garden in the early morning, late afternoon, evening, night
  36. Look up artists who specialise in faeries and observe their different interpretations of the fae (Brian Froud, Amy Brown, Sulamith Wülfing, Cicely Mary Baker, Howard David Johnson, Nadia Strelkina, etc)
  37. Read real life accounts of people’s encounters with faeries
  38. Read traditional fairie lore
  39. Believe. Faeries most likely won’t interact or make themselves known to closed minds
  40. Don’t forget to be polite and respectful!

Now finished: Safety tips for dealing with the fae and protecting against them


Apple- 1 fruit- 65 cals
Apricot- 3 medium- 50 cals
Blackberries- 1 cup- 75 cals
Blueberries- 1 cup- 80 cals
Cherries- 10 cherries- 50 cals
Grapes- 10 grapes- 40 cals
Grapefruit- ½ fruit- 45 cals
Kiwi- 1 fruit- 45 cals
Peach- 1 fruit- 35 cals
Pinapple- 1 cup- 75 cals
Plum- 1 medium- 35 cals
Raspberries- 1 cup- 60 cals
Strawberries- 1 cup- 45 cals

Broccoli- 1 cup- 45 cals
Cabbage- 1 cup- 15 cals
Cauliflower- 1 cup- 30 cals
Celery- 1 cup- 20 cals
Cumcumber- 1 cup- 16 cals
Lettuce- 1 cup- 5 cals
Muchrooms- 1 cup- 20 cals
Onion- 1 cup- 40 cals
Radishes- 4 radishes- 5 cals
Spinach- 1 cup- 10 cals

a Beterraba -  Beet
a Cenoura - Carrot
o Gengibre - Ginger
o Nabo - Turnip
o Rabanete - Radish
o Repolho - Cabbage
a Acelga - Napa cabbage / Chinese cabbage
a Couve de Bruxelas - Brussels
o Repolho verde /roxo - Green Cabbage / Red cabbage
o Aspargo - Asparagus
o Salsão / o Aipo - Celery
a Erva-doce - Fennel
o Palmito - Hearts of Palms
o Alho Poró - Leek
a Cebola - Onion
a Cebolinha verde - Green Onion
a Batata Doce - Sweet Potato
a Batata - Potato
o Inhame - Yams
a Mandioca - Cassava / Manioc / Yucca / Tapioca Root
o Agrião - Watercress
a Alface - Lettuce
o Almeirão - Dandelions
a Chicória - Chicory
a Escarola - Escarole
a Rúcula - Rucola
o Espinafre - Spinach
a Couve-Manteiga - Collard Greens
a Alga marinha - Marine Algae
a Alcachofra - Artichoke
o Brócolis - Broccoli
a Couve-flor - Cauliflower
o Feijão - Bean
a Ervilha - Snow Pea / Chinese Snow Pea
o Quiabo - Okra
a Vagem - Green Beans
o Tomate - Tomato
a Berinjela - Eggplant
o Pepino - Cucumber
a Azeitona - Olive
o Pimentão - Sweet Pepper / Bell Pepper
a Moranga - Winter Squash
o Broto de Alfafa - Alfalfa sprouts
o Broto de Feijão - Bean sprouts
o Broto de Soja - Soybean sprouts
a Abóbora - Pumpkin
a Abobrinha - Zucchini
o Cogumelo - Mushroom
a Cebolinha em conserva - Pickled onions
o Picles - Pickles