Workout - 3 JUNE 2011

But first - a story.

I come into the gym, and it is empty - save for a guy and his girlfriend. Said guy’s on the squat rack. I throw up a wave, get changed, and come back out. I stroll over and ask when he’s gonna be done with the rack (there are two, but one’s broken). He says to me -

“When I’m done with it.”

I shrug, start stretching, and go get warm. Since I’m sans iPod, I can hear the passive aggressiveness of loud weight loading. He yells out “Power set!”. I look up. There’s 225 on the rack. I chuckle to myself.

I know exactly what he’s planning to do. He’s trying to de-man me in front of his girl. He lifts it three times, struggling all the while, and then throws it off into the rack. It’s loud, he’s yelling a lot of random words. He then goes, slaps his girl on the ass in the middle of her curls, and looks at me and says -

“I’m finished.”

Superman hasn’t even bothered to rerack. I calmly go over, reset it all, and begin my progression through the squat workout. I notice he’s watching. I decide to ignore and lift. I bang out a set of bar only to get my form straight, and I can hear him spouting off something. I’m still lifting.

I get to the 225 portion of my squats, and he’s looking - HARD. Then we go to 275. Then we go to 3 reps at 315. Then we go one rep of 365.

He’s bugging out. I rerack everything, change - bid them a good night, and walk out. Hopefully he learned a lesson.

And now, the workout:


1x365 [pr]

Barbell Good Mornings



6x180 [pr]


6x225 [pr]


It was a red letter day for Vegas in his workout. I’ve been feeling stronger and stronger in the core/hams/quads/glutes. These pr’s have to plateau sometime.

365 Squat? Sick. Sick. I think I could have gone 405.

Still can’t believe that dude in the gym. Takes all kinds, I guess. Why would you want to try to do that to a complete stranger?

I still think that I need more Friday work. Suggestions encouraged.