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A video of The Killers second VIP performance of the weekend has been uploaded on YouTube.  The Killers performed semi-acoustic versions of ‘Human’ and ‘When You Were Young’.

October 2016 - Vegan
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Dosage: 100mg each
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As an international VIP, this does piss me off.
I did research, comparing the 2012 Alive Tour with 2015 Made tour using the New Jersey shows as reference. I love Bigbang but I hate Live Nation and YG for ripping us, international fans in America, off. Not only was there a total of 29 songs in 2012, but there were no videos in between, wasting about 5 minutes or more of the concert for each video shown, making the actual concert of them singing and chatting to the fans about an hour, which is pretty sad tbh.

No lie, I found both a 2012 recording and 2015 recording of both concert, the whole thing and the 2012 show is 2 hours long and the 2015 show is an hour and a half minus 5 videos (or was it 6?) that are approx 5 minutes in length each.

Not only that but the sound check was twice as long as the one this year. The prices pretty much doubled and we got less. Not to mention the merch was over priced and didn’t even match what was advertised online.
We waited 2 years for them to come back and YG and Live Nation just looked at us as cheap cash cows.
I even did research on the setlists in asia and they had about 3-4 more songs than the American tour. Favouritism is a definite that’s for sure. Not that that is a surprise but I’d hope they’d at least match 2012 in quantity and quality but that did not happen.
I hope in the future this doesn’t happen again because it definitely is not fair for us American fans.
Am I grateful I saw Bigbang again? Yes, but I am ungrateful towards Live Nation and YG for over charging us and giving us less than what 2012 had. Would it have killed them to at least include a light stick in the Bae Bae and Made package?

Now I get to add the amount of fanservice that was at the after party in Macau. In Toronto it was nothing. 30min in and then out. In Macau Taeyang jumped into the audience?? Yeah ok for all those who are like “Oh it’s so they don’t wear out and get over worked and tired” You know what? They’re not 50 years old, there are artists out there who tour just as much and are basically twice Bigbang’s age. Don’t give me that excuse! “Oh but they dance and sing”, Um so do a lot of other artists. How about drummers of bands??? They use a lot of physical energy, especially heavy metal bands! This excuse because they wear out is so annoying because they’re not old decrepit men.
They even did an unannounced clubbing/party in Las Vegas where Seungri did DJ, that no one (besides the people who already were planning to go clubbing there) knew about. 


If you don’t agree, good for you, don’t respond.
I have chatted amongst many VIP’s who have felt like they got cheated out of their money. Please do not bother responding if you disagree or reblog, complaining about my complaint.

I am damn FUCKIN GRATEFUL to have seen Bigbang, but Live Nation and YG do not have my gratitude for all the shit a lot of VIP’s had to go through to see Bigbang that shouldn’t have happened in the first place if it was organized properly.

Such as some not receiving the bag in the Baebae/made package, some denied their meet and greet during the after party because they were “too late”, the false advertisement of prices for the merchandise online, the extreme lack of organization of the lines for baebae/made ticket holders and the stampede that occured in the LV show and many other unpleasant things that took place amongst other fans. Especially for the fans who have to travel to see them. I met girls from Japan who came to Las Vegas, fans from Miami, fans from everywhere and travelling is not cheap! I came from Canada with others so I too spent a lot to see them, we just wanted our moneys worth.

Shit son! Over 200 notes, didn’t expect many to agree with this xD I know there will be ones who toootally disagree but you know what? Unless you are in our shoes and understand how we feel, don’t even.



VIP experience:
The girl said I was next and I kinda freaked out. So I walked in said “hi” they greeted me and hugged really tight. Dan smelled warm and Phil smelled kinda fruity.
Dan:I love your ears!
Me: thank you sm
Phil: how are you?
Me: honestly amazing. I’ve been waiting 6 years for this.
Dan: oh wow sorry for the extreme procrastination.
Me: you have honestly saved my life. You helped me so much!
Dan: awe thank you for telling us!
Phil: that’s so sweet.
Me: I love you guys so much.
Dan/Phil: awe we love you too!
During this they were signing my book.
Dan (saw my form): what’s this?
Natalia: hehe it’s an adoption form for my internet friend and I. We met BC of you and it only seemed fitting
Dan: that’s amazing
Phil: awwwww
Me: and Dan this is for you!
Dad: this is amazing! Look(shows Phil) Can I keep this!
Phil:that’s so good!
*security guard hands cat ears*
Dan: the real The real question is who’s blue and who’s pink
Me: you’re pink and PHILS blue. BC I’m purple and blue plus pink make purple and you made me who I am today
Phil/Dan: awwwwww
Dan: I’m assuming I’m taking the photo
*grabs phone*
Dan:nice shibe backround
*takes photo*
Me: can I have another hug
Dan: ofc
*insert extra tight hugs*
Dan/Phil: bye
Me: love you
Dan/Phil: laughs

After this I got my merch and awaited until we were aloud in the show :)
The show was honestly so amazing and I loved it sm! (No spoiler obvs)

Have you ever wanted to send a personal message to BIGBANG?

Well guess what! You can!

illegalvixx and I will be attending the Las Vegas show of the MADE tour, and we have some connections that will aid us in giving them gifts. We are planning on giving them one large gift: a scrapbook filled with letters, fan art, and selfies of VIPs!! 

If you would like to get involved, please visit this post. All the information needed can be found there. The original post got 200+ notes, so help us spread this as well! We want the scrapbook to be heavy and thick, so please consider submitting!! We have no specific rules on what can or cannot be submitted (but keep it within reason and respectful; no foul language, no sexual content, death threats, etc. Also, we will not accept physical gifts, only things that can be submitted digitally and glued into a scrapbook), and the deadline has been extended to September 15th!! We have a goal of receiving 50+ submissions for the scrapbook, and so far we do not have nearly enough, so PLEASE spread the word!! 

Even if you are not a VIP, please reblog! And please do not be shy! By submitting you are not “spamming” or hindering us, you are helping us! Even if it is just a few words, please consider submitting. 

Once again, for more information on submitting, visit  this post. *(if you for some reason cannot view or read the post, please contact me) Also feel free to contact us at! Contact us with any questions or concernsThank you for contributing and thank you for reblogging!!


VIP NATION releases more information on BIGBANG’s MADE Tour in North America!


Some packages may not be available for every date. Please check tour dates for availability and modifications.


  • One GA Pit ticket to the show!
  • Exclusive access to the BIGBANG Soundcheck
  • Early entrance into the venue before general doors
  • Send off Artists post show at the BIGBANG Send Off Event!
  • One VIP parking space per order (where available)
  • Crowd free merchandise shopping
  • Commemorative VIP laminate
  • Specially designed BIGBANG gift bag (exclusive to VIPs)
  • Designated VIP Nation check-in
  • On-site VIP host


  • One GA Pit ticket to the show!
  • Exclusive access to the BIGBANG Soundcheck
  • Early entrance into the venue before general doors
  • Commemorative VIP laminate
  • Specially designed BIGBANG gift bag (exclusive to VIPs)
  • Designated VIP Nation check-in
  • On-site VIP host

PRICES VARY FROM $65.00 to $239.00+tax // In the website it is said that in Vegas specificly their tickets can go up to $600+ (?)

*NOTE: VIP Nation is an extension of Live Nation.