stardew valley shoes headcanon

idk it just occurred to me that nobody really knows what kind of shoes the stardew valley characters wear…so here are my ideas for what I think everyone wears around town!

-shane wears converse. like, beat-up, old ones that he’s had for years

-sebastian wears black vans, to go with his goth boi aesthetic

-robin wears work boots, obviously

-demetrius can be seen in some basic dad sneaks, like those fresh white new balances

-maru wears tan clogs like the kind birkenstock makes but tbh they’re probably not name brand, she’s not about that kind of thing

-haley walks around in those cute lil white keds but sometimes she’ll put on overpriced sandals when she’s feeling dressy (also she probably wears uggs let’s be real)

-linus goes barefoot in the summer but the rest of the year he’s prob got some cheap rain boots and a pair of old snow boots for the winter

-alex has been wearing adidas superstars since he was like 8. also he’s mad that white girls made them a trend.

-george literally doesn’t care anymore but evelyn gets him those clutch champion sneaks from kohl’s

-leah totally wears toms and has like 20 pairs in different colors

-evelyn is the type to wear slippers constantly around the house but she’s got a pair of classic old lady orthopedic tennies for when she’s out and especially for working on the town garden

-penny wears basic ballet flats most days because she can dress them up or down, and she likes the versatility

-i could see pierre in those brown slip on shoes that aren’t quite sneakers but nobody knows exactly what they are? google brown slip ons and look at the third result, tell me i’m not wrong

-pam wears womens new balance sneakers, and always buys the cheapest pair at the department store

-mayor lewis…def wears crocs when he’s alone in the house. but he’ll never tell a soul. he will however usually wear some sort of casual hiking boot because he wants to look “outdoorsy”

-marnie wears rubber boots when she’s on the farm but out and about has a pair of flats, the kind with a couple security straps on em 

-elliott always wears nice loafers, no exceptions. he’s probably ruined quite a few pairs from living on the ocean but it’s worth it for the aesthetic right?

-harvey wears oxfords because he’s a lowkey hipster but his casual athletic shoes are pretty nondescript, prob just nikes or whatever

-sam wears vans and other kinds of skate shoes bc skating is life bro

-jodi wears those half ballet flat half sneaker combos, she thinks they’re cute but casual

-vincent and jas are like 8 so of course they have their light up sneakers with all the fun colors and designs on em, they love it

-emily wears chacos in the summer and vegan leather boots when it’s colder

-caroline’s got like 100 pairs of shoes but they’re all the same: boat shoes, of some kind

-abigail wears furry boats in the winter and in the caves bc they make her look like a russian warrior. in the summer she lives in her purple converse of course!

-clint probably wears timbs but he doesn’t realize that they’re actually kind of popular, he just thinks they’re practical

-willy wears knee high waterproof boots, obviously so he can maximize his fishing possibilities

(i think i got em all but lmk if i missed one!)


➳ Hiking has really swept me off my feet. The continuous chatter of every-day life just trickles away and I feel weightless in the vigilant company of the wildlife all around me, and the trees and their timeless existence. Realizing the importance of these environments and how it affects my consciousness and choices in said every-day life, really makes it worth carrying forward.

The couple that slays together, stays together. 

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are you still vegan? your boots??

I’m not still vegan and like who cares if I bought boots? Like it literally doesn’t matter.

Jessica, Karangahape Road

Where are you going?  I’ve just arrived at Holm on K Rd, which is a little co-working space where you can sit and grab a good coffee while you work on your computer.

What are you wearing?  T-shirt, denim skirt, and vegan boots.

Tell us about your bike…  I have a green Linus cruiser style bike that has a bit of a vintage look to it, which is exactly what I knew that I wanted, but I have it with a Lekkie electronic conversion kit.  I did a lot of research for over a year before I bought it, trying to find something that was the best fit for me, that had the style that I wanted, and the right amount of power. A big issue for me was the fact that I actually live in a house bus. I travel around with the bike, and I need to be able to lift the bike onto the house bus. Most electric bikes are quite heavy, and the combination of the Linus and the Lekkie allow me to have something that I could actually lift once I remove the battery.

Why ride?  It’s just the best. It’s a way to get some exercise - I spend a lot of my life sitting in front of a computer for the work that I do.  Also the house bus is not so easy to drive into city centres, so I park it up and then use the bike as my transport to get around.

Favourite ride?  Usually with music and friends! At Christmas, some friends and I decorated our bikes with tinsel and baubles, dressed up in silly costumes and strapped a boombox to the back of one of the bikes and rode around to other friends’ houses to bring a little bit of Christmas cheer.  

While riding you…?  Tend to people watch - I love it, and it’s really easy to do when riding a bicycle.

How can Auckland improve infrastructure or be more bike friendly?  I do think Auckland is doing a lot of things to try to encourage biking. I just went to the Myers Park festival on the weekend and they actually had VIP concierge bike parking!  I think more bike parking in general around the city would be great, often it’s actually really hard to find somewhere to lock your bike up.