tbh I get really fucked up over people who are like “nooo don’t squish that spider all creatures deserve life uwu~” but eat animal products I mean like

where is your brain

what is it made out of

Vegan, Cruelty-Free Cosmetics and Skin Care

100% Pure
Adorn Cosmetics
Africa Organics
Alexami Cosmetics
Alternative Outfitters
Amal Oils
Aromi (Etsy)
Au Naturale Glow
AYA Cosmetics
Balm Envy
Bare Blossom
Bare Body Soaps
Beautiful Movements Cosmetics
Beauty Secrets Minerals Makeup
Beauty Without Cruelty
Bhumi Makeup Brushes
Cocoon Apothecary
Crazy Rumors, LLC
Earthly Body
Eco Minerals
Eco Tools
EcoGlo Minerals
Emma Jean Scented Nail Polishes
Esse Organic Skincare (The Esse Trust)
Gourmet Body Treats
Human Tested
Illuminare Cosmetics
Inika Mineral Cosmetics
Lamas Beauty
Le Labo
Lillian Skincare
LimeLily Cosmetics
Lip-Ink International
Lotus Love Beauty
Max Green Alchemy, Ltd.
Mountain Girl Soap And Sundries
Nail Couture LA
Native Touch
North Coast Organics
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Inc.
OFRA Cosmetics
Osea International
Pink Quartz Minerals
Premae Skincare
Ro Vie Cosmetics
Rockeresque Beauty Co.
Sailor Mouth Soaps
Sevi Cosmetics
Shiro Cosmetics
Skin Dressing
Stark Skincare
Swagger Cosmetics
Talia BioCosmetics
Vegan Body

This took a lot longer than I thought it would


animal testing done on a human in a lush store london


S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Makeup Remover

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Makeup Remover:

The good:

- Effortlessly takes off any makeup.

- Honestly the easiest to use makeup remover I’ve ever used.

The bad:

- Can leave face feeling oily, because it is an oil. Best to wash face immediately after.

I rate it: (1 - 10, 10 being best)


I paid:

$15 (+shipping)

What I would pay knowing what I know now:


Go Gluten-Free with Red Apple Lipstick!

Recently I had the pleasure of coming across Red Apple Lipstick - a company whose products are certified gluten free, paraben free, soy free, dairy free and allergen free.  They are also a vegan, cruelty free company - good for your body and for your conscience!

There aren’t many cosmetic companies who cater to those of us who deal with celiac complications, or who have sensitivities to gluten.  Fortunately, I myself don’t have any issue with it, but I have known many people who are very allergic and/or intolerant.  In past years, hundreds of studies have been done on the tole gluten (aka wheat) takes on our body.  Almost anything, from chronic chapped lips to digestive issues, can be linked back to gluten!  And finally having a company decide to exclude gluten 100% from their lipsticks and eyeshadows is a very exciting thing.

Red Apple Lipstick carries 30 different eyeshadow colors, as well as magnetic palettes to put your eyeshadow pans in.  They also carry lip gloss, lip liners, lip balm, lip exfoliant, and of course - lipstick!

Currently, I own two lipsticks and the Exfoliate Stick.  The lipsticks I have are called Beach Peach (shimmery peachy-coral) and Crush On Me (bubblegum pink).

Red Apple Lipstick Exfoliate Stick - $17

This funny looking tube is full of loveliness!  I get asked all the time how I get my lipstick to apply so smoothly to my lips and last all day - the answer is exfoliation.  Typically I make my own lip scrub, but once I was introduced to this handy stick, I started using this every day!  All you have to do is rub this across your lips, focusing on the areas you get flakey patches, and then wipe away with a wet washcloth or makeup wipe.  This exfoliator is not harsh and doesn’t feel uncomfortable, plus it hydrates the lips really nicely.  It removes dead skin with ease and doesn’t leave any funny residue once it’s wiped away!  It also has a lovely minty scent.  The best part is that it is in a great quality lipstick tube, making it so portable!  I keep it in my purse at all times.

Red Apple Lipstick in Beach Peach - $23.50

I was immediately drawn to this color… mostly because I don’t have enough “wearable” shades.  Red Apple Lipstick carries 28 gorgeous lipstick colors in every shade you could imagine, but this subtle-yet-sparkling color is SO lovely!  You could wear it with anything.  Although it looks really glittery in the tube, it translates as very sophisticated on the lips.  It is perfect for summer!  The best part about these lipsticks is how moisturizing and creamy they are… you can build up layers of color to make them super bright, or sheer and casual.  

Red Apple Lipstick in Crush On Me - $23.50

This is a bubblegum bright pink color with a slightly blue undertone.  The formula is magnificent - soft and hydrating, with just a hint of shimmer.  This can be worn casually or formally!

Overall I was very, very impressed by this high quality, health conscious makeup company.  I look forward to trying new products of theirs in the future!  Although they might not be the cheapest lippies you’ve ever seen, or the easiest to find, if you or someone you know suffers from gluten sensitivities, these products could be a godsend.  You won’t have to compromise your health for the sake of beauty anymore!  I highly, highly recommend them and encourage you to share Red Apple Lipstick with your friends and family with celiac disease.

Check out all of the products, colors, ingredients and information at

Oh yeah, if anyone cares;

I emailed Anastasia Beverly Hills asking if any of their products are suitable for vegans- I was having trouble finding anything online, so yeah. Their packaging shows they are cruelty free, but unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s free of animal byproducts (which I find dumb but anyway~)

They said everything is cool except for the following three products (which contain beeswax):

  • Brow Duality
  • Beauty Empress
  • Brow Fix/Brow Fix Primer (product name seems to vary depending where you are - it’s the colourless waxy pencil)

So yay for pretty eyebrows (and other stuff- their contour palette looks interesting).

EDITED TO ADD (I reblogged it with this, but the original post is what’s being reblogged so yeah): As tumblr user croakboard mentioned, “Many of their strictly eyeshadow palettes like the Maya Mia and Tamanna ones have carmine, though, but usually you can look on someplace like sephora’s website if they come out with other palettes and you want to know if they are vegan.”

Always remember to ask about insect ingredients as well when messaging companies!!! “Vegan-friendly/suitable for vegans” can sometimes be understood as “animal-derived”, so companies will sometimes fail to mention if there is carmine/honey/etc in their products.

5 is a great Canadian site that has tons of vegan products! 

Right now they’re offering 20% off select Method productsVega, Natures Way and 25% off Earth Science (my fave)!

AND they also have Earth Balance noms. :)

Use coupon code veganfoody2015 to save $10 off your order.

Happy new year!