an old friend from hs is a “vegan bodybuilder” and he only feeds his dogs vegan food and they look sad in every picture of them honestly


this is for the anon that asked for a before and after pic. i really love that i took this photo before i started lifting. it really makes me see the progress that ive made and i shouldnt be as hard on myself as i normally am. Always room for improvement, never good enough but im exactly where i should be. this is about a three year progress difference from a plant based diet

Today at the gym I went to use the leg press sled after these two dudes who had 2 45lb plates on either side, and one of the dudes was like “oh! Let me clear this for you!” and I was like “nah, it’s cool, you can leave em.” and the other guy was like “are you sure? It’s heavier than it looks.” and I was like “yeah bro, I’m sure, I’m just going to add more weight anyway. Thanks for saving me the trouble.”

And then I cranked out 4 sets with 6 45s like a fucking boss. >:)