Some chocolate-y peanut butter-y goodness 🙈✨ cause it’s almost Friday! And almost Halloween 🎃 (But mainly cause chocolate is always a good idea; Reese’s will always be my fav 😋) - Do it: a couple of frozen bananas, heaping spoonful of cacao powder, splash of vanilla almond milk, cinnamon • blenddddd✨ • top with creamy peanut butter + a @justins peanut butter cup 🤓

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I honestly just don’t just the ‘cruelty’ argument of being vegan. Every animal killed in agricultural production is dealt with as quickly and painlessly as possible. At my family’s farm, it’s a .22 to the back of the head. They’re gone before they hit the ground. When hunting, it’s a clean heart or head shot, dead within seconds.

Just my worthless opinion.