Just a fun idea I had of what I might look like if I was a MMA fighter for the UFC.

I wish I had that kind of physique and muscle in real life.

Porter Robinson - Worlds

For the month of October, I’ll be posting glitched album covers of some of my favorite artists. Similar to #inktober this will be #glitchtober

I had this long winded reply about dpi and someone deleted their post so instead of it going to waste I’m going to post it here anyway because dpi is confusing as fuck at first so…

When talking about raster images, which are pixel based(as apposed to vector images)… DPI is essentially resolution “dots per inch”  or ppi ”pixels per inch”. So something at a higher dpi is naturally better then if you were to make a lower res image bigger. The more pixels you have the more detail the image potentially has.300 dpi is typical and good for clarity and nice lines. You can always make an image smaller. I always work at 300 dpi from the start on a 4k x 4k canvas then add canvas space/resize the drawing if necessary but never changing the dpi from 300. A lot of people may lower the dpi once they post their art or images online. If you change the dpi of a lower dpi image to a higher dpi it will gain dpi and size sure, but not become clearer. DPI is quality of pixels in a sense though, so if you make an two images the same size, but one at a higher dpi then the other the higher dpi one would appear less pixelated zoomed in. The important thing to note is that the real size of images. You can have an image be 10 in x 10 in, 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels at 300 dpi. But then turn around and have another image at 10 in x 10 in, 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels but only 100 dpi. It’s all about ratios.


I am trying to translate my photos into vector line images, which is necessary in order for the CNC-milling machine to carve them out as reliefs on the MDF/HDF plate. They are extremely detailed though, and I worry that the CNC might not be able to render all the details. I was originally planning to rasterize my photos in order to bring out tonal variations, but decided against this, as I think a raster will look too digital in the final print. Instead, I am trying to split the image into four different tonal layers and print the tones separately. I found that the stamp filter in Photoshop was really useful for my purposes.


DAO / Création d'un dessin vectoriel à partir d'une photographie.

Fire escape, janvier 2015 - zoom 1, 2 et 3.

(A partir d’une photographie de Michel Masson. Outil : Adoble Illustrator.)

Image optimisée pour un tirage de 1,32m x 2.00m - pouvant être agrandie sans dégradation.

Line Paper : création et réalisation de papier-peint.

JCL graphic-file / © Jean-Claude Lauruol, 2014.

I went to Hobbycraft to buy double-sided tape...

So college was productive today. I managed to streamline my work process so I can prioritise what work needs to be done to pass…and then i’ll expand on that. 

After college I decided to go to Hobbycraft to buy some double-sided tape (to neatly stick printouts in my book). About 40 minutes later I emerged with two art books, coloured pens and some high-quality watercolour pencils…that was some expensive tape.

Upon getting home, I decided to progress with my Seven Deadly Sins (Pride) project by attempting a vector image of him, which I have never done before. I really want it done before I go to sleep…but my iPad keeps dying whilst i’m working because i’m doing artwork on it constantly. I’m so tired…

anonymous asked:

hey do you know any indonesian studyblr who make cute icons????

ummm… halooo
i personally dont know but you could search on google image vector icon;))) hope it helps:)