This is a character that I have made a few years ago. I still enjoy her and I have decided to update her concept.
Hope you enjoy it!


DeviantArt link:


Art by Evert van Ingen on Behance

The impossible
I started this project because I was bored while doing an internship. I really like playing with Adobe Illustrator so… why not.
Its 1.5 years later and I finally managed to finish it doing yet another internship while there was no work.
It seemed like the impossible to achieve but I did it.
The creator:
Utagawa Toyoharu (歌川 豊春, c. 1735 – 1814) was a Japanese artist in the ukiyo-e genre, known as the founder of the Utagawa school and for his uki-e pictures that incorporated Western-style geometrical perspective to create a sense of depth.