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I've stumbled across your blog from reblogs and asks and you don't how useful your blog is! Haha, I've been trawling through the tags a while. Anyway, can you'll ease list all AUs that feature Alex and Piper in a medical setting (i love hospital AUs ;) finished and unfinished, I don't mind,and in order of best quality ones first, and if not too much to ask a few lines of summary on each. Thank you very much. Keep being awesome!

Aw, glad to be of service. Have you explored the blog then? I’m curious to find out which tags are often used to search for fics on it. Simple curiosity.

Anyways, I too have a soft spot for hospital!AUs. There’s not too many of them though. However, there’s certainly a couple fics that had got me hooked on them and I’m always looking to see if there are any new ones to add to the small collection of them.

1. Behind Closed Doors (+ a sequel oneshot)

Piper learns the hard way why a doctor should never fall for their patient.

2. You May See The Doctor Now

Piper has taken up her medical residency at Litchfield General Hospital, where she is paired with the tall and mysterious senior doctor, Alex.

3. Bloodstream

A recovering drug addict and her therapist; Alex Vause was the challenge Piper Chapman was looking for, and so much more.

Note: Not really a hospital!AU but a psychologist AU. Still gonna include it because close enough.

4. Paging Doctor Chapman

Piper Chapman thought she left Alex behind in Paris, but after 8 years apart, Piper is met with her biggest downfall yet again. Piper and Larry are on the rocks after Larry is caught cheating with Polly. Will Piper fall into old habits or is it over for good? 

I wish I could make this a longer list but the only couple others I came across having been discontinued for the most part. I hope this is good enough for now though.

And again, thanks! I appreciate all the kind words.

how to sell a tv show to me
  • person:you should watch this tv show
  • me:
  • person:it's really good
  • me:
  • person:it has an amazing plot
  • me:
  • person:and complex characters each with their own unique backgrounds
  • me:
  • person:there's also lesbians in it
  • me:you have piqued my interest