Okay so Donald Tump talked about a terrorist attack in Sweden that did not happen. Trust me, I live in sweden, the last terrorist attack was five years ago and the terrorist only succseeded in killing himself. But I was wondering where these news came from because this is some pretty serious misinformation. Then I realised. Since Mike Pence seems to be stuck in the 16 th century, he could be reffering to Nils Dacke and his rebellions. Rest assured Donald, Dacke and the king he rebelled against both died more than 400 years ago.

Por sot, Shqypni, pa m'thuej si je?
Po sikur lisi i rrxuem përdhe,
Shkon bota sipri, me kambë, të shklet
E nji fjalë t'ambël askush s'ta flet.

Pashko Vasa, O moj Shqypni (1878)

“But today, Albania, tell me, how are you faring now?
Like an oak tree, felled to the ground!
The world walks over you, tramples you underfoot,
And no one has a kind word for you”

Ancient Glass Horse Flacon, Syria, 7th-9th Century AD

This blown flacon was mounted so that it became part of a horse-like animal made of pinched glass. The flacon belongs to a type that is known from Syria during the Roman Era. After an interval, flacons of this kind in the shape of animal figures were made again in the early Islamic period. Unlike the Roman pieces, they were now set into a richer, lace-like decoration of pinched glass, perhaps inspired by the type of masterfully undercut Roman class called vasa diatreta. The flacon’s wide neck indicates that it was intended to hold a liquid that was to be poured – probably a fragrant oil or balsam.