Reasons we ship Danny & Riley

Because they always make time to talk.
Because she loves watching him play hockey.
Because she’s glad he got traded.
Because he wants her to be with a guy who is good enough for her.
Because spring break, freshman year, down by the reservoir, wearing a blue dress…he knew he loved her.
Because he doesn’t like to see her with other guys.
Because he’s in love with her.
Because he thinks they should be together.
Because she thinks that he’s a sweet guy.
Because he always comes to her rescue.
Because they played varsity lacrosse together.
Because she believes in him.
Because she thinks he’s an amazing, big heart-ed, passionate, loving guy.
Because she’s impressed by his abs.
Because he has always liked her.
Because he talks to his mom about her.
Because they would study in his room after school.
Because she thinks he looks amazing in a suit.
Because she was swooning during his big speech.
Because he is grateful to have her in his life.
Because he doesn’t know what he would do without her.
Because he kissed her and she enjoyed it.
Because he checked her out everyday at field hockey practice.
Because she wants to know who his secret crush was.
Because he tells her everything.
Because he has loved her for years.
Because he thinks she will be a beautiful bride.
Because he appreciates her.
Because he can look into her heart and know what she’s thinking.
Because he doesn’t want to see her get hurt.
Because she is not some random girl.
Because she is his best friend.
Because he is protective of her.
Because she thinks he’s a sweet guy.
Because she doesn’t know what she did to deserve him.
Because he is her oldest friend.
Because he has been in love with her ever since she climbed into his tree house.
Because he always thought she was the one.
Because he is the one for her.
Because they have a lot in common.
Because they can tell each other anything.
Because she straddled him.
Because she gave him mouth-to-mouth.
Because she came to his rescue.
Because she was worried about him at the hospital.
Because he carried her out of the elevator after she got injured.
Because she was checking him out when he was shirtless.
Because she always goes to his hockey games.
Because she was upset that she was banned from his game.

anonymous asked:

what was beth like in high school

Beth was that girl who had everything - we all know at least one. Varsity athlete (either soccer, lacrosse, track/cross-country), stellar grades (perhaps in the running for salutatorian), volunteering on the weekends, afternoon job, popularity (everyone loved her).

But she would go home and crumble. The perfect girl was only skin-deep. She never saw friends, didn’t actually feel close to anyone, didn’t know who “she” was, besides the perfect resume.

She wanted to be an English major. Before.

Let’s talk about Beth.

myoldurlwas-pretentious asked:

Hey, I was the person who sent the first request for 'Fresh Start', and can I just say... LOVED IT HOLY COW Also, the lacrosse references add an awesome aspect of authenticity! Can't wait for part two, so glad you liked the request :D

I’m so glad that it met what you wanted! I play varsity women’s lacrosse for my high school, so it makes it a lot easier to write, as well as more fun. Thank you so much for the great request! I hope the rest of the series will be up to par for you too. :) x

July 26 2015

I just spent the last 20 mins typing about how great my boyfriend is and then accidentally deleted it so ya. I just want to catch you all up on my weekend! I had family from the states visit, nice to see them Since its been so long. My boyfriend (the one a talked about before who is seven years older) is in Toronto to visit family And it is the first time in out relationship we’ve been apart. So now let me tell you how great he is! He is the most kind hearted, genuine, adorable human I have ever met. He is super smart and basically going to school to become a rocket scientist, he had a huge nerdy side and absolutely loves these geeky movie/ book series and when he talks about them he get so excited and I love seeing him that happy. He is also quite the athlete, he plays varsity lacrosse, but my favourite thing about him is he’s values, he values people, relationships, happiness, health and family, something that is very rare to find in younger men. It also helps that he is really really hot, I mean damn he’s face and friggin body, I’m okay being stuck with it for the rest of my life. He’s a truly remarkable guy, and how the hell I became so lucky to get a man as rare as he his is so beyond me. But I’m not complaining.