“Psst! Hey!

Some harpies just pushed me down and yeah… I’m here now, at the bottom of the Mists, walking on the clouds and enjoying the view of the Fractals. It’s pretty nice though, you should be here too!

Well… I have to climb this huge and rocky building if I ever want to reach the top. I can’t waste any more time because my warband mates are fighting for their lives even right now.

Here, have a picture!



“That’s enough for you Varric, you are louder than a skritt with the brightest diamond in the world! I don’t know and I don’t care what happened to you but you must pay the bill”

“Ughhh…but *hicc* I can pay you with something more valuable than gold!”

“Heh, fine, and what is it?”

“My unrivaled company! Hoorrahh!”

Here I am again. I took a picture about Varric wearing the Tier 2 Charr cultural helmet. I kinda like it but I can’t decide which one is better for him, the anonymity hood or this. He looks like a bandit.