When Mel was young, he found a baby Varactyl that ran away from a group of poachers. And naturally anyone who finds a friendly, dog sized lizard is gonna want to keep it. So after a lot of begging, Nat decided to let him keep it to teach him responsibility. Mel named him Peete, but he had no idea that it was still a baby. They eventually had to build a whole new shed to keep him in, but Peete’s been a happy member of the crew ever since.

December Art Prompt 05: With their family

I think if I wasn’t so hellbent on trying to get these done to schedule, I would have spent a LOT more time on the pencils for this one ‘cause I’m already painfully critical of this and I was hoping it’d be at least 20% nicer but hey. Finesse isn’t really the point of this art challenge!

I love this silly little family though. I’ve been meaning to draw the ol’ space accordion (who am I kidding that’s just a regular accordion I haven’t even TRIED to make it spacey) for months so this was a grand excuse. Plus I haven’t even drawn Boy properly yet. He’s a good doofy varactyl. And Pexu’s gettin’ biiiiiig…!


Galactic Travel Book: Utapau, Part One

A series of sketches about Star Wars planets!

Image I - Cities are always protected by guardian varactyls carved into rock, some as old as twenty thousand years. They are used as meditation points for reaching understanding with the Force, or as locations for social rituals. During the rule of the Galactic Empire, many such stone monuments were sadly destroyed in order to clear space for industrial activity.

Image II - Varactyl feathers are often used as tokens of friendship or as an unofficial currency. Eggs may be turned into art: usually elaborately painted and drilled to feature intricate lace-like ornaments.

Image III - Respected warriors or scholars must earn the trust of a dragon-mount. These beasts are a national symbol, showcasing loyalty, adaptability and cooperation. A popular myth also centers the varactyl as a symbol of natural balance: she eternally chases the moons of Utapau, herding them so they do not collide. Each time Varactyl wounds an errant moon, a new hole mark appears across its surface. From the moon’s blood sprinkle the three main foundations of Pau’an life: wind, water and darkness.


Inspiration/origins from real world cultures for all the Utapau stuff:
Aztec architecture and codex art, Eastern European folklore and decorations, the stone city of Petra in Jordan and the gargoyles of Paris.

The Twi'lek tried to carefully put all the pieces of fruit he had just bartered off a merchant in his old, raggedy bag that turned out to be too small this time around for his purchases. The fabric stretched but not by enough to keep some of the holes in it from opening up even further.

He gave up on his attempt to put the last piece in his bag and took it in hand instead while he continued wandering down the dwindling road. On either side of it, merchants and brokers of all kind were starting to take down their stands and remove their wares from the public’s eye as the day and the market drew to a close.

A couple of Jawas and their translation droid seemed to be in a heated argument with a Duros fellow who had something clenched tight in his fist and was shaking it furiously at the Jawas, no doubt expressing his opinion on his recent purchase. Even though they were a long ways away from Tatooine, there was no shortage of brokering Jawas on this backwater desert planet either and here too, not all of their goods were worth something despite them claiming otherwise.

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The creation of varactyls. Its cry is just so… *squeals* <3