Poly Pokego Leaders Headcanons

imagine blanche reading out loud to their s/os, internally beaming whenever one of them gasps and seeing their eyes light up. 

imagine blanche being the best at deadpanning memes and its sparks favorite thing. 

imagine candela n spark using each other as modes of transportation when theyre lazy. 

imagine candela being tired and feeling spark just playing with her hair and blanche giving her light touches that mean the world.

imagine spark giving blanche cheek kisses bc blanche isnt one for much pda and is usually uncomfortable w/ real stuff so spark just pecks them all the time. 

imagine when sparks feeling even a little down, candela is  d e t e r m i n e d  to make him feel better. 

imagine blanche doing all these little things like ‘oh i got you that specific gel u like’ and its their way of saying they love you. 

imagine candela and spark going on adventures and coming back scraped up so blanche patches them up with bandages n kisses. 

i m a g i n e

DNA, SXJ/Q and High End Mech Mod Giveaway

Per request on our Facebook group we have launched another contest.  This time around it is variable options for the winners.  You can either choose a DNA or a Box mod respectively for your prize. 

1) Lost Vape Triade DNA200 or SMY SDNA200 or Tarsius High End Box Mod
2) Lost Vape Therion DNA75 or EBM SCC Limited Edition Dual 26650 Box
3) SMY DNA75 or SOV Shift Mod