smut: yes but not very vivid
requested: no

Ashton Irwin. That name wasn’t just a name it was and understanding. Everyone knew the name and everyone knew who he was. He was the richest, most popular and most beautiful guy in town. His parents owned a million dollar company and he was the one to inherit it all. Having money and beauty helped him form an enormous ego.  Ashton Irwin was mean, cocky and obnoxious but I have been in love with him since we were ten. He was famous for his legendary parties but I he has never invited me to one so I have no idea why they are legendary. Everytime I looked at Ashton I just wish he became the boy I met all those years ago.

The first time I saw him was when we were six. My mother worked as a maid in the Irwin household. Every Wednesday afternoon she would take with her and force me to play with him. At first we disliked eachother but as the years flew by an actual friendship was formed. We were inseparable until Ashton got into girls at the age of twelve. He changed his looks and his attitude and his friends. In the beginning he would still make time for me so we could hang out. His new friends started craving more and more of his attention. He started ditching on movie nights and his apologies became worse and worse. At some point I had enough of him and I gave him an ultimatum; it was them or me. To make a long story short he chose them.

When he got his first girlfriend at the age of thirteen I felt devestated. She was the complete opposite of  me.  She was popular, sporty and gorgeous. Every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted to be with her. Ashton Irwin and Melanie Senden were our schools power couple. In the eyes of their clique they were superior to Kayne West and Kim Kardashian.  Eventhough we weren’t friends any more I regretted giving him an ultimatum. All I wanted was for him to be in my life but we can not always have what we want.

Right now we were seventeen Ashton and Melanie were still going strong and I still wanted him. Other than a simple hello at dinner party’s we hadn’t talked since I gave him the ultimatum 5 years ago.

That was the first part of our story the second part started in Mr. Nemans’ English class. We were covering Shakespeare and he decided to pair me and Ashton together. We were to reinact a scene of a play and of course he gave us Romeo and Julliet.

“Eh we could go to my house so we can decide wich scene we’re going to do.” I said after class.

“I’d rather go to my house, I mean we actually have a theatre room. Just be there at ten.” He replied as he walked towards his girlfriend. I sighed and grapped by books and walked to my locker.

“Paired with Irwin ha?” Luke my friend said as he caught up with me. I made a load grown in response causing him to giggle.

“At least Ashton is quite alright I ’m paired with Melanie Senden. MELANIE SENDEN OF ALL PEOPLE. I despise her!” Michael said as he walked up to us with Calum.

“Don’t act like you aren’t in love with her.” Calum said earning a punch from Michael.

“Hey do you wanna play fifa tonight?” Michael asked me. He was a total videogame geek and I loved it.

“I’d love to but I have to meet Mr. Irwin in his mansion a ten tonight.” I replied with a posh accent.  The bell rang as we all laughed and walked towards our next class. “But why so late though?” Luke asked as we grabbed our books. I just replied with a shrug and went to sit at my labtable. Chemistry was my least favorite class. Not because I was bad at it I was actually good at it I hated it because Ashton was my labpartner. At the first lesson Ashton was late and the only  seat left was the one right next to me.

“I forgot my books can I read with you.” Ashton wishpered as I sat down. I pushed my book to the middle hearing Ashton mumble a small thank you.

After school Luke and I were almost run over by Ashton and his Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. “ I hate rich people.” Luke mumbled as we continued walking to the busstop.

At 9.30 I grabbed my bike and took the oh so familiar way to Ashton’s house. On my way over there I saw all our little hideouts where we had so much fun when we were younger. When I drove up to the driveway I could see loads of cars parked. There was loud music and crazy lights coming from the house and I felt the urge to kick Ashton in the balls. He knew I hated parties with people I don’t know. As I walked up to his front door a screaming girl came running out swiftly followed by a jock. His name was Evan and he was Ashtons best friend. As I walked in I could see dozens of faces I have never seen before and I was hoping to see the one familiar face. After searching for him for ten minutes I finally found him hiding out in his room. “You’re a real douchebag you know that?” I said walking in. “[Y/N]! I’m so sorry Melanie just showed up saying she invited loads of people to have a party I didn’t know I swear.” He said. “Sure you didn’t”. “[Y/N] I know were not best friends anymore. But believe me I would never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable. How about we work on the shakespear project tomorrow at eleven?” He proposed. I nodded and left.

The next day I rang his doorbell at exactly 11 AM. His mother opened it pulling me into a warm embrace saying it has been too long. We talked for a while until Ashton came downstairs. He was wearing his glasses and sweatpants. He looked almost exactly like the guy I fell in love with all those years ago.

“Mom why didn’t you tell me she was here already?” He asked as he came into the kitchen and saw me. “Well excuse me but I haven’t seen her in a long time so I needed to hog her for a while.” his mother replied. Ashton mumbled something I couldn’t hear and gestured me to follow him to their theatre room. I said a quick goodbye to his mother and followed him.

“I thought we could do the scene where they died.” Ashton said closing the door to the room. “I already printed it out so we can start practising.” “Do I have a say in this?” I asked as he handed me the lines. “No.” He replied. I sighed and started reading through the scene. “I –I uh.. Can we uh could we talk for a while.” Ashton asked. I replied with a shrug and put down my papers.

“You have to understand when you gave me that ultimatum I was so mad.” He started. “You were my best friend and I didn’t understand why you would make me choose.” He continued. “Ash.” You started but he interrupted you. “No listen. I was so mad I chose them instead of you. I lost you because I was mad at you for a split second.” “Ash you don’t have to …Yes I do. Just hold on.” He interrupted me. “ I made the stupidest mistake that day and I still regret that decision to this day.”. “ I regret giving you that ultimatum.” I admitted as I looked at him. “I like you like this.” “Like what?” He asked. “You with glasses and sweatpants. You know just my ashton not THE ASHTON IRWIN.” I said and he chuckled in reply. “I like it when I’m your Ashton.” He said moving his body closer to mine. “Let’s rehearse this scene.” I said feeling uncomfortable. Ashton stood up and started reading his lines. His mother walked in with cookies and tea right before romeo killed himself. “So..? Have you guys worked everything out?” She asked putting the tray down. Ashton ran to the cookies put on in his mouth and awnsered a quick yeah. “I knew it. [Y/M/N] and I always knew you two would end up together.” She said smiling. “We’re just friends Mrs. Irwin.” I said as I too stuffed my face with one of her delicious cookies. “If you say so.’‘Aft She said as she walked out of the room. ’'How about we ditch this stupid play and go to one of our hold hideouts.” Ashton said. I nodded as Ashton stood up and hold his hand out for me to take it.

After four hours of just talking and a total of 32 missed calls form both our parents we decided it was time to go home.

“WHERE HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN. WE HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR AGES!” My mother yelled as we walked into the house. “Mom we were just haning out relax.” I said trying to calm her down. After we both got told off by our parents we said a quick goodbye and I left.

The next morning Luke and I walked into school discussing the new song he wrote. “Do you really like our band that much?” He asked me. “Yeah you guys are great, the only thing you are missing is a drummer.” I said getting my books out of my locker. “If you know anyone who can drum just give me a call.” Luke sight. Him, Michael and Calum had been looking for a drummer to join their band 5 seconds of summer for six months now. “What about Ashton?” I suggested. “ What about him?” Luke said as we walked towars our class. “Luke he’s a great drummer you should ask him!” I said gettin all excited. Just imagine my four boys in a band together. “Ok what happened last night? Did he charm you with his rich boy charms?” Luke joked. “No.. we just talked everything out.” I simply replied. “ So what he just said some things and now everything is ok.” Luke said gettint slightly angry. “Luke what is your problem. Ashton and I used to be best friends. He told me chosing the 'popular clique’ was a mistake and I forgave him.” I explained. Luke nodded but he didn’t give me the feeling he understood. In his defence Ashton and his possey have been mean to him and his bandmates. “Ashton and I are going to hang out tonight why don’t you and the guys come and join us?” I suggested. Luke groaned and I took it as a yes.

At lunchtime Ashton came to sit with me instead of with his usual group. “Where are lanky, rainbow and the asian guy?” He asked as he sat down. “Who?” “You know your friends.” He replied taking a bite of his sandwich. “They have names you know and they are practising.” I replied. “Ashy baby why don’t you come sit with me.” Melanie said as she just walked up to us. “Nah I’m good here babe.” Ashton replied. Melanie’s shocked facial expression was priceless and I couldn’t help but giggle a bit. After she left I turned to Ashton and said: “Did you see how shocked she was?” Ashton shrugged.  ’'Yeah but her face will be even more priceless when I break up with her after school.“ He said. ’'Why are you breaking up with her?” I asked. “She’s a lovely girl, she really is but I only dated her to make the girl I like jealous.” He replied. “Well did it work?” I asked now curious about this mystery girl. “I don’t know you tell me.” He shrugged. “How am I ..Oh.” I said realising I was the girl he liked. “Yeah.” “Wait was tonight supposed to be like a date?” I asked. “You said your perfect date would be to watch netflix whilst snuggled up on the couch.” He replied. “Shit.” I cursed. This caused Ashton to look at me funny, because in his memory of me I never cursed. “I may have invited Lanky, Rainbow and the Asian guy over to join us.” I said looking at him innocently. “That’s ok they seem like cool guys anyways.

Just as you were about to put the popcorn in the microwave the doorbell rang. ’'Is Mr. Popular here yet?” Luke said as he walked in with Calum and Michael. “No and his name is Ashton.” I replied closing the door behind them. “Guys please try and be nice. I promise he isn’t as bad as you think.” I said finishing the popcorn. Five minutes later the doorbell rang again and this time it was Ashton.

“Now remember Lanky is Luke, Rainbow is Michael and The Asian guy Calum, got that?”, I said. “and by the way Calum isn’t asian.” Ashton just nodded as we walked to the livingroom. I could tell he was nervous by the way he was clamping his hands and by the tiny drops of sweat forming on his nose and brow. “Don’t be nervous, I’m sure they’ll like you.” I said giving him a final boost of confidence.

As soon as we walked in Ashton introduced himself to the boys. He got all their names right and they hit it off pretty well that was until Michael asked Ashton to play Fifa.

“What do you mean you don’t like Fifa? Everyone likes Fifa!” Luke said. “I just don’t.” Ashton replied. Michael insulted Ashton just not loud enough for him to hear. I was convinced that ruined the entire possibility of them ever becoming friends. Luckily it was fixed by Ashton asking them questions about their band.

“Yeah we’ve got our first gig next week. The only problem is we don’t have a drummer.” Luke said after talking about the band for quite a while. “I can drum. If you want I can drum at the gig.” Ashton offered taking a sip of his drink. “Really? That would be amazing!” Luke yelled. “Guys what do you think?”. The other boys weren’t too sure about Ashton joining the band but just nodded for Luke’s sake. “Wait I want to hear him drum first.” Michael said. “Sure I understand what about my house tomorrow?” Ashton proposed. The boys all nodded and continued playing there game of Fifa.

At twelve thirty the boys decided it was time for them to go home. After they left it was just you and Ashton. “You don’t have to do that you can go home as well.” I said as Ashton started cleaning the table. “I know but I don’t mind.” He responded. After we cleared and cleaned everything we sat down on the couch.

“I think they liked you.” I said cuddling in to Ash’s side. “I’m not quite sure. Luke seemed to like me but the other two? I don’t know.” He responded. “Just give them time.”

“I really like you, you know.” Ashton said stepping closer too me. Now he was almost so close our lips brushed against eachother. “Show me.” I whispered and by that his lips were on mine. Soon clothes were shaddered on the floor hand hands were moving all over the place.

“I need you [Y/N]. I need you so much.” Ashton whispered in my ear. “Then take me.” I whispered back. Ashton didn’t hesitate one second as he scooped me up and took me to my bedroom. As he layed me on the bed he asked me if I was sure I wanted this. I nodded and grabbed a condom from my bedside table. “Do you want me to put it on?” I asked. Ashton nodded, took off his boxers that were way too tight and sat down on his knees so I could roll the condom on to him. I pumped him a few times and Ashton moaned at the sensation of my hand touching him. I rolled the condom on his member and layed down again. Ashton positioned himself at my intrance and asked me once more if I was sure. I rolled my eyes. “Just get in me already.” Hearing this made Ash certain and he pushed himself in me. At first it was slow and steady but the longer we were at it the faster he went.

The next morning I turned around searching for a sleeping Ashton but all I found were empty cold sheets and a note left on the pillow.

I swear I didn’t ditch you.
If you can recall last night I have an audition with the guys today and I didn’t want to screw it up. I promise I’ll be right back after I drummed my ass off.
I’ll bring pizza and everything

X, Ashton

I smiled at his note and went to get dressed. O how I lover getting my Ash back

[A/N] Aaaah the smut part sucked but I’ve been writing this between shifts so soz.

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