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i want a murder mystery show where the body is always the same cheap-ass plastic skeleton, fully clothed and in some completely ridiculous pose. like, itll lay there with its hands on its hips in some terrible sequin dress, and the detectives will step up to it all super-serious like ‘it appears she’s been dead for 12 hours" and no one will mention the fact that 'she’ is a dollar store halloween decoration

Te quise entero, te quise con toda tu frialdad
Sabía, estaba pensando en que me podría afectar
Te quise entero, en serio
Tan serio, tan grave además
El día entero te quise
Con todo y su final
—  Te quise - Camila Moreno

The Women Ridding Sri Lanka of Landmines

“Jalini, 30, gets to work in the paddy fields in the ‘Vanni’, the 'rice-bowl’ region of northern Sri Lanka. But she isn’t harvesting rice; rather she’s on the hunt for landmines, a deadly legacy of the violent 26 year-long conflict between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers…until the various hidden landmines are identified and removed, the community in Thunnukai can’t work here. Jalini and her fellow de-miners have already found a dozen mines in this field alone, and believe there are some more. Across the north of Sri Lanka, an unknown number of land mines litter the once productive landscape, threatening lives and livelihoods.”


i added shitty subs to my favorite 10 seconds of the dangan ronpa anime here u go