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anonymous asked:

Can I share a headcanon? This may seem weird but this is what I think some of the characters might smell like: Hamin - sea spray, salt, cedar. Zarad - frankincense, sandalwood, maybe sage (or some sort of sharp "green" smell). Lyon - "old books," tea, vanilla (because he has a sweet tooth iirc). Cordelia - sea mist, honey, roses. Pen - apples, sweet pea flowers, chamomile. Ana - hay, metal, smoke. Emmett - freshly cut grass, verbena, dandelions.

Sometime in the past (which is now one big blur to me, go very unspecific memory, go) someone asked me what I thought the characters smelled like. And I had no idea! So I asked for what other people thought.

So this fits right in! Share away~