>You’re out for lunch, alone. You figured it’s not a bad idea to treat yourself sometimes. It’s a little sandwich and tea place in front, with a yoga studio in the back. You don’t care too much about the yoga studio, you just want your avocado and turkey melt and vanilla white tea.

>You’ve got the front for yourself for now. You think Aminah’s trying to track down that supposed third headmate… Your thoughts are wandering.

>Your love life… it’s good! You have… what… two partners? Both of them love you and want you to be happy, so why aren’t you really, when you get down to it, all that happy?

>Do you even want to be polyamorous? It’s kind of late to stop now, but you never asked yourself that question in the first place. Your ex… he was seeing someone else for perigees and never told you. It had never occoured to you that maybe, just maybe, the concept wasn’t actually comfortable to you for that reason… you try to brush the thought off, but it makes too much sense.

>It might be better if you had someone you could honestly call your own without needing to share, but you know now that that is apparently posessive and weird. You never really had a chance at keeping Zolite to yourself, so to speak, because Aminah was the one who persued that to begin with, even though she apparently continues to be devoid of emotional attachments to him (in favor of some gross assassin that you just really don’t like.)

>You sigh into your tea. How did this happen to you? You’ve got two boyfriends and you’re upset because they don’t love only you. That’s so silly. You’re being ridiculous, and you’ll snap out of it when you go home to loving arms.


Last month, we got an early Christmas package from friend (Iri)epsi!

(Iri)epsi always sends the prettiest packages! This one was covered in sparkly paper, and filled with delicious noms (that Mommy refuses to let me try, sheesh!) and a pretty turtle trinket box (that I am too big to fit inside now!). There was even more shiny paper lining the inside of the box! Can this box be my new hidey hut, Mommy?