Vanilla Bean

Storytime ^.^

So something really funny happend to me today and I decided to write this as short storytime and hear your opinions (also Im sorry abot any spelling or grammar mistakes lol)

So I have weird people in my class and we never get into each other private lives and  discuss certian things, but we have two specific girls that like to comment and judge everyone (I wont name them, even tho I could but I dont think its necessary) and not even that they judge you behind your back they talk so that everyone can hear. So, today they decided to pick on me and disscused my protection collar. I am not one of those people who actually care what others think or say, I wear my protection collar daily and also my lock and they had a discussion about that. So as I heard one of them is into BDSM but I doubt she is knows about pet play. As I mentioned I like to wear my collar daily and I am not ashamed to admit my interests into BDSM and pet play even tho I keep it private since a lot of people doesent know what it is, but I dont like when someone who doesnt know about something makes comments like that. Specificaly I´ve heard them say that I wear that lock because of my BFF (wich is not true as everyone knows) and some other silly things which makes them even more stupid then they are. I am not gonna say certian things that they said because it is just pathetic but in general they judged collaring and wearing showing it in public.
Only thing I wanted to really point out is that it is not nice to judge people by what they are into and especially if you dont know a fucking thing about culture that they are into. Honestly I dont know how to put this into one short story so…. yeah lol. I guess thi is all I wanted to say. 

I wanted to ask few questions and get honest opinions from everyone: what do you guys think about judging, humiliating and bulling subs (or doms) from vanillas? 
And what you think about people who judge like that and what would you do in that situation when someone is juding you?

-Lots of love <3 ^.^