here i am doodling about an old-ass game everybody’s probably forgotten about… but i never will i never will

i did a LS run last month and of course it was all abord the shipping train between the Exile and Atton (even if he is the dumbest most childish ex Sith ever probably) I tried pushing it at maximum but nothing happens like in kotor1 ugh

but just imagine… atton filled with wonder at the sight of this amazing woman -what can’t she do?? pls just give me all the long hyperspace trips with the whole crew together trying to pass time aboard the Ebon Hawk

G e m i n i

Ofc I know Len n Rin aren’t Geminis
But it just
The song Gemini
Inspired me to do this
Also u don’t wanna look at Rin’s part
It looks messy af and she just has that headband and no headphones
Leno is perfect
Rin is perfect too but I’m not too proud of how I did her ;-;
Also it took me a while to think of what the bg would be haha
And I screwed up on Rin’s thing on her chest?? Yknow, with the “ff”
I didn’t look at references so I couldn’t get it right aaaa sorryyy

Len and Rin belong to Crypton(??) please do correct me
Time taken : 3 hrs
Layer count : 10, just 10

Let me know if you want art from me like this in the future! I’ll try to practice! >w

oops my hand slipped

(geekalogian this is all your fault)

go to the post on my blog and click on it to have a better…vision…