Vangelis • EL GRECO (Movement VI, in particular). 1998


Zyklus MPS (Midi Performance System) with OLED display upgrade (modification).  There are only 40 of these in existence and I found this one on eBay, with a dim display but otherwise is very good condition. Back in 1988 this retailed for £1995 and wasn’t well understood and did not therefore enter a big production run.  Its basically a ‘midi’ scratchpad in the studio and performance tool for live use.   It’s famous because Vangelis hired the inventors of Zyklus, Bill Marshall and and Pete Kellock to develop a system exclusively for him - “Direct” which gave rise to the album “Direct”.

The Manual is available here:

 I will put up video demos later once i have rigged up 4 different synths to the outputs.

Bassmobile has asked about the OLED Mod.  The display is from Raystar and its the only 40x2 OLED available, that i am aware of.  You can purchase from TME here:

To install you have to take out the backlight ‘inverter’ which is marked ‘INV” on the board and i took out the small transistor that is next to it too. You can see those two small components resting on the panel board shot.    You have to also de-solder the ‘A/K’ connectors so the board can rest in the space left by the old one.    You can keep the 14 way IDC connector and the an easy way to remove the old board is to place a huge blob of solder over all 14 connectors and lift off.  Don’t let the blob of solder land on  your foot or skin!    The Raystar OLED fits perfectly over the mounting screws and I took out the plexi too as I prefer to see the OLED naked.   Note that the brightness/contrast controls no longer work but thats no problem as the OLED is visible from all angles.   

If anyone has another tips or questions please ask.  Given there are 40 Zyklus’s out there i can’t imagine i’m going to be inundated!