In light of the verbal attacks at Vanderbilt University by Carol Swain, a Political Science Vanderbilt professor, to Muslim students on campus and nationwide. She wrote in a Tennessean article that the attacks of Charlie Hebdo proved the “true nature” of Islam (that it’s a violent one, is incompatible with Western civilization, and is a dangerous threat to American children).

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Vanderbilt Melodores - “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood


4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No. 55:

The Breakers, Rhode Island, United States. 

Built for the Vanderbilt family between 1893 to 1895 by the architect Richard Morris Hunt. 

Situated on cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. 

Probably one of the most extravagant houses built during the 19th century. 

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Vivien Thomas (Born in New Iberia, Louisiana August 29, 1910- Baltimore, MD November 26, 1985)- Vivien Thomas was a surgical technician who worked for Dr. Alfred Blalock and helped create procedures to treat Blue Baby Syndrome (tetralogy of Fallot). The first successful surgery on a baby with blue baby syndrome took place in 1944.  Thomas also invented a spring device that was used to treat people suffering from traumatic shock due to blood or fluid loss. His research helped doctors/scientists better understand what causes traumatic shock.

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