I want my band to be raw and honest and to sweat and stomp and scream and dance. I want to reach people. I want them to reach me. I want to stand in a room and sing with others about our worst fears and greatest hopes. And I want to leave feeling like the world is larger than I thought it was. And I love weird people. Because they make me feel less weird for being weird, if that makes any sense. But I don’t like cool people. I prefer when people are warm.
—  Mikel Jollet of The Airborne Toxic Event

How was your Christmas, guys? Although there was some drama in mine it went well in the end :) this is an ornament from my Christmas tree, fact of the day: even though Brazil is a hot country (and it’s summer in December) we still have Christmas trees and lights, we have all the same decorations as people in Europe ! Even fake snow sometimes ;)