I miss the skyline...

Running by as the sun comes up. Watching the sun set with brilliant reflections off windows set in beautiful buildings, concrete artwork. Sitting on a bench in the dark, as the stars sparkle above.

I  miss the rush of people living busy lives, the passion, the colour. To be allowed anonymity if I so chose. And if not, opportunity for conversation with a stranger is always welcome. From art to politics to the graffiti on the wall as the B-Line flew by.

I love to travel. I love the challenge of creating a life in a new city. I love meeting new people and having my perspective changed. New cultures, new flavours, new ideas… it adds to the beauty of life. Humbles you.

But sometimes? I just really miss that skyline.

coffee and rain;

pairing: Scott Ryder x Caderyn Shepard

rating: Gen

summary: Sometimes it’s difficult to see a future when you’ve never had a chance to think of one. Cade reflects on his situation, six years on from the Reaper war, and for the first time, decides that he’s entirely content with where he is.

a quick, short one shot for @meflashfanwork August prompt: Family. outside of posting day, but the idea took hold and i couldn’t let go!

Sitting up in a messy bed, Shepard stares bleakly out of the window, a full length wall of glass opening up a small corner of the place he calls home. It’s a grey day outside, rain marking telltale lines down the windowpane, almost making Shepard reach out to draw his finger along with every drop. He resists, though - it’ll hurt, he’s only just woken up, and the aches of a broken body are hard to ignore.

Looking away from Vancouver’s grey skyline, Shepard scrubs a hand across tired eyes briefly, before calloused fingers scratch at his jaw while he yawns, slowly waking. Once he settles, he closes his eyes and waits for the dull ache from his movements to subside.

Or, rather, he waits until the feeling blurs into obscurity, just out of reach for the day. The pain won’t go, not entirely. Cade knows he hasn’t stopped aching since he woke up in the rubble of London.

Six years, eight months and 24 days ago, if he’s counting.

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Vancouver, Canada