Vancouver police reach compromise with Black Lives Matter, will walk in Pride Parade
“The removal of the Armoured Response Vehicle from the Vancouver Pride Society’s parade, while a small act, is symbolic to Black Lives Matter and especially to Black queer people,” the statement read.

Uniformed Vancouver police officers will march in Sunday’s Pride Parade, after the department reached a compromise with Black Lives Matter protesters who sought to have police stay out of the parade, according to VPD spokesman Sgt. Randy Fincham.

The department met last week with representatives of Black Lives Matter and the Pride Society, Fincham said Tuesday. As a result of those talks the department agreed not to have its armoured rescue vehicle in the parade, he said.

“We do understand there were concerns that were raised by Black Lives Matter and those are being addressed,” Fincham said. “We’ll have a number of officers in uniform, proudly marching in the pride parade.”

Marked police vehicles will also be featured in the annual parade, but not the armoured vehicle that Fincham described as the department’s “flagship, marquee vehicle.”

“Certainly we can appreciate that some people might have concerns with it,” he said.

Black Lives Matter organizers didn’t return phone messages left Tuesday, but posted a statement to their website expressing their satisfaction with what they called a “small and partial” victory.

“The removal of the Armoured Response Vehicle from the Vancouver Pride Society’s parade, while a small act, is symbolic to Black Lives Matter and especially to Black queer people,” the statement read.

“Our work is to stay true to the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement and to be Black Lives Matter is to work against police brutality and police militarization wherever we are. While the Vancouver Police Department themselves have been civil towards us since our inception, the vehicle itself represents the ongoing violence and threat posed by institutional racism toward marginalized groups.

“Therefore, to remove it represents a small step towards accepting and respecting Black Lives Matter as a movement and working towards inclusion of all queer and trans people, not just those with privilege.”

The organizers concluded the statement by noting that “this was never Black Lives Matter versus the Vancouver Pride Society.”

“This was always Black Lives Matter, Black queer and trans folks, and other communities of colour asking to be accepted into a community in which we rightfully belong.”

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This Day in 1D History - July 27


  • Harry, Ben, Niall, Liam, and Danielle give the photo booth a whirl at Marvin and Rochelle Humes’ wedding!


  • Lilo test out FIFA 14 at FIFA’s Vancouver studios
  • “It’s like talking to a brick wall..” (via Harry’s Insta lmao)
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Vancouver, Canada 


  • Louis and Stan hit up a Donny Rovers game!
  • Zayn takes a stand


  • Niall posts an Insta of Julian putting the “final touches ……..” on MITAM!!
It’s Time → Granielle

It was a bright and sunny day in Vancouver, Canada; and Danielle was quite thankful for it. The weather was warm and didn’t warrant for a jacket at all, which was something that she was quite thankful for. For now, she was able to just relax and get her day going, walking out of the makeup trailer and getting ready for one of the upcoming group scenes that they were going to film today. There was tiredness to her from being up last night, but she couldn’t very well fault it for her or her baby’s doing. They were just getting comfortable and trying to find a position to do so had been tough when she was lying down; but she managed to get there and going. What would be on her mind right now would be these intense pains—they weren’t bad, but they were merely uncomfortable for now—and everything that she did wouldn’t make it go away. Was it a contraction? Probably, but it didn’t seem as bad as everyone made it out to be. They were probably false labor contractions. Either way, she had scenes to film and she was going to get through them.

As she waddled, the brunette kept her breathing as regular as she could. The pain would come in spurts; but it wasn’t necessarily bad. Maybe she was overthinking it, per se, considering she was more than capable of doing that from time to time. The baby will come when she wants to come, she knew that, but she had plenty of time and this wasn’t just anything to worry about. For now, she kept her thoughts just focused on her walking and breathing, determined to use this little bit for exercise. And just like that, the pain ended up subsiding for now and she made her way onto the soundstage where her cast mates and her husband had been waiting for her. “Sorry I’m late”, she started out now, waving her hand and placing her hand on her lower back.

It did well enough to soothe her back pain for now, but there it was again. The pressure that she started to feel on her lower abdomen came back and maybe it was because she had been standing still; but she did let out a shaky breath that only Carlos managed to catch at this point. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she went right towards her husband now and held out her hands for him. The pain was starting to become just a little bit unbearable, she gripping his arm tighter than she had ever, and even now she meant to speak during it; but it was no avail. Okay, so maybe they weren’t false labor contractions at all.

“I think”, Danielle started out now, getting a chance to breathe and speak now that the pain had managed to subside. Her hazel eyes connected with her husband’s to plead silently, trying to get his attention to see what was happening. “Honey, I think it’s”, she started to say now, but she had felt something trickle down her legs in a small gush and onto his shoes. “Time.” @theflashgrant
Queer Muslims and Latinx Queers say they won't walk in Vancouver Pride parade
They're part of a different march that is taking place in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, which has opposed VPD members walking in the annual parade.

Black Lives Matter Vancouver has two new allies in what appears to be a dispute with organizers of the Vancouver Pride parade.

Queer Muslims and Latinx Queers have announced that they won’t participate in the annual event, which takes place in Vancouver’s West End next Sunday (July 31).

Instead, they’ll march in what’s being billed as the “Two Spirit Queers, Trans, Intersexed, and Bisexual People of Colour Pride March” next Monday (August 1).

Pride organizers have rejected Black Lives Matter Vancouver’s demand that Vancouver police not be allowed to march in the Pride parade.

Queer Muslims and Latinx Queers say they’re boycotting the annual Pride parade “in solidarity with Black Lives Matter”, according to a statement issued by 2SQTIBIPOC Pride march organizer Imtiaz Popat.

Underlying the issue is a claim by Queer Muslims and Latinx Queers that unlike other queer organizations, they were not invited to speak to city council about how to respond to the massacre in Orlando.

“Then the Mayor met with Black Lives Matter, but again the rest of the Queers of Colour organizations were not invited,” the statement declared. “Queer Muslims and Latinx Queers were profoundly affected by the events of Orlando, yet we have been forgotten in this process. We met with Pride organizers after the Vigil they had organized at the Vancouver Art Gallery and suggested that we need to have some sort of an inclusive healing ceremony at Pride. But Pride too has forgotten us in this process.”

The 2SQTIBIPOC Pride march will start at 1 p.m. next Monday (August 1) with a gathering at Victory Square. From there, participants will march east along Pender Street to Main Street before turning left toward CRAB Park, where a healing circle will take place.
Vancouver is now officially the first Canadian city to adopt an inclusive transgender policy
The new plan includes gender-neutral bathrooms and sensitivity training for staff.

Vancouver is now officially the first Canadian city to adopt an inclusive transgender policy.

City council voted unanimously Wednesday night to support the equality, diversity and inclusion of transgender people by implementing a series of recommendations made by a consulting group that specializes in trans issues.

The new plan includes gender-neutral bathrooms and sensitivity training for staff.

Council will also appoint a team that will oversee the plan, and report back annually on the progress. Changes will start over the next six to 18 months.