Have Couch For Short Term Stay Vancouver BC

Hi, I live in Vancouver BC Canada and have a couch that someone could crash on for a very short term stay. Would have to meet ahead of time and i live with two roommates. Have a futon that folds down in the living room. Contact me by my ask if needed. Please be trans* orientated. Two FTMs and one MTF in the house.


There are still tickets need to be sold for the encore stage in Vancouver for tonight’s concert for Epik High!!!!! If you are interested in going or know somene please but tickets! It will be an amazing show! And I don’t want ti disappoint Epik High!

Lets show them what we have! And hopefully in the future we will have stars like BTS, EXO, BIGBANG AND MAN MORE!!!!!


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An officer of the Royal Canadian Navy interviews two Canadian fishermen of Japanese ancestry following the confiscation of their fishing boat in British Columbia. In December of 1941, the Canadian government began enacting laws restricting the rights and movement of Japanese-Canadian civilians. On 4 March 1942, regulations under the War Measures Act prevented all citizens of Japanese heritage from remaining on Canada’s Pacific coast. Some 22,000 Japanese-Canadians were sent to detention camps, road camps or forced to work at sugar beet farms in the interior of British Columbia, Manitoba and Alberta for the duration of the war. All of their possessions, including their homes, their businesses and their personal assets, were seized and sold. Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada. 9 December 1941.                         


Just a reminder that this is actually a thing.


At just fifteen years old, Vancouver high school student Nicole Ticea developed an early-stage HIV test that’s as easy to use as an over-the-counter pregnancy test. Unlike current rapid response tests which rely on testing antibodies, Ticea utilized a technique known as isothermic nucleic acid amplification, making it possible to detect the virus as early as one week after infection. The disposable device does not rely on electricity, provides results in under one hour and should cost less than $5.00 to produce.

“Nicole’s work really made me realize what a big difference a fast easy-to-administer test for early stage HIV infection could make in prolonging, if not saving, thousands of lives in developing countries,” said Gursev Anmole, the graduate student mentor who assisted Nicole on her research at Simon Fraser University.

Ticea was recently awarded the 2015 Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award for her groundbreaking work. After starting her own company, she received a $100,000 grant to continue developing this technology in the hopes of bringing it to low-income communities in need.