Recently, Creation Entertainment sent an email to a Deaf fan saying that they will “no longer be offering complimentary interpreting services at Canadian shows.”

They already have a long history of denying access to deaf and hard-of-hearing fans at their conventions. Apparently because it’s technically not illegal they think it’s okay to screw fans over. People don’t seem to realize that when deaf people are denied interpreters and other accommodations, it feels like we might as well have been banned from the cons. 

It’s completely unrealistic to expect fans to not only have friends who are qualified to interpret but also be willing to spend an entire weekend working for free at a very difficult job that should only ever be done by 2 licensed, certified, experienced interpreters. 

It’s unfair that we’re denied access to the same things as everyone else, having to sit by and watch while everyone else has the time of their lives. It’s disheartening to be willfully and knowingly excluded by both the spaces where fandoms convene, and the media/shows that kill off the characters that represent us. It’s hurtful that we are only seen as an unwanted burden because we’re a hit to profits, while other fans are being treated with respect or even favoritism. 

Why won’t Creation make it a regular habit to budget for access needs? Why can’t cons think of accommodations as necessary as installing lights, amps, microphones, screens? Why don’t cons hire interpreters and then promote their events to deaf fans so that more people will be inclined to attend once they know it’s accessible?

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Here is our picture we got autographed by Colin. My son Benji was so worried when we got our photo and he saw his leg was hurt. He kept asking me “How did Hook hurt his leg? Is his leg gonna be ok? Since his leg is hurt I can help fight bad guys for him!” It was so adorable I told Colin about it when we got our autograph and he said Benji was so sweet. Then Colin told him how much he liked his pirate costume and they talked about how fun it is to dress up as a pirate. It was a great experience. We love Colin so much!


So I walked past Misha and told him to just chill out for a second while I pulled Jared aside to tell him the plan. I then see Misha over Jared’s shoulder yelling “YOU CHILL OUT” at me… Whispering into Jared’s ear when he’s 8 feet tall is super hard so I raised up and he leaned down and suddenly my face was dangerously close to his and I had to remember what I was there for so I said, “let’s crush Misha” and he starts directing me where to go and Misha’s like “I don’t like being conspired against!” I imagined I would hug Misha and Jared would get behind him, but Jared had other ideas and I was confused. I forgot how to face and what to do with my arms. And of course Chris made me retake it.   

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