A new character I made for my From Rebirth(previously Vampirus Ex;which tag I will still use to keep all the FR stuff together) series~! Specifically;the one with Tepes and Josh; Arise.

A  clone of Joshua the baddies made to try and circumvent Le Resistance’s own team of specialists. Only, when he got wind of their story of him being the righteous two of the Dracula bbies, he got upset and has since then been paving a path for the TRUTH~. Dunno how I would fit that into the main story,but I’ll figure out a way~.


Full-sized Gabry and A Gabry Ref to replace his text one on his RP blog~!

The city in the background of his ref is one of the pictures I took of Atlanta while we were moving~. ….There were more but most of them turned out white because I couldn’t figure out how to get to bright light settings on my camera. Blah,it sucks,man; Atlanta is way cool,even if I’d never wanna live there~. Big cities are pretty….but not to live there~.

(Side note; Josh was born at the very end of 2027(( December 21,to be exact)), so technically,he was two instead of three when Gabe was brutally mauled….. I am so nice to my characters~.)

Meh, for some reason; listening to Perzonal Wars made me wanna draw these two together. ….Though,somehow, Bby ended up bigger than Daddy…..which is ironic since he IS taller than Gabe to begin with~.

BUT YEH,APPARENTLY, Perzonal Wars’ Bloodlines album is the soundtrack to VX stuff~.


I forgot all of Josh’s aug lines. //so much sobbing

Moar band art parodies;this time of Gabe a la L'Ame Immortelle’s Namenlos cover ( )~.

 I am actually not the biggest Darkwave listener, in fact, L'Ame Immortelle is the only one on list of popular Darkwave bands I know (not counting,, LITERALLY shockingly, The Birthday Massacre; who seem to be classified as Darkwave despite every song I’ve heard from them, which is quite a few, leaning toward Industrial metal). I do rather like them though….even if this ended up being Funker Vogt related in a way~.


 I shall cease rambling,though~. But seriously; check L'Ame Immortelle out if your into electronic music…and Funker Vogt too,ahahaha~.


Some Gabry sketches to be used on his RP account which is just an excuse to draw lots of Gabry being cute as always~.


Because seriously, Tommy is adorkable and has THE FACE~.

(for those who can’t read his jacket;it says “O.W.A” a reference to a certain famous Square enix game, the quote on his mirror piece is a purposely misquotation of “Sweating Bullets” by Megadeth….and I want to ruffle pre-aug/vamp!Gabry’s hair~.)

Ladies and gentleman, out of curiousity and a desire to develop Gabry a little bit moar, I give you,the Gabry RP account~. Still a little in construction, but otherwise;operational~.

Ask him questions, bother him, drag him into adventure, generally just nag him anyway you can; all as you please,daarin’~. There is only one rule: Keep it SFW. Have ffunnn ruining his life ~!

-rolls off to finish constructing the account-


Well,since I KEEP MENTIONING IT,HERE,VX character concepts and some description AT LAST~! I apologize for my tardiness….and copypasta of my dA descript of this. xD :

“Whilst in the middle of the move , I was trying to write what started as DX: HR alternate universe tale with fantasy edges blended into the Cyberpunk one. Well,a few weeks back; with the help of too much Industrial music,listening to the Lord of the Rings and some Crime shows , I’ve decided to overhaul it entirely as Deus Ex INSPIRED story; split into two different stories. Here are the main characters as concepted; a team working under the guise of a majour multi-branch company’s HQ security team, but have actually been hired to solve problems caused by Mygck creatures and Augmented types who have gone off the deep end. Of course, it will evolve from a CSI: Grimm Edition to a more world saving plot as expected with the first story,the second being more of a DX-esque adventure, but for now, I won’t spoil too much~.
But yeh;the main characters of the first story; Vampirus Ex: Alive~. I’ll concept some of the enemies and other important characters(i.e,their boss, Saul BearMinx),but until then,meet:

Gabriel Leonidas Jotun: The focal point main character; an ex-human gone vamp. He was hired originally as an honest to goodness security member, but he stumbled in on a fray between the team and a rather nasty fight taking place within the company’s HQ itself. He was left broken with no choice but to augment him. However, what was not known was that Lady Dracula, who was on scene trying to stop the attack, had turned him. Thus, in the middle of getting use to the mechanical limbs, Gabry found himself changed once more. With Drac’s training and his team’s support(mostly support,anyway~), he’s found a place as the team’s "Tank” for lack of better terms; the enforcer always on scene of whatever has happened.
He’s a REALLY nice, slightly ditzy, but extremely moral and idealistic guy from Virginia, but he tends to store up his negative emotions and take them out on whatever he can swing at. And while as a human, that’s bad for you;as a vampire,it is even worse… He’s fond of action figures, comic books, and superhero cartoons~.

Joseph Vernon Mortensen: The guy under their boss who is the overseer of the team; he use to be the lone member, but as a man can only have so many abilities….especially as he gets older(being in his upper fifties now)…~
For the most part,he does office work and runs orders from the boss to the team(Saul never directly communicating with most people;out of paranoia or something else is unclear…), but if need be,he gets out and kicks tail as needed.
He’s a good Southern gentleman, born to Norwegian parents;was married once, but his wife died a decade or so back. Has a couple kids and several grand kids. He’s a fathering man who looks after his team with kindness; giving advice when needed or obliging to listen when necessary.
A big car and classic music geek….classics like Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga,  Metallica, and the like~.

Naomi Bradstreet Crenscor: The team’s mechanic and weapons mistress; she was originally hired as just a mechanic for the company vehicle’s, but after stumbling in on the operation; was given a position due to her being good with mechanical stuff and quite the little gun nut~.
She’s a peppy little thing from Michigan; always optimistic and teasing~. Gets along with even grumpy ol’ Simon-Peter~. She bakes in her free time, and looks up to Joseph as the father she never had due to hers leaving her Mother when she was little.

Simon-Peter Crane Immortelle: Speaking of Simon-Peter; meet the team’s medic and autopsy guy, Simon-Peter. A half-Fae from Ireland with a chip on his shoulder, but a loyalty to his team and job that goes beyond his cynical and argumentative nature. He’s the second oldest member of the team; his youthful looks of slow aging from his Fae parent belying his human age of 49. He’s a little sensitive about his age~.
He’s kind of a geek in reality; enjoying watching sci-fi,crime shows…and romantic comedies in his free time~.

Dracula V: The mysterious,newest addition to the team; Dracula V. The Queen of Vampires and the one that turned Gabry; she looks after Gabry and his team due to the latest happenings entwining with her and her people’s problems. She joins Gabry on the front line; offering the help of Mygck and a head full of knowledge and wisdom from her life;which is longer than her stunted body would let on….
Drac is a quiet,friendly vampire; prehaps even a little shy, but carries herself with the confidence of her class of vampire and strength of species; never shirking from fearful situations. She can be a little sad and introspective at moments, but is quick to brush it away with a laugh,smile or teasing of her friends.
She seems to enjoy multiple medias;especially video games….ESPECIALLY dating simulation/otome/visual novel games~.

Saul Bear-Minx: The mysterious boss and owner of BearMinx Corp.; as well as the guy pulling strings behind the scenes in many cases of Mygck-Human relations politics, Saul is NOT the kind of man you want to get on the wrong side of. An ex-Overlord whose turn to….semi-goodness is unclear; he’s a strong work ethnic and a desire to bring an end to the war between Mygck and those against it. By any means necessary. While this may not always be a good thing; it has lead to the hiring of the team responsible for keeping things from getting too bad in Atlanta. Underneath the benevolence and even philanthropy,though,he’s still what he once was….and it’s only a matter of time  before he loses patience with “petty pigheadedness” and take things to the extreme.

 Not much is known about Saul; only that he tends to look after his employees very well and invest in many projects for betterment,especially augmentation.“

That’s it on that for now,still in the works, this is~. I’ll get there sooner or later,though.c:

“Though the world may break you,remake you,try to mold you in a shape ALIVE on the OTHER SIDE OF DEATH; Never let it break you, for there is Amo Praeter Morte;Love Beyond Death that will always lift you up in in its Hands.”

~~Gabriel Jotun

I just wanted to draw Gabry. More on him and Alive(On the Other Side of Death) later.:D

  Also,I apologize if my Latin is terrible; I just looked up the words to form some sort of sensible sentence and hope it’s right~. I don’t have a Luca Turilli to consult like Kamelot does~!xD