Gravity Falls book! fianlly done!

forgive me for the terrible quality and lack of accuracy in most of the pages ú___u

I’m takin gthis to the Chile Comic-Con dressed as Mabel with my firend as Dipper :D

EDIT: I just noticed there are some pages I havent done (example: Truth Telling Teeth)… I’m such a retard „, OTL
So I might update this someday soon if i manage to do more pages


Another Edit!
Thanks SOOO much to everyone who has faved/loved/reblogged this! I hope you all have a wonderful day and srsly thanks so much guys! I will try to update this soon with more pages, but with stuff going on here and about to start college I’m a little confused doing random shit or too many paperwork or whatever this whole mess is.. BUT I DOS WEAR I will add more pages because I seriously loved drawing these!

So yeah! Thanks so much x3 <3