Some Other Way (To Tell You You’re Okay), by @irresistible-revolution [b&w version]

“I’m pregnant you asshole!”

If Bonnie had told him she was a leprechaun he couldn’t have looked more dumbstruck.

“There, there’s your truth. I’m pregnant, I’m eighteen years old, I have no money to my name, my friends are-,” her voice cracks and magic slips from beneath her fingers. The wind rises to a strong gust, whipping through her hair.

“Bonnie-,” he warns, glancing down at the water.

She yanks her arm away with a viciousness that surprises them both. The river is roaring, bubbling like a cauldron. “ - and I’m stuck with you, of all people. God. What a sick joke. Have you ever cared about anything but yourself in your whole miserable life you selfish jerk -”

She never hears his reply.

The bridge gives out under their feet, and the river opens her boiling arms to receive them.

24 - Kai Parker

[“You’re protecting me. Why?” With Kai please! Thank you 💕]


“You don’t have to do this.” I plead with Kai, struggling against the rope. “They’re going to find me and they might-”

“Shh.” He says, putting his finger to my lips. I fight my blush and he smiles. “Thank you, god your voice is so annoying.” I glare and he pats my head. “Cutie.”

Shaking my head, Kai laughs and stands up. “Kai, let me go.”

“Kai, let me go.” He mimics. “Listen Y/N, you’re just the bait. But if you want I can kill you and end the suffering for my ears.”

My mouth shuts and Kai nods. “Good choice.” He says, he sits down opposite me with a smile. “You’re just like a Salvatore.”

I roll my eyes, Damon and Stefan are my great something uncles. I just see them as older brothers.

“You know, I had a quite a big family growing up.” Kai tells me, resting his head on his hands. “Family isn’t a bad thing when you actually like them.”

My eyebrows fuse together. “You didn’t like your family?”

Kai shakes his head. “No, I mean some of them were alright but I hated majority of them.”

“So that’s why you killed them?”

He chuckles. “No, Y/N.” He pinches my cheek slightly. “You’re so innocent. You don’t the Kai Parker tale.”


“Well basically my family called an abomination during my childhood and well…that hurt my feelings.”

“So that’s why you killed them?”

Kai shakes his head. “No but we’re getting close.” He says. “Well in my coven we had a sort of rule thing, twins had to merge at the eighteen. The weaker dies but the stronger wins and takes their magic. And we’ll I wanted to merge with my sis Jo but my family saw that as a big no no.”


“I swear to god, interrupt me again and I’ll cut out your tongue.” Kai says, sounding irritated. I stick out my tongue and he raises a brow. “So then blah, blah, I killed them, blah, blah, I ended up in a prison world for a few years.”

“So they put a psycho in an empty world for years?”

“Hey sociopath.” He corrects. “But yes they did.”

“Why? That’s would drive you into even more madness. No one you’re like this.”

“Ouch.” He put his hand over where his heart should be, the heartless psycho.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I wanted you know.” He shrugs, patting my cheek. “I like you Y/N.”

“Is that a good thing?” I ask, confused. Kai laughs, standing up and brushing his clothes clean. “Are you letting me go?”

“Nope. And if my calculations are correct even though I was horrible at maths, your friends should be here in three….two…one now.”

At cue footsteps appear and Kai laughs. “I guess I’m not so bad.”

I roll my eyes. “Can I go now?”

“No, this is the fun part.”

“What’s happening?”

“Well if this goes wrong then I’ll kill you.” I tense and Kai smirks, crouching down in front of me. He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. “But if this goes right then we can all go back to our normal lives.”

“Step away from her Kai.” I hear Stefan say. “She’s has nothing to do with this.”

“I know.” Kai says, standing up and bringing me with him. I struggle and he chuckles. “Y/N, remember who has the knife now.”

I stay still and he smiles. “Well done.” He says, grinning.

“You’re insane.” I spit, Kai laughs. “I see why you’re family did the things they did.”

His laughter goes and I gasp, feeling a plunge in my stomach. “Y/N!” My friends yell, my eyes lower and I see the blood pooling around my wound.

Kai smirks, removing the knife and I gasp, my hand over it. “Y/N, I think this has been enough for one night.” He kisses my cheek and then goes, letting me fall but someone catches me.

Before I can even recognise who it is, my mind switches off.


“What ever happened to Kai?” I ask Elena, while I apply my mascara.

“You know how we all went to the prison world to get Damon and Stefan’s mother, Lily?” She asks, I nod. “Well Bonnie stabbed and left him behind.”

My eyebrows raise. “You just abandoned him?”

“He did that to Bonnie.”

I know she has a point. “But he leaving someone who is mentally ill alone again, isn’t going to help.”

“Y/N, who cares? He’s gone.” Elena shrugs, brushing her hair. I nod. “I thought you’d be happier, he did kidnap and stab you.”

“I know.” I say, my hand over where my scar is. “But I still think you could have done something else, he did change.”

“Y/N, don’t pity him. Kai was a psycho who deserved everything he got.” She says, before leaving the room.

It’s Jo and Ric’s wedding today and we are getting ready, I don’t know Jo very well but I know Ric and I’m glad to see him so happy.

“Sociopath.” I mumble, while applying my lip gloss. “He’s a sociopath.”


Groaning, I open my eyes and look around. “Y/N!” I hear Damon call, I lift my head up.

“Damon!” I yell but it muffles, my eyebrows fuse together and I realise my mouth is taped shut and I’m tied to a wall.

Struggling, I attempt to slide my hands from the rope but it only hurts. “Y/N.” I tense, hearing footsteps behind me. “Glad you’re awake.”

Kai steps in front of me, crouching down, he’s dressed in a suit. I turn away as he reaches to touch my cheek. He grins. “Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you.”

I can’t speak so I don’t bother it look at him, with pleading eyes. “You see, I kind of enjoy our chats and I’d hate to accidentally kill you. So I brought you here to keep you safe.”

I give him a confused look. Why would Kai want to protect me? Kai tilts his head, pulling off the tape and I whine.

Moving my mouth, I speak after a while. “You’re protecting me. Why?”

Kai shrugs. “I guess it’s something from that merge.” He says. “Anyway, you need to stay here for a while.”

“Why? What’s going on, Kai?” I ask, he smiles and stands up. “Kai, what are you planning?”

“Nothing, Y/N.” He replies. “I’ll see you in a while.”

“Kai!” I yell, struggling. “Kai!”

He laughs. “Shh…..” He says in my ear, injecting something into my neck and everything goes black.


[End of imagine, part two hopefully up soon]

Alaric yelling at Caroline about how all vampires are dangerous and that trouble follows them and so has to take his children away from them all, including her, makes zero sense considering that it actually has pretty much nothing to do with vampires because the twins were targeted because they’re psychic witches.

Also considering he’d have no kids if it wasn’t for Caroline he can just royally STFU.


Something that stood out to me during my recent TVD re-watch was the difference between Stefan and Damon’s rooms. They are both equally dark but vastly different.

Stefan’s room (left) is filled with books and journals and old pictures and trinkets he’s collected over time and now clutter his room. This is representative of Stefan’s knack for holding onto things–pain and guilt mostly but also all the emotions he seems to constantly be dealing with. He also deeply cares for others which correlates with the memories he seems to preserve in his room. It seems he holds onto a lot of things from all the time periods throughout his life and keeps not only his memories (no matter how painful) but also the physical reminders of where he’s been (like a picture of Katherine and those journals from his worst times). His furniture is also simple and understated which I think is a testament to his lack of self-centeredness.

Meanwhile Damon’s room (right) looks rather bare and empty. There are a few books carelessly left stacked on the floor and other than the large and elaborate bed in the center of the room, there is little from his past anywhere to be seen. Maybe this has to do with the fact that Damon cares about few things and very few people in his life. Damon’s room also has a mirror in it while Stefan’s did not–which could correlate to how Damon is usually more accepting of who he is (especially as a vampire) while Stefan is constantly struggling to remain in control and content with who he is and what he does. Stefan also seems to hold on to his human past more than Damon which is reflected in the tokens of their past that cover Stefan’s room but are missing from Damon’s.

Both rooms also have a door/balcony? with light flooding in which is surprising for vampires (even ones with daylight rings). This could represent the hope they both have of remaining in touch with the light aka their humanity. You can’t really tell from the picture, but Stefan has a few more windows than Damon. He has the ability to let more light in than Damon does. But as much as Damon doesn’t wanna admit it, he still holds on to hope for himself which usually comes out through his love and loyalty to his brother Stefan.