La valse d'Emmanuel et Manuel (et de Prisu.)

Emmanuel Valls

Et Manuel Valls

Emmanuel valse

Et Manuel valse

Eh Manu ! Elle valse

Et ma nue, elle valse

Em, à nu, elle valse

Emma, nue, elle valse

Random recommendation: ClassicaLoid

I don’t know anyone who has never ever heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, or Ludwig Van Beethoven, or Fréderic Chopin. These composers are some of the most important of their period, and have been a huge inspiration to musicians all over the world throughout the years. Songs like Moonlight Sonata, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Grande Valse Brillante, Cello Suite and The Nutcracker are known as some kind of basic knowledge about music, and there’s a lot of respect to this musicians trajectory and lifestory.

But could you imagine Mozart with long pink hair, Beethoven using pants broken in the knee and a leather jacket, or Chopin being a hikkikomori who loves virtual idols?

Well, I you can’t, you can find them all on ClassicaLoid!

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From left to right, you will find: Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Fréderic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Franz Schubert, Piotr Tchaikovsky, Tekla Badarzewska and Johann Sebastian Bach.

This anime is an original story directed by Fujita Yoichi (who also directs Gintama and Osomatsu San) and aired on NHK E from October 8, 2016 to April 1, 2017. It consists of 25 episodes, and a second season has been announced to be aired on October, 2017.

Otowa Kanae, a high schooles, takes care of her grandma’s mansion, the Otowa Kan, and his father recommends two strangers to live with her. These strangers are Beethoven (Beethes) and Mozart (Moz). Sousuke, her childhood friend, also takes important part on the story.

Little by little, the rest of the musicians start to show themselves and their musical magic powers, known as “Musik”, which is some kind of trance while their music sound, being able to modify reality.

This anime is just as strange as it sounds: there’s no coherence, though there IS real information about musicians and their previous lives. Why “previous lives”? Because they are born as some kind of reencarnation of these classic composers. Some of them are not born in their original biological sex, but are totally conscious that they were man before, not women.

I reccomend this anime just for the sake of mental insanity it made me have when i watched it. It was the kind of anime one may call “laugther assured”, as it really becomes strange from time to time. But I liked this anime a LOT, since it mixes comedy, remasterized classical music and a veautiful design of characters. The kind of humour used may not be liked by a lot of people (i’ve made a lot of my friends to watch it but some of them haven’t liked this as much as i do), but i think it’s worth to give it a try. But please: if you decide to do it, do not watch the first three episodes only. Watch at least 5, so all the characters can present themselves.

“Musik ist liebe, liebe ist musik!”

-Alison Sandoval.

-Must watch


Evgeny Grinko - Valse

Huzur veren şeyler eskimiyor asla…


Sooo… I tried to paint what i felt listening to some of the FFXV soundtracks. 
These songs gave me so many strong feelings I had to try this out.
It’s the first time i tried to paint with the tablet, too, so it took a lot to get into the feeling of the colors and such. It was really fun to do tho! And I did not cry when listening to Stand By Me over and over i swear

Apocalypsis Noctis - Shield of The King - Noctis - Valse di Fantastica - Wanderlust - Stand By Me

Ey Kuleli, şu camiden yükselen sesi duyuyor musun ? 

Selanik'ten haber var mı, bir umut bekliyor musun ?

İşte meydanda sarıklar, hani nerde, hareketsiz mi kaldı hareket ordusu ? 

Parlak avizelerde salonlarda valse kalkmak yok mu bugün ?

Fatih medreselerinin duvarlarına yaslanıp intikam diye bağıran şu gençleri tanıyor musun ?

 İntikam bugün kaç yaşına bastı biliyor musun ?

naif kelmendi