Can we just..

Can we just talk about Teen Fucking Titans

This show was amazing, like Teen Titans Go can not live up to the amount of messages and things that Teen Titans taught. Like that shit got super dark and deep at one point. 

A few examples

1) The episode that talked about racism

There was an actual episode of Teen Titans that talked about racism and the person being racist was not the usual bad guy/weird looking dude. No the guy being racist was a actual hero. It’s amazing how much this episode taught. It talked about how even the greatest heroes in the world can be the world’s biggest asshole.

What happened was a man named Val Yor, an amazing hero, met the teen titans. Now Starfire is a Tamaranian. When Val Yor learns that, he calls her a ‘Troq’, which is basically a word that insults all Tamaranian’s. Despite Starfire being the cutest thing ever, Val Yor refused to accept her, because she was a Tamaranian.

If that wasn’t even enough, then came the ending. 

Now at one point in the episode Starfire saves Val Yor’s ass from dying. She did what ever she could to help. But at the end, Val Yor still called her a Troq. It’s amazing that even though Starfire saved Val Yor, he still insulted her culture or her ‘people’. At the end, when Val Yor leaves in his space ship straight after insulting Tamaranian’s. Starfire says “There is nothing you have done, there will always be people who say mean words because you are different” and if that doesn’t convince you that Starfire is amazing then I don’t know what will.

2) Feeling Replaced

In one episode, Blackfire (Starfire’s sister), comes to visit her. Starfire is extremely happy and all. Until, her friends start liking Blackfire a little bit more than she wants them to. She bonds with each and everyone of them (even Raven) and even got a little too close to Robin. Starfire felt diminished and a little hurt that they would ignore her for Blackfire. But Starfire didn’t feel truly replaced until the Teen Titans asked for Blackfire to join the Teen Titans. Starfire then attempts to run away, feeling like Blackfire would be better than her.

At the end of the episode, Robin confronts Starfire after Blackfire goes to jail. Starfire explains about how everyone seemed to be really enjoying Blackfire and was glad that the truth was figured out before she was replaced. In response to that, Robin denies it. He explains to her that Starfire was a one of a kind girl and that she would never be replaced. 

I think this episode explains a lot about feelings of abandoment and that simple things telling someone how they never will be replaced will help them. 

3) Fears

Now we all know Raven is a bit hard headed and doesn’t like showing emotions. Now in this episode, the Teen Titans decide to have a movie night. This movie turns out to be a horror movie. After the movie is over all of the Teen Titans show their emotions of being extremely being scared of the movie except for Raven who denies being scared. Later that night, all the Teen Titans are awoken be a sound. The episode continues as the Teen Titans try to find out who is making the sounds, and as they progress one by one, all the teen titans mysteriously start disappearing. All, except Raven. When only Raven is left, a monster attacks her. Raven chants that she is not scared of the monster. But eventually realization dawned on her that she was scared and that was how she defeated the monster. Turns out, the monster was something Raven made with her magic unwillingly because of her fear. 

This episode is definitely one of the horror episodes. If it was a real life horror movie, I would have freaked. But anyways, this episode explains so much. It talks about how you shouldn’t be afraid to face you fears and use it to your advantage. So what if you’re scared? That’s completely normal. It talks about taking that fear and not letting it stop you from doing what you want.

4) Puberty

Yes people, Teen Fucking Titans talked about puberty. When I rewatched this episode as a teen, I realized that there was an actual episode that talked about dealing with puberty

Now in this episode, Starfire starts growing weird things around her body. First a large bump forms on her head, then she soon gets scales and her fingernails become long and black and white. If that wasn’t bad enough her feet turn large and start growing hair. Starfire feels extremely self conscious of her self and cover her self up entirely in order to hide her self from her friends because of fear of being laughed at. It all goes to doom when Teen Titans get an alarm for a monster. The entire get up comes off and everyone sees how Starfire looks. Starfire, in a state of panic, fly’s in to space and decides to live at a another planet because she couldn’t face her friends. Problem was each and every planet she went to they would kick her off because they thought she was too scary. 

When Starfire lands on one planet, she meets a woman, who explains to her that it’s normal for a Tamaranian to get like this after a certain stage and that each and every Tamaranian goes through a different process. But this woman turns out to be a Tamaranian eater and tries to eat her when the rest of the Teen Titans save her. Starfire does eventually turn back to normal and even gains a new power. The Teen Titans tell her that they would never judge Starfire on the way she looks.

Now this episode explains a lot. This was probably one of my favorite episodes especially because of the fact it talks about how hard it is going through puberty, Not only that but it explains about how everyone goes through it differently and that it’s not your fault. It also tells you that, it may be one hell of a ride and that it’s gonna be tough, but when it’s over good things will come out of it. 

5) The First Time They Met

Now I couldn’t get the proper picture I was looking for, but its with Cyborg and Raven. Now this is a iconic moment from the entire and it all started out with the first time all of them met. Now we all know Raven is the daughter of a devil who wants to take over the world, so when she does help the Teen Titans, she doesn’t feel welcome in the group. She feels as though she was different because her main purpose was to destroy the Earth not save it. So when Cyborg learn about this, the famous quote he says is “He’s green, half of me is metal and she’s from outer space, you fit in just fine”. I don’t really need to say much because the quote explains it all. 

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Okay then, maybe the turtleneck comment was meant for that fan Val got caught dm'ing on twitter the other day.

I dont understand why you come to me and try to convince me to believe in something. Just to be clear I never said his tweet was to Zendaya or about her. My edit was there to show that even when he makes random post it can be essily conected with Z and its just funny that now he shows admiration for it while its obvious Z likes that type of clothing as well. Everyone can take from it what they want. I ship Valdaya not Val with a fan so its obvious i am suspicious towards them. That’s it.

Ps I dont even know what that thing with Val and fan is, didnt see anything didnt hear anything.
Seven Things: Val Nunh

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One Insecurity

  • Not being good enough

Two Fears

  • Losing Faye
  • His tribe finding him

Three Turn-Ons

  • Strength
  • Loyalty
  • Perseverance

Four Life Goals

  • Marry Faye
  • Convince Faye to have an orgy with only women (she doesn’t know ssshh)
  • Live freely
  • Have strong, healthy children to carry on his legacy

Five Things That Make Him Happy

  • Sex
  • Fighting
  • Freedom to do whatever he wants
  • Special attention from Faye
  • Antagonizing others

Six Weaknesses

  • Short temper
  • Will sacrifice most people for himself/others he cares for
  • Not incredibly intelligent
  • Egotistical, sometimes too confident
  • Not trusting of most others
  • Mischievous

Seven People/Things He Loves

  • Faye Covington (@fair-fae)
  • Shadiyah Amari (@shade-inspiration)
  • Berrod Armstrong (@berrodtherapscallion)
  • His mother
  • His lance
  • Wine
  • Steaks

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Amazing how you Valdaya shippers think every little thing Val and Z have in common on sm is "sus". 🙄🙄🙄

amazing how you care so much to tell me this 😕😕 worry bout yourself and your ship 😉

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eva x val

  • Who is more affectionate?     While Eva can be affectionate, it’s always Val who is constantly touching Eva in some way or another. Hands, hair, legs, anything hse can rest again or hold.

  • Who angers the easiest?     Perhaps Eva, because she’s a fierce Italian woman gunna kick your ass.

  • Who is the one too drunk to drive home?     Neither. They don’t usually get that drunk, & they hardly ever use Eva’s motorcycle. So, horseback isn’t too hard for them while drunk. Usually.

  • Who’s the the one bandaging the other after a fight?      Since Eva can heal all hella, Valentine is the one needing bandaging up.

  • Who is the one to pull the other to try new things? Like the weird restaurant down the street or skydiving.     A bit of both, but mostly Eva. She wants to show Val new things, while Val is the one to have Eva go hiking somewhere cool with her.

  • Who is the driving/riding shotgun?     If on the motorcycle, Val is definitely ‘shotgun’.

  • Who has the weirder taste in music?     Probably Val – again with not having much knowledge on different music styles.

  • Who tears up during Titanic movies?     Hands down Valentine.

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♀ :A trope you catch yourself falling back too often?

I tend to make a lot of assholes. …And a lot of characters with names that start with “V.” Val, Vincent, Vallois. I also feel a lot of my characters can be a bit too same-y. I enjoy Melfice because he is vastly different from most of my characters, but Val and Vincent are pretty close. They’re both dicks, though their major difference is that Vincent is too lazy most of the time to do the things that Val gets in trouble for.