Daredevil | Matt Murdock vs Daredevil → wardrobe comparison [requested by bourbonandbiscuits]

A BETTER THING TO KILL // a Val Velocity fanmix by drphizzlesspoisonred

Do I Wanna Know? Arctic Monkeys / Shots Imagine Dragons / Jesus Of Suburbia Green Day / M.utually A.ssured D.estruction Julian Casablancas+The Voidz / Cinderella Man Eminem / Na Na Na [Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na] My Chemical Romance / This Is War Thirty Seconds To Mars / Zero Zero Gerard Way / My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) Fall Out Boy

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i picked up my package todaay~ i was worried it was gonna go to the wrong place since the tracking had a different state listed?? but all was well and tada~ it includes a present for hellokltty !! grell’s gonna come home sooooon just gimme a little bit to get the rest of the package readyyy ;w;


Character based off of some of the “slenderman” creepypasta things.

Named him Cipher. He’s actually rather innocent, and cute. His boyfriend, however, loves to draw some really NSFW things, occasonally including him and his smaller boyfriend. Buuut…Cipher doesn’t know this. .w.; We;’re waiting to see what happens when he finds out.

The Highschool Art Teacher. He’s an albino platypus, dating a beaver. They themselves are very NSFW.

Alex the Fiddler Crab.

Not much on them.

Apocalypse, or Apo notappa for short,he teaches a history class at a highschool. He’s angel who fough in many wars of Heaven VS. Hell, and decided neither side was right, when he was caught by a grenade, taking off his left side, really.

He now just teaches about the wars, not participating in them at all.

Gator anthro boy that lives int he sewers most of the time.

And a re-draw of my old OC Paranoia.

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the tea of this whole situation is that the valdaya tweet was not even recent at all when she responded. there's no way it was on her timeline plus a low chance it was anywhere high in her own name's tag. that just proves she went out of her way to search valdaya. then she didn't even need to tag val. val has said things in reference of z on twitter or ig without tagging her. yet she felt obligated to bring him into this specifically. makes you think. 👀 ☕️

It’s all very sus 🐸☕️

I got tagged by the awesome quebecolicityfan in the 6 facts challenge.  So here are six facts about me.

6 Facts

1.  I went to School for 3d Animation

2. I will be really devastated if I don’t go to Dragon-con considering I live in Atlanta

3. I was born on leap year on Feb 29th

4. My tumblr name came from a college group of friends I still currently have that we call the Anamilia Summit. My best friend who name is the Frog lord (whose female btw) named me Commander Monkey.

5. My real name is Jasmine, which i don’t think I’ve ever put on tumblr before.

6. This blog was originally a multi fandom Doctor Who Slash Sherlock Slash Legends of Korra Slash Kpop blog that I barely ever used. Before Arrow took over my life in October of last year. 

Honorable Mention

I still sort of follow those old Multi-fandom blogs so randomly i get surprised when i see a non EBR or Arrow post and be like “who dat???….. OOOOO I do have other interests” *Keeps scrolling* 

Now i must tag other beautiful people like the one who tagged me. I’m trying to get better at interacting with beautiful tumblr people even though I feel way to shy at times and I’m on tumblr mobile mostly with my job. 

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For My Anon

Thing is Val general follower dont know what happened behind those tweets. Only us [V/Zers] and other true Val fans who also follow Z would know indeed his tweets coninsided with hers. Those other shippers be in denial and act like they dont but if folks see it or not Z not bringing no rif raf into her life. Val impacted her just as much as she did him. Beside her support of T the only man she is connected to is Val. She call T bff & Val Fam. Fam is an intimate constant connection always.

If they don’t see it, that’s their problem. The important thing is that we have noticed certain trends and are aware that they exist. I don’t really care if other people are aware of it or not; as long as they stay in their lane, they can ship whatever they want to.

Your last point is extremely accurate. I especially liked the part about “fam [being] an intimate constant connection always.” 

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No ;D
nickname: Aysun
birthday: Jan 16
star sign: Capricorn
gender: Female
height: 5′4″
sexual orientation: Bisexual
favorite color: Purple
time right now: 1:30am
average amount of sleep: Lately I’ve been managing 7-8 hours, and it feels great.
lucky number: 3
last thing i googled: Metrorrhagia - medical stuff. You asked!
happy place: A small river in Estes Park, Colorado is my mental happy place. My physical one that I can actually visit in person is my apartment. 
celebrity crush: I have an old man crush on Robert Downey Jr. No, he’s not that old, but he’s too old for me. But he’s so.. Something. Ladies? Natalie Dormer, like everyone else. XD
favorite book: Ehhh. I don’t read for pleasure nearly enough anymore.
favorite band/artist: Changes frequently based on what’s playing on the radio. Lovin’ me some Imagine Dragons if nothing else at the moment.
last film i watched: Jurassic World (theater)
dream trip: I want to go somewhere tropical where the ocean is super clear and blue
dream job: My current one (Medical laboratory scientist in Microbiology at an independent reference laboratory) with ability to be a little lazy more often during downtime. Usually I have to find work-things to do to keep occupied instead of just relaxing for a little bit. I know work is for work.. but I totally get jealous when people are hanging out on tumblr and such at work! xD

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