@businessboyjared suggested I draw kid Dinesh and Jared riding bikes or climbing trees- “i feel like they werent very good at either but their moms got sick of them being in the house all summer” Much like these kiddos who can’t ride bikes or climb trees, I can’t draw bikes or trees. So this is the two of them taking a well-needed break from physical activity. 

Track: Peter Pants - Lovely Kids

By Sonam Parikh 

Peter Pants describes themselves as “just a bunch of Valley kids making music.”  I would describe Peter Pants as a group of kids intent on music meant to send you into a state of catatonic pleasure. It was hard to pick between so many of the tracks on the album (“Bubblegum” and “Nilbog” especially) but in the end, the gut-wrenching guitar tone that emerged following some sheer punk fury at 1:24 could not be denied. Do your ears a favor and listen to the rest of the album, Handsome Women, on Bandcamp now. 


Apparently Raven has a thing for Artyom.

All the women have a thing for Artyom.  xD

Just as I was gonna send them back in for food….

We’re never gonna have lunch.  xD  It’s lunch at this damn point.

Soon it will be dinner.


I’m sure the rabbithole will have closed by the time they catch a break.

Very sad.

Andrei: Fire up the jet, stupid!

Andrei: This time you need room for two!

Brigitte: …. doesn’t that jet have a strip mall?  The hell you need with room for ANOTHER sim?

Andrei (ignoring her, to his phone): My son is coming with me!  Yes, that one!

Andrei (sternly): But listen to me very… very carefully.

Andrei: If anyone comes at me with warm milk or lavender candles or froufrou calmative shit like he’s into for some reason….

Andrei: I will literally kill them.

Andrei: Why are you asking what I want?  You know what I want!  By now… jeez.

Andrei (proudly): Reupholster the bouncy balls in the bouncy ball pit!  THE FINEST CLUBBED BABY SEAL FUR.  Extra shiny platinum.  I need to see my nuts when I bounce.  It’s a thing.

Andrei (sighing heavily): … we went over this.  How would YOU spend time in a bouncy ball pit that’s all yours if not naked?  Seriously.

Andrei (exasperated): What does he want?  …. ugh.

Andrei (curling his lip): …….

Andrei (wincing): A pitcher of warm milk.  Organic lavender candles.  A quiet room.

Artyom: With my tablet to read.

Andrei (beyond done, to Artyom): …. yeah, why don’t you fucking read about those instruments like I said to do instead of being a goddamn pill?


Artyom beat Peter to his own house and Peter had the head start.  xD

Hot on their heels is Andrei.  …. I really should either nerf motorcycle speed or increase the speed of Andrei’s car.  That’s just embarrassing.

Oh no.

Don’t ask Peter to go inside.

Why not ask Danelle?  Isabella?  Fuck, ANYONE but Peter to get in.  xD

I decided to go with Western tack while artifact hunting. It made me feel a little like Indiana Jones (or should I say Hawaii Jones?). Hours of searching for rocks made me much more familiar with the marshes, so no more getting lost there, cool.

A selection of TFNation shenanigans

- Paul Eiding saying ‘I’m an acting Whore!’

- Quote portion of a quiz… with one of the answers being Knock Out admiring Starscream’s finish in TFP.

- Richard Newman and I kept on running into each other… I am not even kidding, we kept on walking past each other throughout the weekend!

- Voice acting session where we had to re-enact a scene - our group did Peridot!Xaaron (me), bored as hell Prowl, Valley Girl Bumblebee, little kid Hot Rod, Aussie Optimus, and Ultra Magnus as Christopher Walken.

- 86 movie MST3K’ing… that was amazing.

- Unicron was going to be Ingestor? or Masticator?

- JRo’s response to me saying bad things about Getaway - ‘Good!’

- Confusing myself and Hayato Sakamoto, but I got his autograph and a cool sketch. :)

- Meeting @horns-and-heels and @facelessgunformer !


- Jim Sorenson cosplaying as Billy

- ‘Cy-brexit?’

- ‘I can’t believe you fell for the accents! Guido’s not from Italy, he’s from Birmingham!

- Nickel on Rollerskates!

- Getting ‘electrocuted’ by Kaon. :P

- Harley Quinn on stilts!

- As silence fell as Nick Roche spoke about Sins of the Wreckers, a single sentence filled the room… ‘YOU FUCKER!

- Drift got his limbs pulled off, courtesy of Alex Milne.

- One guy forgot to bring a fan. His solution? Use the rotors on a DRONE instead!


Jeez I hope whoever answers the door is on good terms with Andrei.

…. I guess Brigitte is okay with him.

I really wouldn’t have thought that.  xD

Danelle gives Artyom a wave.

Isabella gives Andrei a wave.

… I’d ask if you guys want to switch those two in the work lineup but it would probably end in actual bloodshed, soooo no.  xD

The hell are you bitching about


And whatever that ends up entailing.  e___e