Valerie Stahl

Almost Human Fan Con Panel: Detective John Kennex

Panel by nyteblaydette​,gifs and images under Fair Use.

I’ve taken the opportunity of this panel to do three things:  

  1. imagine John’s backstory and relate it to my understanding of the character we know in the series.

  2. Clarify his relationship with his colleagues, how they’ve changed and might continue to change

  3. Extend this into how he may continue to heal and grow in 2049, in the face of both ongoing and new challenges.  

Remember, this is my fan theory, mixed with canon information, but please add to the discussion with your own ideas.  There will also be a John-centric live chat today (Friday, Feb 27th) at 4PM Eastern, followed by an in-character Google Hangout Q&A with my Fem!Kennex - I hope you can join in!

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Almost Human Fan Con Panel: Rudy Lom

Greetings and welcome to the second Almost Human FanCon! Please take a seat and prepare yourself to be amazed.

About the show

By 2048, Science and Technology evolve at an uncontrollable pace. Unknown drugs and weapons flood our streets and Schools. The contraband is controlled and Distributed by violent, faceless, criminal organizations. And the Crime Rate rises an astounding 400%. Outnumbered and Overwhelmed, Law Enforcement implements a new strategy. Every Police Officer is partnered with an advanced, combat-model android.

The show focus on the work of the Delta Precinct, lead by Captain Sandra Maldonado (x); with Detectives John Kennex (x), Valerie Stahl (x) and Richard Paul (x) as leading investigators, each joined by a mandatory MX android, except for Detective Kennex, who rides with a DRN identified as Dorian (x). The technical support for the team (and for most of the force) is provided by Dr. Rudy Lom (x)

This panel consists of our ( judasthepirate​’s and @lineadecuatro’s) headcanons for Rudy Lom’s personal life as we see and perceive it through the fandom narrative. It expands upon canon because there’s not enough about Rudy, but it’s compliant with the things we do learn about him during season one. Please notice that this panel focuses heavily on the ‘what ifs’ and what we think the character could have gone through.

In short, this is a fanmade time-line.

Rudy Lom

Technician, Grade A2 (S.D.D.)

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