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A Look Into The Past - Chelsea and Val

[ A drabble that takes place before Chelsea and Val robbed the bank together, explaining how Val got involved in it. This is the last meeting between the two of them before Val’s death, which I didn’t write happening, so don’t worry. This is pretty much a look into their relationship for anyone who might be curious about it. ]

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“It’s the small things that show your kindness. A smile, a helping hand or a pep talk. The world can feel like a dark place sometimes and kindness will make everything seem a little bit brighter. Start incorporating  kindness into your everyday life, try to give your loved ones a compliment each day, just because they deserve it and it makes you feel good. Help an elder cross the street and carry your mother’s heavy grocery bags. Fill your heart with kindness and spread it like confetti!” – Valerie Bogerd // Photography by Juliette Bélanger

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Dealing With High School/College/Uni

 Words by Valerie // Photography by Juliette

For most of us this place equals horror. Lets face it, it’s probably the place we spend most of our time. So why not make the best of it! I have compiled some tips that could help you survive this phase of your life. These are mostly my own experiences. According to your parents/grand parents this is the best time of your life, so don’t forget to enjoy it!

Deadline Stress

“Plan ahead, do not leave things till last minute!” It has been said so many times, yet we always seem to forget it somehow. Although, we all hate to admit it, it really does work. It’s impossible to write an excellent essay an hour before the deadline and it causes a lot of stress. Same goes for studying. Staying awake till 3 o’clock trying to memorize vocabulary is not going to get you anywhere. Plan ahead, try to keep a strict schedule and make to do lists. Ticking off a task is the best feeling and it keeps you motivated. This is also a great excuse to buy a cute notebook or diary.


The reason why I put friends in between quotation marks is the because I want to stress that you don’t have to be “popular” in order to have friends nor do you have to hang out with people who treat you bad or make you feel less about yourself. During your time in school you meet a lot of new people, some of those people stay in your life and some of them go. That’s completely fine and normal. But, please, please, don’t be friends with people you actually don’t want to be friends with. Find people with the same interests as you and build a friendship. After all, a few good friends who you can trust, are so much more valuable than lots of “friends” you barely know. 

The Future

Whether you’re in high school, college or university sooner or later you’ll have to make decisions. These decisions can be life changing. Choosing what you want to study in college or uni can be hard, especially if you have no idea what you want to do later on in your life. I have been through it and it’s a long road of trying new things and letting go of images you always had. My advice would be to choose with your heart. Do you like beauty? Become a makeup artist. Has photography always been your thing? Go study it! Do it as long as it makes YOU happy! Do not follow the money, follow your instinct and stay true to yourself.

Lots of love!


Two new episode titles

May 21st: XY073 - We Will Have a Battle at the Fashion Show! Bagon VS Spritzee!!
The group has arrived in Laverre City! However, the Gym Leader of the Laverre Gym, Valerie, is going to participate in a fashion show and won’t be able to battle Ash. 

May 28th: XY074 - Laverre Gym Match! The Beautiful Fairy Trap!!

Challenge the Laverre Gym!
Ash challenges Valerie after her fashion show! How will this battle go!?

A battle against two Fairy types!
Valeries Pokémon are Fairy types! They may look cute at first glance, but don’t let your guard down around them!

Sylveon uses Disarming Voice!

Fletchinder is in trouble after a Trick Room!
Fletchinder gets locked up in Spritzee’s move “Trick Room”, which prevents it from utilizing the speed it specializes in!

A Gym Leader who loves Fairy type Pokémon and is said to understand their language!