Less Than One (Longer Version)

so moving

asianellenpage asked:

its a highschool and valentines day one where phil keeps asking dan to go out with him but dan keeps saying no then "phil keeps asking dan to be his valentine but dan says no then dan finds out phil's telling everyone that dan will say yes so he gets mad at phil then phil starts crying and begs dan to be his valentine and dan says yes" is love is gross and you disgust me by aretheyinlove

Love Is Gross and You Disgust Me - Or the five times Phil tries to get Dan to go out with him, and the one time he gets it right.

~ Tori


Belated Valentine’s Day shoot with frostplayers on Monday :3  I was totally cramming to finish my costume in time (it still isn’t completely finished, but it was wearable) and I didn’t even know if some vital costume pieces would even come on time! It was originally scheduled for Saturday, but I ended up not being able to do the shoot AND Jack ended up sick, but it somehow miraculously still happened! So here, enjoy some Jelsa feels <3