It’s from 7 / 9, on april 1st, right before MoCCAfest starts! We are excited about this, extra much even so because we brought Guillaume and Valentin over from France for this, so they will actually be there, IRL, signing books and stuff… IRL! Thats pretty fun! So, yes, if you are in town, please come by and say hello, Its our first time doing a think in america so we hope we do it right. Bring your friends it’s safe!

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Meet…Paloma Jonas
we couldn’t wait any longer for the sun (or warmer weather), so armed with Point Sur jeans, we headed to LA—the denim capital—to meet up with a few of our beach-loving counterparts. meet Paloma Jonas, codesigner of Valentine NYC (a line of sweet, lacy lingerie), sometime model and mom to Vedder—a Great Dane who totally stole the spotlight.

Hometown & current home
I’m from Sydney, Australia. But these days, I keep it bicoastal between New York and LA. I get the best of both worlds.

Tell us about Valentine NYC, the line of girly underpinnings you started.
My friend and cofounder, Whitney, and I wanted to create comfortable but sexy lingerie. We wanted to design pieces that could be worn every day and at an affordable price point.

You guys maintain an addictive blog too. What came first, the blog or the line?
The blog was a springboard for Valentine NYC. We focus mostly on women, but also couples, asking them things we’re all curious about but are afraid to ask: “What’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you? What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?” Whitney and I think of ourselves as women on a mission to revive romance.

Speaking of romance, do you remember the first pair of denim you really loved?
It was a pair of vintage high-waist Levi’s cutoffs. It’s funny to say out loud now because they sound trendy, but at the time, they really weren’t fashionable. I still have them.

Let’s play a little either-or: “California Girls” by the Beach Boys or “California Love” by Tupac?
Beach Boys. I’m a sucker for vinyl from before my time.

Your best-kept LA secret?
Vintage! It’s not a secret, but it’s one of my favorite things about living here. Every Sunday, there’s a vintage market that travels around LA. I’ve found everything from rare furniture to perfectly worn-in T-shirts.

Photography by Bryan Derballa. Hair and makeup by Gabi Pascua for the Wall Group.

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