February 14, 2017- Selena Gomez made jaws DROP when was spotted leaving her hotel in NYC and showed off her red HOT in a custom Givenchy cut out blouse with zipper detail and skirt with slit from the Spring 2017 Collection. Unfortuately since this outfit its custom, you can’t buy it. Personally, i’m devastated because I am DROOLING over it!  

She wore it with Gianvito Rossi heels

Get the look:

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karategirl448  asked:

and here I take my wifey privileges and ask for something from something you didn't say was allowed bc you love me :) philip and lukas, eyewitness "i'm alive, i can tell because of the pain."

DEEPLY. SIGHING. i’m gonna lose followers for this non-related content ALLIE and then I’ll just be left with my friends, the porn bots.

i’ve never written anything for this before in my life and i’ve only seen the show once WEEKS AGO and i know you know this and i know you don’t care so HERE’S THIS THING.

ps to anyone who reads this, i am a swim instructor, and everything in this is A+ solid advice

Eyewitness, Philip and Lukas, “i’m alive, i can tell because of the pain.”

The idea originally came when Philip was trying to think of something to give Gabe for his birthday next month. Philip wasn’t good at coming up with gift ideas, and he had no money, so eventually settled on going out on Gabe’s boat, and actually going out on it this time. But since the last time he was in a body of water, he was dragging his unconscious secret-boyfriend back from the brink of death, being out on the lake still didn’t fill him with much calm. He’d mentioned it off-hand to Lukas one day, and Lukas had nodded silently, sympathetically, and didn’t say anything, until the next day he showed up at Philip’s house, thrusted his extra helmet into Philip’s hands, and said today was a Day of Learning.

Now, Philip stood in a YMCA locker room in a pair of borrowed swim trunks, learning that his boyfriend could be an asshole sometimes.

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