aaaand last card, and the card most people wanted SURPRISE SURPRISE it’s DESTIEL!! XD this was actually the card I drew first, and it turned out better than I thought it would, even though in the end it didn’t really look like how I had planned.

the coloring was done a bit weird, but it turned out pretty good, yes. 8) I HOPE YOU’LL LIKE IT, GUYS.


Valentine’s Day Giveaway!


  • 1 “The Cab” Tank Top
  • 1 “The Cab” / Logo iPhone Case
  • 1 “Symphony Soldier” wristband
  • 1 “The Cab” decal
  • 1 Symphony Solider Logo sticker (not pictured)
  • 1 Koalawalla Alex DeLeon Signature Beanie


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Good luck!

Winner Announcement


24 Hours of “Love” Songs

Anne Hathaway–“Somebody to Love”


okay, so let’s start off with the depressing card! XD I actually didn’t think anyone would want this so I thought I wouldn’t be finishing it, but people DID want it so YEHH. 8) Here it is, in all it’s depressing glory.

the coloring is a bit hastily done, and I think John’s head might have turned out a bit too big, but otherwise I’m quite satisfied with this!

» Love is life and life is pain. It’s all one in the same. You grow tall just to fall and are born just to crawl until someone finds warmth in your name. […] Some kiss to feel missed like a wish towards bliss while others may kiss just to play. But your lips take a trip to the gold in my ribs when I meet them with all of my pain. The roads that I take like the faith that I taste they will always lead straight to you. For if love is life and life is pain then to my chest I will beg you to shoot.

- AMD [x x]