aaaand last card, and the card most people wanted SURPRISE SURPRISE it’s DESTIEL!! XD this was actually the card I drew first, and it turned out better than I thought it would, even though in the end it didn’t really look like how I had planned.

the coloring was done a bit weird, but it turned out pretty good, yes. 8) I HOPE YOU’LL LIKE IT, GUYS.


It’s Valentine’s Day! This song isn’t about the holiday, though


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My Weight Loss Story--An Ongoing Journey

Growing up I was a chunky child. Not obese, not fat, chunky. Chunky like I was a little bit bigger than the rest of the kids..but not to the point where anybody really noticed to say anything. I guess back then “big boned” was the term we used for bigger people that weren’t really fat. Yeah I heard that a couple times. Yet still, it was never an issue. 

Middle school is when I really started to realize that I was not at a size that I wanted to be. Every other kid I seen as beautiful. Their figures were coming through with big boobs and flat stomachs. I, however, had a little flab and a flat chest. I remember my best friend being a double 0 (00) and I just couldn’t fathom that I would ever be as small. To be honest, I didn’t wanna be her size though. Everyone called her skinny all the time. I didn’t wanna be skinny. I wanted to be perfect. I wanted big boobs and a flat stomach.

During a weigh in in health class I can remember distinctly that I was 5'2 and 115 lbs in the 6th grade. During this period I thought I was soooo big. Little did I know how big I could really get ( but thats another part of the story. As my adolescent years went on my eating habits never changed. I was never taught any healthy eating habits. I knew nothing about portion control, I knew nothing about carbs, sugar, fats, proteins, NOTHING. So during the school year was breakfast and lunch at school and dinner my mom would make ( which always included a heaping serving of rice, bcause, hey Im Asian). Speaking of Asian, this is the time where my parents started to warn me about getting fat. And no, I am not exxagerating they would use these exact words. Matter of fact, my dad had a nickname for me: “map” which means fat in Vietnamese. It was his term of indearment towards me just like how you would call a baby “fat butt”, “chunky butt”..etc.. Anyways.. my parents solution for me to lose weight was always (and still is) just lay off the American food. They said no more cheese, burgers, anything thats American. ( Only to realize years later how fattening white rice is when not portioned correctly). Even with this “professional” advice from my parents, there was no way I could lay off the “american” food. Hello, I live in America….but im not even gonna go there. Asian parents are very closeminded sometimes. lol 

Every year I would gain 10-15 lbs. It got worse every summer. Summer for me was sitting at home watching television and eating. And sleeping. My parents were always at work so breakfast and lunch was always noodles( or fancy variations like noddles with hot dogs) , or eggs with rice, etc. Anything that a teenager would know how to make by themselves with limited supply of ingredients. Oh and chips… I lived off of chips. Hot Cheetos, Salt and Vinegar Lays, you name it. 

So 7th grade comes and I weighed 130. I definitely was not happy then. I joined the basketball team and let me tell you, it really was a confidence booster. The fact that I even made the team was shocker for me. However, I did not lose any weight. Even with the increased activity. I was still eating whatever whenever so this is not a shocker. 

I feel like when you are overweight you have one significant moment where you tell yourself you will never get to that point, you will change yourself before it gets there and this is my moment: 

We were in health class learning about bmi, doing a fitness test, and getting weighed. I specifically remember getting on the scale, seeing the 130 and shrugging it off. However, this girl name Missy( yes I remember her name) got weighed and she was 180 lbs. I was shocked. I was thinking how the hell do you weight that much in the 7th grade. She was taller then me, but however, I didn’t think about any of that at the moment. 180 LBS!!!! She was the most obese thing in the world to me. I mean right?? 180 lbs!! Little did I know I would get to this point, hell I passed it. 

During high school the weight pretty much kept piling on. 10-15 lbs gained every year. Pictures of my freshman year will show you how puffy my face was. I was about 170 lbs by sophomore year of high school. 

Junior year something struck me. It wasn’t on purpose. I somehow got to 140 lbs. I kid you not, I did not try. There were a few factors that I know helped in the weight loss: I just got a job at Smoothie King( more movement and I was pretty much eating a smoothie for dinner during the week), I took gym class junior year, and i brought a bottle of water to school everyday. I stopped drinking soda. I will say it again: these changes were not on purpose. They totally happened with no effort on my part. My pants were falling off and people were noticing. I remember during my heavier days before this point I use to think it would be so embarrassing if someone noticed that I lost weight. However, it was a good feeling. I went from wearing an 13 in Hollister jeans to a 9. It was the best feeling. 

And thatsssssssss when I met the love of my life Derrick. I met him at work and the rest is history. But with love, came the love weight. We went out everyday. And that meant eating, A LOT. I quickly gained my weight back plus plenty more.  

Freshman year of college I continued to gain as me and Derrick’s eating habits were horrible. ( Did I mention he’s a tall one at 6’3… and skinny). A 5’2 GIRL competing with a 6’3 GUY.. we ate the same food. No wonder I gained the weight so quickly. I gained the freshman 15 and didn’t even have a meal plan (How Sad). 

And Finally…Here we are today.  My highest weight has been 208 after stuffing my face during my vacation to Miami (May 2014) with hubby and my two roommates. What an appropriate place to stuff my face. *Insert sarcasm here* 

Here are some pictures that fit into that part of my life: 

Middle School (6th Grade) About 115lbs 

Middle School (8th Grade Approx. 125)

Me on far left. Excuse the Dye Job. Sophomore Year of HS Probably 160

Again on the far left Probably 165

Here when i started to lose weight junior year. About 145 here 

These jeans were at one point very tight on me and this is when I realized i was losing weight without knowing it. 

This is when i first met Derrick in March of 2011. BRACE yourselves…anything after this point is when I really started to pack on the pounds. Spring Break at PCB 2012

Last Week of School Senior Year 2012

Summer before College 2012

Freshman Year of College 

Gross. I dont even know whats going on here. 

New Years 2013 

Notice: These are the same jeans from my 145 lb picture. Notice how tight they are now. This is Spring Semester 2013

Valentines Day 2013.. I remember feeling so UGLY next to my best friend. She look amazing with her dress on and I felt horrible. 

These next set of pictures are from last summer (2013):

Below are pictures from my 20th B Day: 

And finally here we are present day:

I am 208 lbs here in May. This was the trip to Miami. 

Size 12 Jeans from Old Navy (I dont think they are even buttoned) SideNote: I can fit a 16 in jeans. 

Today is July 10, 2014 and I am planning on dropping this weight in about a year. I have been going strong with my July Goals. I will not quit. This post was to motivate myself, and let others know that weight is something that takes time and effort. As u can see as soon as I got into a relationship, I GOT LAZY and COMFORTABLE. However, I am blessed to have such a great support system because it has not always been this way. 

Come with me on this journey. :) 


okay, so let’s start off with the depressing card! XD I actually didn’t think anyone would want this so I thought I wouldn’t be finishing it, but people DID want it so YEHH. 8) Here it is, in all it’s depressing glory.

the coloring is a bit hastily done, and I think John’s head might have turned out a bit too big, but otherwise I’m quite satisfied with this!