Photograph by Reuters

Feb. 13, 2014. An activist from the “Right Sector” anti-government protest group presents a bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend in front of fellow activists near the site of previous clashes with riot police in Kiev, Ukraine. 

From the most reputable gay club in Sochi and a sinkhole at the Corvette Museum in Kentucky to the Westminster Dog Show in New York and the killing of the healthy giraffe, Marius, at the Copenhagen Zoo, TIME presents the best pictures of the week.

“What do you do when you stop running?”


@ushioi-week Day 7: Valentines

Aaa i can’t believe it’s already over~ I was having so much fun ;A; tbh I can’t believe my inconsistent ass managed to make a post for each day of the week wow kudos to me. Anyways thanks for putting up with my posts for these past days and a Happy Valentines to all of you! :D