Valentine's Day

Imagine Person A of your OTP buys Person B a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day/B’s birthday as a way to show their love for Person B. Person B takes the gift but claims that teddy bears are a bit too childish for them. Person A later finds Person B asleep on a couch/bed/whatever you want with the teddy bear in their arms. What happens next is up to you.

Silver Lining: Part II

Prompt: Hi there! I have a Valentine’s Day request! How about one where Dean and the reader have known each other since they were kids and how Valentine’s Day has changed for them over the years (friendship to relationship, unrequited affection etc.) and like little snaps of certain Valentine’s days that are memorable. I hope that makes some sense lol, it sounded a lot better in my head. I can try to explain it more if it’s too confusing :)

Word Count: 2,939

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Thank you all so much for the amazing response to part 1! I hope I’ve done this part justice – let me know what you think?

Part 1

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Chicken & Cupcakes

Based on this picture (because tumblr cut off the ending of the tags I’d written)

If Dean is going to spend Valentine’s Day alone, he’s at least going to do it drunk.

He sets the bottle of Jack Daniels on the check-out conveyer belt along with a 12-piece box of fried chicken. Sam would say Dean is “eating his feelings”, but what does Sam know. He gets to spend Valentine’s Day with his beautiful wife and new baby daughter. He’s the last person Dean wants to talk to about his feelings.

Dean glances ahead of him in line, pleasantly surprised by the sight of a very attractive, dark-haired man glancing absently at the tabloids along the rack. For a brief moment, visions of typical meet-cute scenarios and cheesy pick-up lines dance through Dean’s head. That is, until he looks down and notices the man’s items: a bouquet of pale pink tulips and a dozen pink-frosted, heart-sprinkled cupcakes.

Dean’s face falls; of course this guy is taken. There’s no way he is buying those items on Valentine’s Day if he doesn’t have someone to share them with.

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Imagine your OTP’s friends (who are single) are all getting together to have one Single Awareness party on Valentine’s Day. A and B join in on request of their friends, but awkwardly have to hide the fact throughout the party that they’ve actually been dating the whole time.