Valentine Card


happy Valentine’s Day u lovely stoney creatures 😘💚✨

all illustrations done by me
glitter and crafty witchery done by my wonderful friend Magdalena

plz keep caption 😌


Valentine’s Day… just another day of the year, right? *chuckles* WRONG. Since we posted our first set of cards, Valentines Day has become a way of life on Striped Sweater. These last four years have been wonderful and the response we always get from you has always made it worth it. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and at this point we feel we’ve created our last card. This has been our life’s work, our masterpiece, our way of bringing culture to this cultural wasteland! Thanks for being our Valentines when it was convenient for you and remember, no matter what we’ve said, we’ve always sort of liked you.

-Striped Sweater

P.S. As always the larger version of these pictures are all ready for printing. Feel free to submit them too; we love to see our cards in real life.