BGC Quotes

BGC1 - Fucking ugly porn star looking bitch

BGC2 - Pop Off!!!

BGC3 - You’re a slut Sarah and I know you have a boob job!

BGC4 - I run LA!!!

BGC5 - I’m not a heroin addict ho!!!

BGC6 - Rotate!!!

BGC7 - I got the voodoo for you bitches!!!

BGC8 - Your Mom should have swallowed that fucking load

BGC9 - I’d rather lick the floor than your dirty ass pussy bitch!

BGC10 -  In Nigeria, we don’t pull hair, we throw fists

BGC11 - Oh you taking your socks off, I see that as you wanna fight

BGC12 - Patty wagon bitch!!!


I couldn’t stand Valentina on bgc10 like I was so happy when shanrock got her at the reunion, but now I’m seeing bgasb, valentina has changed ALOT I agree with most of the things she has to say now. I’m glad she got help after her season and is now a better person focusing on her music. I hate the old valentina. But I love the new one.