Unfähigkeit, allein das Leben zu ertragen, nicht etwa Unfähigkeit, zu leben, ganz im Gegenteil, es ist sogar unwahrscheinlich, daß ich es verstehe, mit jemandem zu leben, aber unfähig bin ich, den Ansturm meines eigenen Lebens, die Anforderungen meiner eigenen Person, den Angriff der Zeit und des Alters, den vagen Andrang der Schreiblust, die Schlaflosigkeit, die Nähe des Irreseins – alles dies allein zu ertragen bin ich unfähig.
—  Franz Kafka

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can you compare the differences between a moon cup/tampon/pad is please?


A pad is a layer of cotton that you stick to your undies to absorb your blood it looks like this:

External image

^pads are definitely more noticeable as it’s hard to not realize that you’re walking around with this stuck to your crotch. Change them often as they get full of the red stuff.

A tampon is a little cotton mouse you shove up your twat to absorb your blood, it looks like this:

External image

Sometimes tampons are in an applicator to make it easier for takeoff:

External image

^ tampons are more discrete than pads, still have to be changed often as to not get Toxic Shock Syndrome (as fun as it sounds), and absorb not only blood but other helpful fluids in the vagene.

And my personal favorite, he who shall not be named, the menstrual cup (moon cup), a silicon ‘cup’ that looks more like a funnel except it doesn’t open at the end and you don’t chug beer from it, unless you want to?:

External image

^pop this little sucker up there and forget about em! empty it depending on how heavy your ‘flow’ is, and no need to worry about TSS.

But remember when it comes to your body you know it best, so use whatever is most comfortable for you! But don’t hesitate to try new things!

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Mutti, wann kommt denn dein Rap-Debütalbum?

Ich arbeite momentan an Tracks, die richtig Feuer sind:

1. Merkelreich - Merkelmore ft. MC Angie
2. Greece better have my money - Merkelmore ft. die EU
3. Totgeschwiegen - Merkelmore ft. die Presse und andere öffentliche Medien
4. Merkel ist nicht Rechts - Merkelmore ft. das Schweigen der Angie
5. Dazu sag ich nix - MC Angie und die totgeschwiegenen, dennoch sehr realen Probleme der BundesrApublik
6. Homoehe, more like NoNo-Ehe - MC Angie ft. die CDU CSU
7. Eine Raute sie zu knechten - Lord of the Angie ft. die Hände des vagen Ausdrucks
8. The Mittelalter is back - Merkelmore ft. Deutschlands Einstellung zu einigen Dingen

quando eu era criança, pegava vagens do supermercado pra brincar como se elas fossem bonecas. uma vez dei o nome pra uma de vagina. minha mãe disse que não podia ser esse nome, na época não entendi. agora entendo