The signs as things they remind me of
  • Aries: spontaneous decisions, strong colors, road trips, indiscreet laughter, that feeling you have in the stomach when you realize how much you love someone
  • Taurus: castles, a cup of coffee, waking up before everyone, oleo paint, the Portuguese lenguage, a pot with a succulent, really expressive eyes
  • Gemini: the sound of drums, big cities, malicious smiles, concerts, a chorus of million voices, an electric guitar playing, the need to make out with someone
  • Cancer: glowy skin, a bohemian town, the burning sensation in your nose when you are getting emotional, an interesting debate, ocher colors, euphoria
  • Leo: summer, a birthday party, a game of poker, the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster, snapchat stories, bralettes, jewelry, sweet compliments
  • Virgo: a good alcoholic beverage, the comfortable silence with someone, little and especial tattos, driving with the windows down, unconsciously getting crazy in a party
  • Libra: honest bitchy opinions, taking care of yourself, a cherry icee, pop songs in the acoustic version, a vacation in a tropical location, belly button piercings, movies
  • Scorpio: the comforting sensation of sleeping in a bed made fresh, gothic architecture, intense looks, long lashes, pretzels with chocolate, confessions
  • Sagittarius: listening to music to avoid drama, the adrenaline that gives you a horror movie, Danny (from Grease), curly hair, daydreaming
  • Capricorn: the burning sensation in your throat when taking a shot, a hot bath, big windows, the smell of fabric softener in the clothes, a glass of wine with fondue, tall buildings
  • Aquarius: metallic colors, a long walk, hugging, the soft pounding in the windows by the rain, stretching your body, drawing at the back of a notebook
  • Pisces: little gifts, freckles, clear sky, finding something you "lost", soft blankets, relief sighs, bracelets, solving a problem very cunningly
signs as dream vacations

aries - london

taurus - costa rica

gemini - japan

cancer - south africa

leo - bali

virgo - tahiti

libra - bora bora

scorpio - greece

sagittarius - spain

capricorn - dubai

aquarius - fiji

pisces - austrailia

Cake By the Ocean

Min Yoongi/ Suga X Reader 

So this is low-key (high-key?) for @fluffygummy-yoonmin who legit asked me for Yoongi/Noona smut a thousand years ago. I’m sorry it took me so long! I just wanted to do it right and I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and it’s just under 8k words. Sooo yeah. 

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When in Rome...

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 4338

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Jibcon

Summary: Jensen meets reader before/during Jibcon and one night leads to some unexpected actions.

A/N: If you haven’t seen or watched or heard about what happened at Jibcon 2017, this is loosely based off of events that occurred during the Misha/Jensen panel. No hatred towards Danneel and Jensen’s relationship. This is purely a work of fiction and that is all. Let’s just assume that Danneel is happy and living a wonderful life that is not connected to Jensen for the sake of this fic. Thank you @wi-deangirl77 for the read-over, encouragement and help with the title. You are awesome!

There was a certain magic that came about when you stepped off of that plane and your feet landed on the ground for the first time in your life, in a foreign country. It was unlike anything else you had ever experienced. You were scared, terrified, happy and exhilarated all at the same time. You could barely believe it was really happening. You had spent the last year and a half preparing for this trip and now here you were. Rome, Italy…passport, suitcase, and no idea what you were doing. Everyone had told you that you were nuts, insane, not thinking logically, but you couldn’t help it. Traveling was a lifelong dream of yours and when you found out that Supernatural had a convention, not only overseas, but in your dream vacation location, you knew you just had to make it happen.

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Do you think you could write a small blurb where you are a dancer you can take it anywhere you want I am just am in love in the way you write and I love dance particularly ballet and put both of them together would be amazing. So pretty please with a cherry on top 😁

Can we get a blurb on where you and harry have been secretly dating for a long time and you are ready to make it public? please :)

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I tried to explain to the security officer guarding the back door into The Met that I was Harry Styles and that my girlfriend was currently on stage dancing the lead in Le Corsaire.  But judging by the bored way he blinked and shifted on his feet, I gathered he didn’t much care.  I couldn’t blame him, he hardly looked like a man who listened to pop music.  

No one knew about it Emma and I.  Not our parents, not our friends, not our colleagues.  No one.

I was actually proud of how long we’d been able to keep it under wraps.  We were going on seven months now.  Seven months of back alley sneak-in’s and remote locations for vacations (and when I say remote, I mean off the grid, no one around for miles remote) and neither of us even whispering towards each other on social media.  TMZ was none the wiser.  My mother had an inkling something was up, but she never asked.  She was good that way.

But I was in love now.  This wasn’t just some fling or flash in the pan.  Emma was who I wanted to be with.  She was my match in every way and I didn’t want to hide that.  I shouldn’t have needed to.  My happiness was not a crime.

So after a long discussion a few nights ago where I prepared her for the onslaught of rude and nasty comments that would get lobbed her way when a certain faction of the One Direction fandom got wind that we were together, we agreed to go public.

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are you the one except it’s just me and my gf and 9 other lesbian couples on a free vacation in some tropical location but no cameras because everyone can mind their own business

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For the next gen headcanons, the ninjas' ideas of a perfect family vacation?

Ooh, let’s see!


Doesn’t really matter for him what kind of vacation it is or where they go. As long as he can be with his family and they are all happy and have fun, it is good enough for him.


His family doesn’t let him decide the vacation location most of the time. It could end up in a disaster in 80% of the cases.


Hiking, anything in nature and with a lot of activity! Doesn’t mind a nice city tour as well, for the more calm days. Tends to buy his child whatever it wants to have.


It needs to be fun. It needs to be exciting. Loves to try out new things. Every holiday should be different from the other. Doesn’t mind to have a day to relax in between. Going to the amusement park counts as a good holiday for him too.


While she loves to have a fun and exciting holiday, she doesn’t mind having a worth-knowing holiday, like visiting a museum in between. She also has a habit of prefering to reside in a nice hotel, instead of sleeping in a tent.

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Hello, I am just curious of how you view the sims worlds in your story? What I mean is that recently people have written stories in real world places using the sims, simblr rpers do this as well, Do you view the sims 4 worlds as they are in your story or as real world places?

I tend to avoid naming real world places (but now that i think about it i named the vacation location as greece lol should have thought of something else) .. i would like to think that my simmies live in this world


Slave Jeanie

Time for another slave story. I’d like to thank Jeanie Tumblr handle @jeannie-larsen for this story.

Again any one interested in being the subject of my slave fiction, just message me with the following details.

First name

Age(18+ please)

Physical description(include if you have tattoos body piercings. A photo would be great but not mandatory)

Sex stats(important for the story)

Where you’d like to be kidnapped from(could be your home, place of employment especially if you work late, college campus, a nightclub, the beach, the mall, on spring break, vacation in a location outside the US, a Craigslist connection, a phony photo shoot)?

What would you be wearing?

Who would you like to be sold to(a brothel, a Middle Eastern or Asian businessman, a drug kingpin, be a Hucow or pony slave, an underground bdsm website)?

I’m also interested in 3 story lines:

A spring break story

A mother/daughter slave combo

Kidnapping a catholic schoolgirl(again must be 18). If possible on that, send a pic with you in your uniform. If not at give a head to toe description.

Also if you’ve submitted requests for stories, be patient. Got a lot of requests. I’ll get to it.


It was a Friday night. Usually a good night to try to acquire new talent. Meaning sex slaves to sell. We decided to go to the mall and see what we could find. My partners Bruce and Rick and I were at the food court. A lot of the girls at that point seemed to young for us to grab(again our rule is no one under 18). We then walked around and went by one of the shoe stores and we hit the jackpot. This young girl looked hot to trot and looked like she was going out for a night on the town. She looked like she was in her early 20’s. She was medium height, slender with nice legs and nice tits and ass with reddish brown hair past her shoulders. She was dressed in a tight black tank dress with black strappy open toed heels. She looked like she was going on the shoes at the store as they were having a nice sale.

We then followed her out from a distance to the parking lot. She was parked towards the back. I got our van while Bruce and Rick followed her to her car and as she was unlocking, Bruce and Rick grabbed her and applied chloroform to her mouth. Unlike what you see in movie and on tv, it takes a lot longer to take effect. She was still conscious as we dragged her into the van. Finally as we started tying her up, she passed out. We then secured her wrists and elbows behind her back, tied her ankles and thighs together and attached her ankles and elbow restraints to put her in a hogtie. We then placed a head harness ball gag to shut her and then placed a black leather hood on her head so she couldn’t see. A work of art. Rick felt her panties and noticed that they were kind of wet. Was that because she pee’d in her panties or was she somehow excited.

We went through her purse and checked her id. Her name was Jeanie and she was 21. We would also keep her cell phone. That way, we could use her contacts and social media as potential future slaves.

“Ummh nice. Think she’ll get us a lot of money?” asked Rick.

“She should command quite a bit” Bruce responded.

“She’ll be a lot of fun” responded Rick.

Just when we were about 5 minutes out from the slave training facility, our new slave started to awaken.

“Mmmpph. Mmmpph!?. Mmmppphhh!!!

"Easy sweetie. We’re almost there.” Rick told her as he again started feeling her up. I can imagine her reaction when she woke up. First when she couldn’t see, then couldn’t move and finally couldn’t speak and cry for help. Not that that would’ve done her any good.

We arrived back at the slave training facility just a little after 10pm. We got out a little cart to place the slave in an then took her down the elevator 3 floors down. We undid her rope bondage. She tried to run but she had lost some circulation from the hogtie. And the effects of the chloroform had not completely worn off yet. Besides, she was still wearing her hood so she couldn’t see anyway.

As we do with all slaves the first 3 nights, they are placed on the arch back device. After stripping the slave naked, we then secured its wrists, upper arms, neck, waist, thighs and ankles with metal restraints. We then placed alligator clips on its nipples. A wired metal dildo in its pussy and a wired butt plug up its ass. Then we attached a vibrator the shape of an electric toothbrush to its clit. We briefly removed the hood and gag to give the slave water. Then we turned on vibrator. It was on a timer to go on and off every few minutes to edge the slave. All night long. This was part of 72 hours of sleep deprivation the slave was subjected to. Also the water was laced with a stimulant that increases the slave’s sexual urges. Within just a few minutes, it would probably be begging for us to let it cum. If somehow the slave managed to cum or dose off, the wires we attached to its body had a built in sensor that would bring the slave a nasty shock.

Finally we attached earbuds to her ears. They were attached to a CD player that would play what we call an orientation(or disorientation) tape. It would provide the following message:

“Hello bitch. Comfortable? Probably not. Of course your comfort doesn’t concern us. The only thing that is important is you’re now being trained to be our sex slave. You are going through a transformation from being an independent woman to an obedient and compliant slave. When we’re satisfied that you’re training is complete, you will be auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. And as we speak, your potential new owner is making a bid on you.

Remember, your a worthless, brainless cunt, a fucktoy, a piece of meat. Just 2 tits and 3 fuckholes. For a man to use and abuse for for his pleasure. How he sees fit. And all 3 holes are for use. If we want to fuck you in the pussy or ass, you will bend over. If we want you to suck our cocks, you will get on your knees, open up wide, and swallow every last drop.

Whatever you were before, you no longer are. You’re just a slave. A piece of property. Merchandise. Our slut. Our filthy whore. You have no human rights. There’s no safe word. No concern about your feelings except how we want you to feel. We want to make you suffer. We will enjoy your torment.The quicker you understand this, the easier it’ll be”.

This message would be on a loop all night long. For it to hear over and over again. And as we predicted, it wouldn’t take long for the slave to beg for us to let it cum. It would on a few occasions during the night be subjected to electrical shock.

In the meantime, the slave was broadcast over the internet and potential slavers would be given the opportunity to place bids on the slave. We began bidding at $10,000. It took about 15 minutes for the first bid to come in at $13,000. And then the bidding would continue climbing over night.

For the slave formerly known as Jeanie, she had been a slave for about an hour and a half. It felt much longer. Her transformation had begun.

Too be continued

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hey louisa~ i'm really curious to know, what kind of friends would each of the BTS guys be to you? aka. the good-for-getting-drunk-with friend? the cuddly friend? the 'text-me-when-you-reach-home' friend? etc. these are just examples but go with what your personal preferences are!

SORRY THIS GOT LONG AND DRABBLE-Y so i’m putting it under a read more!

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My Musings: Headcanon: Hubby Keito

Featuring: Job Support | Danish & Coffee | Snuggle | Bath | Kisses

–He is fully supportive of you having a job that you love, except for when he’s off work and you aren’t and then he tends to become a petulant child who just wants his wife to be home with him no matter what. STOMP.

–He has always tried to never schedule things early so he could spend the first few minutes of your day with you. He’d wake up before you most days, carefully moving to ‘sneak’ out of the house and run to a local pastry shop so he could purchase your favorite danish and specialty coffee. He would come home, stealthily put the pastry onto one of your plates, pour the coffee into your favorite mug and wake you up with a kiss.

You blink softly, trying to focus as the bed dips a little and you roll slightly to the side, the image above you a blur as the light from the window makes it look like Keito has a soft, white glow around him, crowning him in light that makes him look like an angel.

Well, he really is an angel, after all.

You stretch, making a small squeaking sound, which makes him giggle, then lift your arms to pull Keito down to you, his smile already bright. He purrs into your hug, holding his weight off of you with his arms as he flutters shy kisses across your cheeks and nose before he finds your lips–a quick kiss before he starts pulling backward, much to your dismay and grumpy protesting.

“You only have twenty minutes for breakfast this morning,” he glanced to look at the clock, “well, eighteen now.”

You reluctantly release him, pouting a bit before your eyes land on the tray he’s moving to sit in your lap, picking up the flower inhaling it’s soft fragrance, the same flower that you know for a fact he clipped off your neighbors bush, having heard him discuss the action with the neighbor ages ago.

I’ll help you keep your yard tended to if I may take a flower from the garden once each day while they are blooming.

Keito had kept his promise and for the two years you’d been married he had helped the neighbor during all seasons with plants of all types. This year he planned to plant his own garden with the neighbor’s guidance!

“Oh, smells so good!” you smiled as the scent wafted up and your mouth watered.

He nodded, sitting down on the edge of the bed while you prepare to eat, “You should quit your job, I make plenty to take care of us,” he mumbled, and you sighed softly.

“Keito, you know I love my job…I don’t work for the money…”

“I know…” he can’t stop the whine from echoing through the room, then looks down ashamed, “…I’m sorry,” he looks up at you, sincerity in his eyes. 

He smiles as he watches you take the first bite of the danish, humming in satisfaction, smiling as you take a sip of the coffee, making a big show of how much you’re enjoying it.

“I just wish you could stay here,” his voice was whiny and sad, and it made your heart clench, “it’s weird on days when I’m off…I get so bored and lonely when you are at work when I’m home,” he pouted a bit, reaching over to wipe a crumb from your lip, “It’s selfish though, I’m sorry I keep bringing it up.”

“I wish I could stay here with you, too, one day I will, you know?” You smile, reassuring him that his future plans are your future plans, “…but you’re gone too much and I would be lonely and bored when you’d be gone.”

“I know,” he nodded, because he did know–it didn’t stop him from wanting to beg you to not go when he knew the day loomed ahead of him without you there. 

He absently wondered what Yama-chan was doing today.

“One day, my days will be full and busy, with household needs, and children around my feet,” you murmurred, your voice soft, “…and then, I’ll be home with you all the time.”

Keito turned to look at you as he smiled brightly, his mood changed almost instantly as visions of your future flashed before his eyes, a time where you’d vacation to exotic locations, go on picnics in the park, and you’d be trailed by a miniature baby-Keito-faced boy and girl, his voice teasing and light when he spoke, “Plus, you couldn’t enjoy my homemade danishes and freshly ground brewed coffee if you didn’t have to get up for work.”

You nodded, grinning as you took another bite, chewing thoughtfully, then murmuring, “You are such a talented chef–these are always so delicious–my favorite, and the coffee is always just perfect, thank you for getting up super early and working so hard to bake for me and take such good care of me!”

Of course, he knew that you knew where the source of the food and drink came from, but since your honeymoon you had played along with him being the cook who made it all. It had never occurred to you to say otherwise, and you loved the way it made him smile so brightly.

“Call Yamada-san,” you mumble, shifting the tray off your lap to get up, “You two go do something.”

“I guess,” he frowned, looking at your legs that were peeking out from the covers as you moved, his finger reaching out to touch the soft skin wistfully, “He’s a terrible substitute for you–his skin isn’t nearly as soft as yours.”

You pause, looking at him blankly, “Creepy as hell, Keito.”

You both laugh because this is normal banter, as you’ve often teased him that you didn’t have to worry about another woman coming between the two of you, it would be Ryosuke. That said, you loved their friendship and Keito needed a good friend like Yamada, so you’d always encouraged them to spend time together.

You sit up, crawling down the bed, shuffling your knees until you’re beside him, squealing as he grabs you and pulls you into his lap sideways, “Darling, there’s no substitute for you.”

His voice was soft, a mere whisper before he kissed you softly, his mouth smooth and gentle as he hummed, one hand twisting into your hair, as your body flushed from his attention.

Maybe this is a good time to use one of my sick days after all.

–He is a snuggle bear and would insist that he be touching you if you are within five feet of one another. This isn’t a possessive trait, as he has no worries about your relationship–it is actually because your presence soothes him and sometimes he really just wants to remind himself that you’re real, and his.

–He would make sure your house had a large bathroom with a garden tub, and it would have live flowers sitting on stands throughout, with large windows that let in sun and moon light, with scented candles for when it was night, and when you were exceptionally stressed he would run you a hot bubble bath with soothing oils and salts in it. He would make sure you had a glass with your favorite drink, and soft music that you love in the background. When you were ready to get out he’ll appear with a towel that is warm and fluffy from the dryer, wrapping you up tightly and kissing your heat pinked shoulder softly as he tell you how much he loves you.

–Many times when you arrive home from work there will be a small candy dish, and inside of it will be one or more Hershey’s Kisses. It is Keito’s habit that he will carefully unwrap the kisses–replacing the paper with his own handwritten ones, and then just as carefully re-wrap and twist the kisses. The papers will say things like 'I love you’, 'you’re pretty’, 'take this kiss until I get home’, and 'I’m glad you’re my wife!’. You’ve never seen him work on these, and you have no idea how he sets them out without you noticing, but it’s one of your favorite things and you have a small box with all of the papers tucked away safely in your dresser drawer.

Altea as an Autistic Society Headcanons

So I hardcore headcanon that all Alteans are autistic, and I love to think about the effect that would have on their society, so have some headcanons:

- The people that built Voltron were hyperempathic. They couldn’t stand the idea of other people being hurt, and because we all know that we autistics find the weirdest solutions to our problems, they built a motherfucking giant robot to fight evil.

- The reason that touch is incorporated in Altean holographs (as we see in Crystal Venom) is because the scientists were autistic and thought that sensory feeling was important.

- Customer service and jobs with a lot of social interaction were the highest paying jobs because people got so tired by doing them.

- Those weird rings around Altea? Not natural. They were built as sensory safe vacation locations. Everything in them is controlled, from the light to the humidity. There are different locations for different sensory needs.

- Eyecontact was seen as very rude.

- Touching people was never required, and actually discouraged if it wasn’t with your partner, close friends or family.

- The first prototype of the technology that made King Alfor’s hologram possible started out as an advanced form of AAC technology.

- Science, space and anthropology were common special interests, hence Altea’s advancement in technology, space travel, and them having a map of the entire freaking universe.

- I’m willing to bet that the person who first designed the lions had a special interest in actual Altean Space Lions.

- The novel publishing industry was essentially divided in eloquent novels with lots of metaphors and easy novels without any metaphors. Both sides were constantly at war.

- ‘Gender’ was generally accepted to be completely fluid, but there were fifty labels for people who wanted them.

- The nailpolish didn’t have that hellish smell.

- Jobs had a lot of free hours and vacation days available so people could rest up if they were burnt out.

- Eye for detail was highly valued, ESPECIALLY in the science field, but kids were trained not to lose themselves in detail.

- When Allura said “this simulator is set for an Altean child!” she meant an Altean child whose special interest was martial arts. Other kids wouldn’t have been let near to the fighting robots.

- Teamwork was still a highly valued skill on Altea, mainly because it’s impossible to form a society without it, but people were eased into it. The invisible maze was an advanced teamwork exercise.

omgggg i love these questions sm @queerofcups thx for tagging me :) 

1. always post the rules.
2. answer the questions given by the person who tagged you.
3. write 11 questions of your own.
4. tag 11 people (or however many you want)

  1. what are 3 things we wouldn’t be able to guess about you from your blog? lol this is hard bc i share like. everything on this blog. ummmm. my parents voted for bush both times. i was unhealthily obsessed with hannah montana and wizards of waverly place even in like freshman year of high school. i’m just gonna be honest. and i am currently answering these in athens, greece :0  
  2. what are 3 songs i should listen to right this second? i feel like you probs have amazing taste in music so i wish you were giving me 3 song recs but uh: ‘rushes’ by frank ocean bc all of endless is underrated; ‘get good (infinitefreefall remix)’ bc it is a jam and the sax hook is amazing; ‘1990X’ by maxwell bc it’s been my go-to shower song lately
  3. how long have you been on tumblr? since 2012
  4. what’s your second favorite color? a v pale purple probably (like the one that i use for my blog theme??) 
  5. what’s your favorite item of clothing? this giant ass sweater that is basically a blanket w sleeves. it is black and white and v comfy n warm
  6. what’s the last tv show you watched? skam
  7. what’s your ideal vacation location? i wanna go to morocco v badly
  8. what’s been your favorite fandom you’ve been in? (if you don’t have more than one, what’s your fave thing about this fandom?) this is definitely my first ‘fandom’ experience. i think my fav thing is how creative and smart so many people are and how widely accepting of people w varying identities and whatnot. it’s super hard to find such a universally supportive space in the real world. 
  9. what’s an item of clothing you could throw out right now and not miss at all? a lot of my clothes are quite old and not rly what i want to be wearing but i’m too lazy to go shopping so like. probs most of my clothes honestly 
  10. what’s your favorite item of food from a different culture? pad kee mao i think i have it like once a week
  11. do you crack your knuckles? nah but it also doesn’t rly bother me when other people do it

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