Cake By the Ocean

Min Yoongi/ Suga X Reader 

So this is low-key (high-key?) for @fluffygummy-yoonmin who legit asked me for Yoongi/Noona smut a thousand years ago. I’m sorry it took me so long! I just wanted to do it right and I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and it’s just under 8k words. Sooo yeah. 

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When in Rome...

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 4338

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Jibcon

Summary: Jensen meets reader before/during Jibcon and one night leads to some unexpected actions.

A/N: If you haven’t seen or watched or heard about what happened at Jibcon 2017, this is loosely based off of events that occurred during the Misha/Jensen panel. No hatred towards Danneel and Jensen’s relationship. This is purely a work of fiction and that is all. Let’s just assume that Danneel is happy and living a wonderful life that is not connected to Jensen for the sake of this fic. Thank you @wi-deangirl77 for the read-over, encouragement and help with the title. You are awesome!

There was a certain magic that came about when you stepped off of that plane and your feet landed on the ground for the first time in your life, in a foreign country. It was unlike anything else you had ever experienced. You were scared, terrified, happy and exhilarated all at the same time. You could barely believe it was really happening. You had spent the last year and a half preparing for this trip and now here you were. Rome, Italy…passport, suitcase, and no idea what you were doing. Everyone had told you that you were nuts, insane, not thinking logically, but you couldn’t help it. Traveling was a lifelong dream of yours and when you found out that Supernatural had a convention, not only overseas, but in your dream vacation location, you knew you just had to make it happen.

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omgggg i love these questions sm @queerofcups thx for tagging me :) 

1. always post the rules.
2. answer the questions given by the person who tagged you.
3. write 11 questions of your own.
4. tag 11 people (or however many you want)

  1. what are 3 things we wouldn’t be able to guess about you from your blog? lol this is hard bc i share like. everything on this blog. ummmm. my parents voted for bush both times. i was unhealthily obsessed with hannah montana and wizards of waverly place even in like freshman year of high school. i’m just gonna be honest. and i am currently answering these in athens, greece :0  
  2. what are 3 songs i should listen to right this second? i feel like you probs have amazing taste in music so i wish you were giving me 3 song recs but uh: ‘rushes’ by frank ocean bc all of endless is underrated; ‘get good (infinitefreefall remix)’ bc it is a jam and the sax hook is amazing; ‘1990X’ by maxwell bc it’s been my go-to shower song lately
  3. how long have you been on tumblr? since 2012
  4. what’s your second favorite color? a v pale purple probably (like the one that i use for my blog theme??) 
  5. what’s your favorite item of clothing? this giant ass sweater that is basically a blanket w sleeves. it is black and white and v comfy n warm
  6. what’s the last tv show you watched? skam
  7. what’s your ideal vacation location? i wanna go to morocco v badly
  8. what’s been your favorite fandom you’ve been in? (if you don’t have more than one, what’s your fave thing about this fandom?) this is definitely my first ‘fandom’ experience. i think my fav thing is how creative and smart so many people are and how widely accepting of people w varying identities and whatnot. it’s super hard to find such a universally supportive space in the real world. 
  9. what’s an item of clothing you could throw out right now and not miss at all? a lot of my clothes are quite old and not rly what i want to be wearing but i’m too lazy to go shopping so like. probs most of my clothes honestly 
  10. what’s your favorite item of food from a different culture? pad kee mao i think i have it like once a week
  11. do you crack your knuckles? nah but it also doesn’t rly bother me when other people do it

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Altea as an Autistic Society Headcanons

So I hardcore headcanon that all Alteans are autistic, and I love to think about the effect that would have on their society, so have some headcanons:

- The people that built Voltron were hyperempathic. They couldn’t stand the idea of other people being hurt, and because we all know that we autistics find the weirdest solutions to our problems, they built a motherfucking giant robot to fight evil.

- The reason that touch is incorporated in Altean holographs (as we see in Crystal Venom) is because the scientists were autistic and thought that sensory feeling was important.

- Customer service and jobs with a lot of social interaction were the highest paying jobs because people got so tired by doing them.

- Those weird rings around Altea? Not natural. They were built as sensory safe vacation locations. Everything in them is controlled, from the light to the humidity. There are different locations for different sensory needs.

- Eyecontact was seen as very rude.

- Touching people was never required, and actually discouraged if it wasn’t with your partner, close friends or family.

- The first prototype of the technology that made King Alfor’s hologram possible started out as an advanced form of AAC technology.

- Science, space and anthropology were common special interests, hence Altea’s advancement in technology, space travel, and them having a map of the entire freaking universe.

- I’m willing to bet that the person who first designed the lions had a special interest in actual Altean Space Lions.

- The novel publishing industry was essentially divided in eloquent novels with lots of metaphors and easy novels without any metaphors. Both sides were constantly at war.

- ‘Gender’ was generally accepted to be completely fluid, but there were fifty labels for people who wanted them.

- The nailpolish didn’t have that hellish smell.

- Jobs had a lot of free hours and vacation days available so people could rest up if they were burnt out.

- Eye for detail was highly valued, ESPECIALLY in the science field, but kids were trained not to lose themselves in detail.

- When Allura said “this simulator is set for an Altean child!” she meant an Altean child whose special interest was martial arts. Other kids wouldn’t have been let near to the fighting robots.

- Teamwork was still a highly valued skill on Altea, mainly because it’s impossible to form a society without it, but people were eased into it. The invisible maze was an advanced teamwork exercise.

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Gaia and Hephaestus

Gaia: Where’s your favorite place in the world?

Greek Pantheon Asks

After my bed, i have to say: Caorle in Italy. its a “small” vacation location right next to the beach, with a wonderful old city and relaxing beaches.

Hephaestus: What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever made or built?

Hmmmm. I don’t really build anything (other than furniture), and most of my art probably doesn’t count… so how about:

All the friendships I’ve build on this site.

Vacation With 2PM

Where would you go on vacation with them? (Uh, implications of sexy times ahead…it is vacation after all. ^^)

Jun.K – Location wouldn’t matter. He’d find a really nice hotel room for you both because you wouldn’t be leaving it. Finally free from outside interference and obligations he’d be able to relax with you and give you the time he felt you deserved. Putting every touch, taste and sigh to memory he’d want to map your body over and over again and show you just how much he loves you. You’d lose all sense of time as your world became a cycle of sleep, sex and room service. He’d devote all of his attention to you but every once in a while you’d wake up from your latest round of lovemaking and see him scribbling away in his notebook unable to contain his inspiration from being with you. Expansion

Taecyeon – There are so many places abroad he’d want to explore with you. Historical sites, landmarks, epicenters of cultural significance are all up for grabs and you two would plan your itinerary before you go to make sure you both experience everything you want to see. Finally able to share his travel experience with someone he’d be thrilled to recite odd trivia facts with you or discuss the historical impact of a given location. He’d be so happy and playful it’d be contagious. Especially when he came up with the new game of seeing how many different countries you could make love in. Cause you know he would.

Nichkhun – He’d want to take you home to his family. Absolutely crazy about you he wants to see how you interact with them, since besides you they are the most important people in his life. This would be the litmus test on whether or not he starts to think of you as marriage material. Loving how respectful you are of the elders and caring toward the little ones his heart would melt and he’d fall deeper and deeper for you. Even though he wants family time he would steal you away on occasion so he could proudly show you all the wonders of Thailand. Expansion

Wooyoung – He really doesn’t care where you go, he’d leave it up to you to pick. As long as he’s with you and you’re happy that’s all he needs. Even if the trip turned out to be a flop due to weather or something Wooyoung can make anything fun and you two would have a blast. Your excitement of being in a new place would rub off on him. Feeling less constricted being away from home he’d have trouble reining in his passion for you. Spontaneously he’d pull you in for deep kisses or lead you away to a secluded place for something more.

Junho – Someplace quiet and relaxing like a private beach to recharge and get lost in you. You’d explore the coastline, combing the beach looking for interesting shells, fingers intertwined and talking about nothing and everything. Playfully you’d push him in the ocean and he’d come out chasing you and drag you in too. The evenings would get chilly and he’d build a bonfire that you two would curl up in front of and stargaze. Washing the sand off in the shower he’d sneak in to join you and start something that would continue into the bedroom. Exhausted he’d lay with his head on your chest, both the sound of the waves and your heartbeat lulling him to sleep. Expansion

Chansung – He wants a lover and best friend in one. Days would be filled with adventures whether it be exploring the sights of a new city, hiking in the mountains or trying kayaking for the first time. The evenings would be spent enjoying cuisine at a local restaurant and laughing about your experiences that day. Despite being tired your bodies wouldn’t let you rest until you extinguished that slow burn of desire that had been building between you all day. Kissing your damp temple he’d tell you how grateful he was to be able to share this time with you. He’d cherish every single memory you two made together. And later during times of stress he’d recall those moments to calm himself and be happy again.

I’m trying so hard to stay optimistic about being back but I’m failing miserably.

I’m so bored. My friends are all elsewhere - even the closest ones are an hour away so it’s not like we can just hang out at the drop of a hat. Even my parents are going away all this week - to my dream vacation location, no less. A trip we’ve been talking about taking as a family basically since I was born. I got told I’m staying behind and watching the dog. I’m already lonely enough. I only ever “hang out” with my parents, so without them, I’m REALLY out of luck.

Any sense of adulthood, growing up, being adventurous, enjoying life - it’s all gone.

I miss Florida so, so much - I don’t know how I’m going to survive this next year. I truly don’t.

Thirty Seconds To Mars Preference: Vacation Location


Barcelona, Spain.


Brazil City, Brazil.


Venice, Italy.

50 Things That Make You More Beautiful Than Makeup Ever Will
  • 1. A true, genuine smile, that you wear as often as you can.
  • 2. The warm glow you get from being generous and helping people around you.
  • 3. Drinking water, constantly. All day. Every day.
  • 4. Treating yourself with care, love, and respect. Whatever that means to you.
  • 5. Putting good food in your body (at least, for the majority of the time.)
  • 6. Getting enough sleep every night. Not because people are telling you how much sleep to get, but because you know that you deserve it.
  • 7. Spending time with the right people. People who care about you. People who make you feel good about yourself. People who make you remember what’s really important. People who challenge you to be better. People who love you no matter what.
  • 8. A good book that ignites something within you. Something that awakens you and opens your eyes and makes you think.
  • 9. A nice, lengthy, hot shower after a long day’s work.
  • 10. When you bare your soul to someone you really care about.
  • 11. The happiness you feel from treating yourself to something you’ve worked hard for, whether that’s a bottle of wine after work or a weeklong vacation to a beautiful location.
  • 12. Putting your phone away when you’re having a conversation with someone.
  • 13. The natural glow or freckles or tan you get from spending a beautiful day out in the sun.
  • 14. When you make the effort to tell yourself you’re beautiful every day, even when you don’t believe it.
  • 15. Leaving the house without makeup on and refusing to apologize for it.
  • 16. Spending your time on things that truly make you happy, instead of things that you think you’re expected to do.
  • 17. Giving an unexpected compliment to a stranger.
  • 18. Putting the window down when you’re driving in the car and allowing your hair to get messed up.
  • 19. Dressing in what makes you feel comfortable, instead of what you feel obligated to wear.
  • 20. Laughing so hard that you cry.
  • 21. Wearing a Snuggie because it feels awesome… this is (probably) not sarcasm.
  • 22. Believing that you have just as much of a right to voice your opinion as everyone else does.
  • 23. A night spent out without worrying about how you look in the pictures.
  • 24. Smiling at someone who looks like they’re having a bad day.
  • 25. Being genuinely happy for friends when good things happen to them.
  • 26. Exercising. Not in an attempt to punish yourself or reach an unrealistic size. But to keep you healthy and make you feel good.
  • 27. Treating yourself to delicious food when you want it, instead of permanently swearing off all things fattening.
  • 28. Looking at someone in the eye when they speak to you.
  • 29. Dressing warmly when you go out in the winter, instead of feeling pressured to wear a tiny dress to the bar.
  • 30. Standing up for yourself when you know someone is treating you unfairly.
  • 31. Giving unexpected gifts to people you care about. Something as small as a sweet note or as big as a surprise birthday party.
  • 32. Making a consistent effort to be as honest as you possibly can.
  • 33. Really, actually paying attention to the world around you.
  • 34. Admitting when you’re wrong, and apologizing for it.
  • 35. Taking the time to appreciate the small things, like the pretty tree outside your window or the cup of coffee you drink while chatting with a funny coworker.
  • 36. Listening to a song that truly makes you happy.
  • 37. Throwing your hair up in the messiest bun you can make and not giving a f*ck how it looks.
  • 38. Refusing to ask for anyone’s permission to feel good about yourself.
  • 39. Learning how to differentiate between good, loyal friends versus those that don’t add any positivity to your life.
  • 40. …and having the strength to choose between the two.
  • 41. Sticking by someone’s side even during periods where things are tough and difficult.
  • 42. Being open to those giving constructive criticism, and closed to people who are just trying to tear you down.
  • 43. Accepting that some people are set on being miserable and you can’t change them.
  • 44. Cultivating a style that’s truly unique to you, and presenting yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable, proud, and excited.
  • 45. Making a sincere effort to not compare yourself to others.
  • 46. Telling people when you admire something about them.
  • 47. Putting as much good out into the world that you can, without asking for anything in return.
  • 48. Remembering to say thank you, even for the smallest things.
  • 49. Forcing yourself to remember that everyone has a backstory you don’t know about, and avoiding the temptation of judging someone the instant that you meet them.
  • 50. Loving yourself for who you are, while still challenging yourself to get better every day.
  • source:

“i always hear people complaining about this place, and trust me i get it, it’s not the most fun town in the planet. but try being locked away for millenniums for your own ‘safety’ and then coming here. to me this place is like a vacation in an exotic location, a place where you can finally be free.”

Send me “⏰” and a number to make a scenario into a thread.

“⏰” + 0: Our muses sleeping over somewhere besides at home.

“⏰” + 1: Our muses hanging out during dark, and they both notice something’s off.

“⏰” + 2: Our muses are going a vacation to [location].

“⏰” + 3: Our muses are the witnesses of a crime but mine is framed for it.

“⏰” + 4: Our muses’ bodies are switched! How should we get our own bodies back?

“⏰” + 5: My muse isn’t doing good recently. Want yours to comfort mine?

“⏰” + 6: My muse is kidnapped by yours, so what are you planning on doing to mine?

“⏰” + 7: Your muse isn’t doing good recently. Want mine to comfort yours?

“⏰” + 8: My muse plays the role as your muse’s bodyguard.

“⏰” + 9: Our muses are cooking [food] together.

“⏰” + 10: My muse is teaching yours how to [a hobby].

“⏰” + 11: Your muse is kidnapped by mine, so what is mine planning on doing to yours?

“⏰” + 12: Our muses are witnesses of a crime but yours is framed for it.

“⏰” + 13: Your muse plays the role as my muse’s bodyguard.

“⏰” + 14: Your muse is teaching mine how to [a hobby].

“⏰” + 15: Our muses are breaking the fourth wall.

“⏰“ + 16: Our muses are cosplaying as each other. How will they react?

“⏰” + 17: Our muses are playing [video game] together and are stuck in a hard part of the game.

“⏰” + 18: Our muses are trying out yoga.

“⏰” + 19: Your muse breaks into my muse’s house.

“⏰” + 20: Our muses are stranded in a remote place and their survival instincts are kicked into gear.

“⏰” + 21: My muse breaks into your muse’s house.

“⏰” + 22: Our muses are trying out karate.

“⏰” + 23: Our muses are doing a Try Not to Laugh challenge.

“⏰” + 24: Our muses are playing truth or dare.

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B/biggest fear: 
C/current time: 
D/ dring you had last: 
E/Everyday starts with: 
F/ Favourite song: 
G/ Ghost are real? 
I/ In love with: 
J/ Jealous of: 
K/ Killed someone: 
L/ Last time you cried: 
O/ One wish: 
P/Person you last called/texted: 
Q/ Question you'r always asked: 
S/ Song last sang: 
U/ Underwear colour: 
V/ vacation location: 
W/Worst habit: 
X/ xray you have had: 
Y/Your favourite food: 
Z/Zodiac sign: **this is a tag for all our lovely admins!!**

Hey lovelies Admin Allie here! We were tagged by anonymous to do the abc tag so here is mine! Enjoy!

A/age: 17
B/biggest fear: probably drowning
C/current time: 8:00 pm
D/ drink you had last: water
E/Everyday starts with: me rolling out of bed
F/ Favourite song: Not today BTS
G/ Ghost are real? Yes
H/Hometown: SLC UT
I/ In love with: taehyung, ten, and Yuta (don’t judge)
J/ Jealous of: my brother (already done with HS unfair)
K/ Killed someone: no
L/ Last time you cried: last week (school is stressful y'all)
O/ One wish: To be successful in my career choice
P/Person you last called/texted: One of my besties (Gracie I love you)
Q/ Question you'r always asked: Either “Are those extensions?” (No) or “Are you Mormon?” (Also no)
S/ Song last sang: Shake that brass (I’m Amber trash and I’m not sorry)
U/ Underwear colour: lavender
V/ vacation location: Thailand, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea
W/Worst habit: I pick off my nail polish when I’m bored
X/ xray you have had: my teeth
Y/Your favourite food: Sushi
Z/Zodiac sign: Aries



So we all know that Lin-Manuel Miranda is an anagram of “Annual Mermaid Lin.” Therefore, there must be a brief extent of time each year where Lin is a mermaid. And in the latest Ham4Ham announcement, Lin divulged that he was taking a week-long vacation to an undisclosed location “under the sea.”